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by Nick Olson

Nick and Wes chat about how the SxS market is changing and what going over 1,000 CCs can mean for the off-road industry.


It’s not desert season without a campfire or chupacabra off-road now here’s your host nick olsen what’s happening everybody we are back again it is nick olson west leffler and we’re back with the chupacabra off-road around the campfire podcast what’s up wes hey how’s it going welcome back uh happy to be here excited for this uh talk we’re gonna have uh we’ve got a good topic for today but um before we get into it wes like we’ll tell the audience a little bit about who we are uh chupacabra off-road we’re an accessories company in the utv space we’re making some accessories we got some cool stuff coming for you guys later this year but um we’re just a couple of guys who are hardcore enthusiasts like to talk shop and um can’t start this pod without talking about our last trip went on and uh if you guys haven’t followed the youtube channel follow us on social you know that uh we just went to moab utah for rally on the rocks event and uh had a good time i just launched our video on the youtube wes um wes is your first time being in moab and as an off-roader so how was moab did it live up to the hype you know i i really feel as though moab was a breath of fresh air like being there and everybody there is doing something outdoors whether they’re at arches or mountain biking or on the side by sides or motor or whatever the jeeps even and it was just fun like uh reminded me of the olden days of going to little ski towns and racing mountain bikes and really cool little town like i really enjoyed it i can’t believe i’ve never been there before um it is you know the town that’s kind of out of the way but it’s not gonna be my last trip for sure and you know we we thoroughly enjoyed it it was really fun it was different you know sometimes i give the jeep guys a little you know little this and that but uh it was fun like you know driving at you know three and five miles an hour it takes skill like there’s a lot of line selection there’s a lot of things you gotta do when you’re crawling those rocks and you know we launched a video like you said and turned out way way way good the only thing i wish is that gopro could you know and our camera equipment could invent something that would actually show how big this stuff is because it all looks so tiny but i’m telling you right now like that stuff that we were crawling over it was gnarly gnarly stuff yeah you know um speaking of gnarly you know i tried the hot tub if you guys haven’t seen it i failed but um hell’s gate was the next obstacle idea that i’d say is pretty gnar you know like i went up it i had done it three years ago um and my older car at the time which is a 2018 64 in tracer and i did it all good um you were there helping spot me um this trip first time up hell’s gate i ran into some issues i was a knucklehead and had a bad line but i got out of it and went up and did smooth but um the other trails that we did we did a long all-day ride poison spider to golden spike to gold bar mesa and that’s a trail rated seven so it’s some pretty good obstacles and like like west side you watch them on the video they’re not they don’t look that bad at all and were those any of those obstacles on that ride that you got puckered or scared a little or is it just like hey i know i can get over this i still want to beat the crap out of my car so i’m going to try to pick good lights you know i at first you kind of want to pick all the good lines because you don’t need that that metal to rock is not something you like to hear especially as a desert guy like me that’s bad and then when you realize you’re just kind of scraping the bottom of the frame rails a little bit it’s not that big of a deal i was probably one of the last optical obstacles we did was the waterfall i believe going up that waterfall which one is that called gold bar waterfall yeah okay and we stopped and i started stacking rocks and thinking okay we could take this line get this tire here because it was probably you know 80 degree up and it was probably about 10 or 12 feet high and then you had said that you had already done it once before and i’m like all right well go ahead if you’re going to do it you know what i’m thinking oh watch this this is going to be good and you drove right up like it was you’re going over a gutter and so i’m like well told my wife i’m like well if he did i guess we can and same thing these cars can just do it it’s crazy you know but there’s other things during that day i mean going up on those huge huge huge mountains that are just rock and realizing like hey if i break a belt or if i stop and i can’t get going again this could end really really bad you know you can you lose brakes or anything like that it could be bad so you gotta gotta have a well-working machine and you gotta kind of not psych yourself out about that but when you’re sitting in your seat and you’re leaning all the way back and it’s not because you’re trying to lean back it’s because gravity is forcing you back that’s when something’s pretty steep in these cars yeah that that gopal waterfall obstacle had a lot of rubber on it you know and generally we kind of noticed more so this time for me when you see those obstacles with all the all the black rubber on it it’s like okay there’s a lot of wheel spin it’s sketchy right like like obviously the hot tub is but um it was super grippy it was like i remember that that obstacle really spooked me i did a couple years ago mainly because our trail leader on that ride uh my buddy dominic he got uh tippy and made me nervous and when the guy who’s leading everybody gets like in a squirrely situation that’s what made me nervous but uh this time you know i i was looking at it we kind of had a workaround line like you were saying and i was like you know what let’s just go up it and it was crazy how easy like the cars would go right up in without yeah with the lower psi like it’s just crazy and i’m my car watching the video is pretty low like i didn’t realize you know i need to get that adjusted to make it a little bit higher but i think the key to the whole trip and making it really enjoyable and making the cars work best was taking the sway bars off taking the front sway bar completely off and then just uh removing the rear sway bar links to make it to where the car could articulate because we’re not going fast you know i definitely wouldn’t suggest going fast you know and actually going like desert speed or anything like that without a sway bar because you’re just gonna end up losing control but that made a huge difference i would watch your car when we were going up these obstacles and i’m like man if he had a sway bar attached that wheel wouldn’t be touching he’d be leaning he’d be pushing him and you know it’s pretty cool to actually have that feeling of like whoa little little slop here yeah your car going over the um golden crack um it was dope to see it was just like flexing out really really cool and then watching some of the footage due in the edit like watching the footage of my car too and just like looking at how plush it was like i love when your car is that plush and that gooey yeah and we’re kind of lucky too because we both have dynamics cars so even if we would have got on a section which i kind of knew we wouldn’t that was 30 40 miles an hour um throw it in firm mode like would have been pretty much fine but like you said when the sway bars are off like watch out the car’s super tippy going down the highway i just flip at the firm and then just cruise you know not take any you know hard corners or anything but you brought up the crack that thing is so intimidating like you’re just like man how am i gonna do this and luckily we didn’t do that trail the first day because i’m sure there’s a lot of people that just hit that square and they get stuck and you know being able to have make sure one tire was on the rocket each time and one tire coming off and front and rear it’s fun it’s cool to watch that one that’s another one the camera angle just doesn’t get it that camera angle from the video people don’t realize is our film guy our guy filming that jeff he he’s standing straight up in that hole he’s not crouched down he’s not doing anything he’s standing straight up and the car is above his head so it’s a pretty deep crack so you said you gave the jeep guys a lot of flack you know obviously like for for many reasons but like you know a lot of the jeep guys are more known for going slow picking their line like so after mo would you say that you’re a bigger a little bit bigger fan of that like obviously we kind of stopped and we looked at some lines a couple times like one of the obstacles you helped me that i i kind of knew i had done it before and i got a little squirrely and like so you are you a bigger fan of just kind of taking your time like that and it being a little more methodical which may be something used to give the jeep guys some flak for yeah for sure like i mean it’s definitely not a speed thing uh the moab riding is definitely not speed thing i spent majority of the time in low range you know in which you can still go 20 25 miles an hour and you know enjoy your day but i separated the jeep guys i think now into two groups you got the guys that we saw at moab that were actually trying things and actually going up these obstacles and actually crawling and you know and then you still have 90 of the jeep owners which are ball crawlers and they’re afraid they’re afraid to rub the armor all off their tires so um so yeah i mean mad respect to people who will and will those big vehicles like that because i think it’d be scary um you know in in a jeep now i will say this though watching the jeeps go crawl up everything is great but that long day that we did that was like 50 miles that would have taken us three times as long in a jeep because we’re able to get over an obstacle and go and they just put along you know super pup put put putt or long you know being slow and steady like a tortoise but but so i mean yeah you got to give them credit i mean they they can crawl some stuff plus we have to give them credit because one of uh one of the jeep guys helped us out of a bind um which was great which that would have been a tough bite to get out of we would have but it definitely would have been a tough bite without a jeep with a winch there for that yeah shout out to the guy uh sean i think was his name with the gladiator with the with the winch that helped get a really nice gladiator but we also saw that gladiator we were on our all day ride and we kind of made a turn off on rusty nail there was a gnarly situation that that this gladiator and they’re stacking rocks and it’s just dragging the um yeah the tow hitch you know that’s where you see a lot of those marks on the rocks that’s where you kind of get a little antsy like okay here’s an obstacle that people obviously drug a lot and it’s generally utvs with smaller tires or basically jeeps with the tow hitch and stuff yeah those people are definitely in a pickle and we were gonna go the opposite direction and then we were able to see that they were having an issue which i think we would have been able to get over it you know without winching but when you get those bigger vehicles in and that that gladiator i think had you know semi-stock not stock tires but it wasn’t they weren’t big mudders or anything yeah maybe and um and they were coming i guess it would have been north on rusty nell and we were trying to go south and yeah there’s a couple big obstacles there and i think there’s more time taken when it’s the when it’s your daily driver when you have to drive it back to your house in in vegas or your house in arizona you you don’t want to destroy it on the trail and i think that’s probably what was going on with them mostly but yeah for the most part i mean it it’s just amazing what things can go up at those places the tires with the low psi just so grippy like i mean you think that you’re gonna slip at all you just don’t it’s just it just claws its way to the top even with the rubber uh i think with the hot tub you know obviously people seen the video i think that was the big issue with your with your flip over is that you just didn’t have the traction you know yeah and on that black rock you know it’s it’s basically sanded down it’s smooth there is grip on it but it’s just not that much grip yeah i was going to say you know i actually tried to find uh some 35-inch max as roxzilla as everyone says the maxxis roxilla is the tire i thought all 35s a little extra clearance i couldn’t find any so i thought you know what everybody so i got 33s and i got the four seat razor which you know obviously the front diff works extremely well and it’s the perfect wheelbase uh for confidence for trying obstacles like that but um it kind of makes me think you know like you see i saw quite a few more guys than just the slickrock guys with the big portals and guys with just a ton of clearance and you know i wonder if i had bigger than 35s if you did go portals is it like is it really the same i mean i’m not going to say it would probably get too easy you wouldn’t beat your car up that much but i don’t know you see these other jeeps these buggies they can just jam right up stuff and i guess you do build a bigger batter car and you can just do gnarlier stuff easier i guess but i don’t know i don’t know if i’d ever like get all portaled and in like 37’s like i don’t know there’s i think there’s a really cool challenge of us taking our cars that we kind of drive every day in the desert and see what they’re capable of but we’re able to do quite a bit of stuff and if i had a little bit more talent i probably even got out of the hot tub and we would have got up like some other obstacles too you know like even uh some gnarlier trails maybe so it’s just kind of like a point i’m not saying it it’s maybe over simplifies the sport but it’s kind of interesting you’ve seen like the portals and um these a lot of four seat turbo is with 35’s and even bigger yeah it’s like we talked about we nick and i talked about how cool to be i mean everybody has a set of paddles when they go to the sand you know you switch out your knobbies put your paddles on but how could it be to have a set of you know 37s with portals and you know and because you’re not going super fast you’re not going to burn a bunch of belt i mean we burned a little bit of belt just because we didn’t have the momentum but you’re right i think though if you did have that set up i think that you would find diff more difficult lines or be more difficult situations you can go in i think once you realize after about a half a day riding you realize what your car can do and the ground clearance and you you kind of have that feeling you know that kind of bubble filling around your car you know where it’s gonna hit you know and i think if you had that extra clearance you could go up some of the bigger stuff maybe a little bit easier yeah yeah it’d be cool to have a set of portals and knobbies if you had that storage and just be like oh i’m going to have them both these suckers on let’s go you know but that’s not everybody you have to hit all the gnarly stuff if you sure get that set up yeah yeah then you can’t gotta hit break a canyon and you’ve gotta hit all these other other spots or you can just hit the the car show in town [Laughter] well that’s moab um yeah i hope you had a good time and i think i guess one last question was it just far different than anything you’ve done in a utv and uh different in a good way like would you recommend if someone had to make a 10-hour drive to get there that they should do it yeah you definitely need to if you if you’re into off-roading you definitely need to make a trip to moab for sure i kind of feel bad that we haven’t taken that trip before yet and now that i’ve been there i definitely would like to make it you know an annual or semi-annual type of trip to to go there um it’s really convenient it’s not it’s not a bad drive i mean it is a long drive it’s not a bad drive though it’s not like it’s two lane roads i mean but yeah i would i would suggest that if you have the opportunity and it’s some yeah you’ve knocked out closer places on your list whether you’re in arizona california nevada wherever you live you knock out all these closure places you’re looking for a new place to ride save up your coins and and splurge and go go out to um to moab they’re really cool about you riding on the road we didn’t get hassled once i don’t have blinkers or anything nick does i i never got household i had a cop right behind me they it’s just a normal day there and you just drive right from the hotel i didn’t touch my truck the three days were there i didn’t touch my truck i moved in and out of a parking spot and that’s it so so yes i would suggest 100 that you should go to moab that you should try it out you’ll love it well you inadvertently brought up a good segue of pandora’s box of driving razors down the road and um the real topic of today’s discussion a discussion i think it’s good that we have it now it’s it’s about that time of year west it’s almost june it’s usually when the oem’s kind of a launch their new 20 next year now 2022 model year so this pod will have a little bit of speculation and um not so much speculation of like i know somebody and i heard this like i don’t really care about any of that stuff but um you know more of like speculation of what we think is coming and on a bigger sense like what that means for the industry and what i’m really talking about is the utv the side-by-side going above a thousand cc’s from a big production manufacturer wes i think it’s going to happen i do think it’s going to happen in 2021 i’ll i bet you 20 bucks right now that’s going to happen this year i would agree with you 100 that it is it’s going to happen this year now i said that the last year you know and you know we can blame covid just like we blend covet for everything and blend covid for everything but it didn’t really make sense for one manufacturer to release something you know but who knows man i’m excited it just keeps getting better and better you know it’s uh you got your what your five manufacturers and robbie gordon jumping in there too and bringing some high horsepower and everybody’s pushing the envelope just a little bit at a time just a little bit of time you know they’re not they’re not throwing everything all in at once which is good on a business stand it sucks as a off-roader you wish they would just give you what they have because you know they have it um but yeah man it’s exciting to see june end of june is usually can-am’s day into july usually claire’s date i know those have adjusted a little bit in the past and um on what they what they do depending on so we’ll see you know robbie’s already showed us what he’s got he’s always you know he’s been very open book about what he has coming in what he has built uh so that’s you know kind of takes a surprise away from it it’s kind of like knowing what your christmas gift is before christmas you know it’s cool but you can’t wait to get it but at the same time it’s not a surprise which is also a plus you know i think especially in this game um as long as it’s all true um so yeah i mean we’ll see i mean what do you think nick what do you think is going to happen what are your what are your predictions right now just so we can lock it down and what you think is going to happen all right so you know the reason i think it’s going to happen this year i mean and i’m going to segue you in into racing here at the very end so i’ll give you that carrot since you’re our resident racer but you know i um if you guys listen to the pod aven didn’t really know i worked for players worked for corporate polaris from 2013 to early 2018 and i was part of this linkshop launch so if you guys seen the player slingshot it’s an on-road three-wheeled vehicle to compete with the can-am spyder either way that car launched it originally had a gm ecotech motor in it and players had to purchase those motors from general motors and there was only so many of them well fast forward to i want to say about a year and a half maybe almost two years ago i think they launched a polaris pro star built motor in the sling now to me that i actually made a post on our instagram that hey is this the rumored new razer motor a couple years ago the reason i said that is because i remember after the sling launched it had a nice warm reception it did really well in certain key environments like florida they just went they went ham with it it sold really well there yeah and then yeah yeah yeah kind of like a look at me show me funny toy type of car um you know they had to make a roof for it because they got really hot when you’re in that car when it’s over 80 degrees i um i did a big ride in san diego and i got hot believe it or not was 80 but either way um you know the sales of that car tapered off and it’s a pretty fringe niche unit i would guesstimate polaris sells between 5 and 7 500 of those units a year and you know that’s a small slice of what polaris sells of off-road vehicles so in my mind i’m thinking okay polaris isn’t going to spend the dough to make their own prostar motor on a fringe niche unit like it makes sense on some level but if you go throw that motor into a razor okay polaris you know i think last time i when i worked for them over 95 of their operating profit was from the off-road sector it’s really about ranger and razer and to a lesser extent atv you know indian is sort of coming on but i think they sell more of those offer accessories than they do for indian and um someone bills by far so right that was my first clue that i feel like this is and then honestly this has kind of been chatter on the internet for a while but the biggest clue i think makes me say how i’ll bet you 20 bucks is going to happen this year is we did see some new racing classes emerge for score and for best in the desert and since you’re our resident racer um i’ll let you lean into that one as we talk about you know a new class obviously pro open so tell the listeners might not know about it what the class encapsulates and what that means so utv racing uh both in the states and out of the states and score both got two new classes uh best of desert calls there is the pro open class and what that entails is that they can have a motor larger than a thousand cc there’s no cap on the motor um it’s kind of like an unlimited class with a bigger motor now that being said there are specific rules it has to be naturally aspirated um so that’s one of the rules and there have been a select few of factory racers both for polaris and can m that have started racing that class at the beginning of the year now that being said it’s kind of writing on the wall in my head and what i think is that okay why is this guy racing pro open when last year he was racing with us and who told him to do that or who gave him permission and why are they doing it now instead of when if there’s a new car coming out so and why did these classes even get formulated exactly exactly like i mean believe me i love best of desert i love score i love those guys but they have a larger you know larger group of people in different classes to think about they they’re not just a side-by-side class so so somebody from the factories had to make that call to these places and saying like hey fyi this is happening or it’s going to happen sign this non-disclosure agreement and um i would plan accordingly because if you don’t then there won’t be a class the rules and you’ll lose some people it’s probably a little bit of maybe how it went down is what i would assume and speaking of rule book west he said over a thousand cc’s but doesn’t it have to have a an oem transmission as well right like correct it’s got a couple loose particulars pretty open but what are the what are the like lets us know it’s gonna be an oem utv manufacturer uh is it the trans is it the frame yeah so what the way i took it is so you in the utv your three biggest classes are your now i mean not in any order but you have pro open which we just talked about yeah pro production turbo which we’ve raised and the big class with all the heavy hitters and then you have pro unlimited our production unlimited class so the unlimited class so basically if you look at a nutshell the unlimited class are cars um and drivers that go over they uh they can upgrade uh different suspension components they can basically make an unlimited car kind of like the difference between a trophy truck and a spec trophy truck in certain circumstances so the pro open is also a regulated class that being said in pro turbo there’s things that we have to have we have to have stock turbo we have to have stock motor usually it had to be tagged stock transmission um the only tunes you could have you can have exhaust you could have air filter and you could have um an ecu tune that’s going to be the same in the pro open class as far as as far as i know you’re still going to have to have the stock motor you’re still going to have to have the stock transmission and you’re going to be able to do a computer tune an exhaust and air filter so it’s not an unlimited class by any means it’s definitely a regulated class but like i said before i think the manufacturers have reached out to these racing organizations because they do get a fair bit of marketing from these race organizations when they hire these people i mean they pay thousands and tens of thousands a year to specific racers to hey go race here’s here’s x amount of dollars here’s this car whatever go race because it gives them publicity and they can say hey look our driver won this race for that race so that being said is there going to be another class that’s going to come out in the next year or two that’s going to be pro open unlimited or something that has done that part and then if that happens that basically it’s probably just going to be a 10 car at that point i mean i wouldn’t know so that’s how i understand let me cut you off at the horn right there you said a couple things perfectly the next segue so um marketing wise like most of you guys probably listening probably aren’t going to race super niche within the niche of the audience this car i think is built for average joe clama sky utv off-road hardcore enthusiasts now um racing marketing does matter right it does matter of selling vehicles guys around the campfire at glamis anywhere you’re going to go we’re going to say hey oh yeah the polaris just won the baja 500 or the that’s 1000 and you know for those listening that might not know i mean a popular class on offroad racing is a class 10 car so wes what’s the difference between this new let’s call it a 2000 cc utv and a class 10 car i’m thinking wheelbase but then who knows i mean there’s so many things left i’m open um the suspension um class 10s you know they can have bump stops they can have you know bypasses and things like that so i think that that’ll be regulated in in pro open and the 10 motor package is what a sealed 2.4 ecotech it’s the ecotech motor um i think they they they it’s that motor but then there’s certain things that they can do to it now um but i mean class 10 is like the dream card have it’s fast it’s nimble um and the motors are inexpensive it’s just the transmissions that are expensive so i could say probably i mean it’s it’s gonna be pretty close because you take this stock car that’s gonna be x wide and x long and have x amount of horsepower and x amount of travel on the wheels once you turn it into a race car that completely changes you know i mean your car gets wider it gets more suspension it gets more power so who knows because nowadays in certain races the pro production turbo class is beating the majority of class 10s you know and that’s so i don’t know i i don’t know is it going to be what’s going to make it a utv i guess is the golden question i mean is it gonna is it gonna still have a belt is it gonna still i mean who knows there’s so many questions to be to be answered which i just hope that it comes out so that we can actually have these questions answered and to see the first guy that actually has a race car and is going to race it and see what they’ve done to it and actually see how fast they are [Music] so i’m glad you said i have some rapid fire questions of what’s it going to be of speculation questions that are just going to set the internet on fire as soon as one of these vehicles gets released but you to go back you said you know some of the pro production utvs are beating class 10 cars so class 10 cars are currently a little bit heavier they are two wheel drive they have unlimited suspension travel and they have a sealed four-cylinder what 2400 cc motor so right now um i’d say the biggest drawback of a class 10 in comparison is it’s not four wheel drive so the course is their favorite four wheel drive the utvs do particularly well now this leads to a bigger discussion is if i’m spending more money we’re gonna launch this big bad new car with 2000 ccs how much better faster more exciting enjoyable is it going to be to drive compared to uh what’s currently out there on the market and i think i think that that answer is going to get really muddled wes we’re going to start to get into this motocross type of type of preferences we will want for different characteristics made with something light and nimble like let’s say 195 horsepower two-seat x3 which can probably you know stop and go and turn and quick and tight trees and stuff right um or like a little razer pro xp type of thing but then obviously the bigger nastier terrain the heavier weight is really just going to eat whoops for breakfast so you know i don’t know i think we may reach a point where we’re not going to see huge huge like top speed or massive performance gain do i think it this car will be a game changer um on some levels i think yeah like whether it has a belt or not i do i think it’s gonna really involve a heavier car with heavier duty suspension which i think will result in what everybody is looking for which is everyone wants to run 35s or maybe 37th um and i think that would be more exciting in every environment but um i mean i guess what are your thoughts on that real quick like what do you think the performance level is going to be and how is it going to differ from what’s out there and how how would you explain someone buying that versus buying a top level utv that you can buy today so when it comes to the speed and the top and if you’re talking recreation or if you’re talking to racing i i don’t think with with the motor that they have the slingshot motor it’s a good motor you know i think if you throw that in a race car depending on depending on the drive train depending on how the car actually goes is it gonna be a cvt with a belt i don’t know if that’s gonna change very much is it gonna be a shiftable transmission you know five speed transmission you know is it gonna be some sort of crazy thing that they’re inventing a five-speed uh with cvt and you know paddle shift you know something that you can actually shift the gears you know that kind of depends if it’s just flat out just a motor swap um you know and they’re saying you know a 200 horsepower motor compared to you know the one whatever players is putting out now with the turbo stock is like one what 84. 181 and it gives you 20 more horsepower you’ll probably fill that 20 more horsepower but it’s going to be a lot heavier that motor is going to be a lot heavier and you’re right it might it might change the whole dynamics of it as far as recreation goes though if it does come out with a non-cvt with that motor i think it’s going to be ideal i think every day josh moe’s are going to love it they’re going to love the the ease of it and the easiness of it but i don’t know man it’s it’s hard to say i just don’t think that i don’t think it’s going to like you said i agree with you 100 i don’t think it’s going to make these leaps and bounds of power and and big huge jumps right away now when you get some of these companies when some of these companies get a hold of it like you know some of the performance companies jeffries or packard or you know those types of guys they’re going to be able to do what they do i mean they take these cannons they take these polarises they take these yamahas they take all these cars and they’re able to just make them rocket ships but that only really serves one purpose you know for the most part you know we got fast cars in the desert but they’re not like the fast cars in the sand dunes yeah you know so speaking of like that trying to compare it to what’s out there you know i’m a future speed utv owner and um you know robbie’s saying basically okay hey our car is going to come out with 225 horse and what i’m probably most excited about is that the whole chassis and the suspensions really built take a lot of abuse maybe particularly this is the first utv that really is designed to handle 35-inch tires now i’m not saying my life is going to be so much more enjoyable with 35s and 32s it might be less enjoyable i think we’re going to get both sets of tires and we’ll do a shootout but i do think that’s the where we’re headed and i think there’s a lot of customers that probably agree with me we saw a ton of guys in moab with 35s and i think you can get away with it if you’re going slow over the rocks and you know i guess my question to you is like hey let’s say you’re the owner of one of this new pro r polarises um you know if you can throw on 35s everything’s a lot beefier would you run them would you run 37s yeah i think i mean it obviously comes down to more than just horsepower so um you mentioned robbie robbie’s building a very stout chassis he’s building very stout you know four corners and things like that to handle those types of things i mean i know several people that have thrown 35s on their four-seater k m and they’re like oh it’s great it’s got plenty of power and they don’t really understand that yeah but that front knuckle snaps off and i’ve seen it firsthand and just driving up a wash and all of a sudden the right tire just breaks off and they’re like i don’t know why i did that well it did that because your tire is way too much because your car’s not built for that you know and then transmissions aren’t built for that stuff so that being said if if the car comes out whatever car it is it comes out and and it’s built beefy it’s built beefy for 35s yeah 35s are definitely an option especially when you go with something like tensor which are really really light you know tensor’s not just coming out these tires for no reason they didn’t just come out with a 37-inch tire for no reason you know what i mean they they know what’s going on so so that being said yeah it’s all about being built properly to handle those tires and if it is yeah that’s definitely what everybody’s gonna do i mean remember i don’t know you can remember back what 20 25 years ago trophy trucks were running you know 35’s and then they came out 37 the 37s are the biggest thing and then 39 now the majority of everybody’s running a 40 and it’s like you know 25 years ago you’d have been like a 40 inch tire what are we you know not going to the swamp you know yeah but the more traction you know on the more footprint you can have the easier it is on you yeah the better your car situation straight line and yeah getting over rocks a very variety of situations um all right so rapid fire questions you know let’s just talk about our local environment um sand dunes you know helmet laws in california for all utvs right um particularly glamis where we go most right in california you know do you think there’s gonna be a helmet law i mean it’s gonna be a case where technology’s ahead of legislation and let’s say this drops tonight at midnight you go buy one tomorrow technically you can go drive in california without a helmet legally yeah that’s technically there’s gonna be a lot of people getting pulled over at glamis and being able to explain to themselves um why they’re not wearing a helmet and cyber side because the rangers love that and you know you you you see it all the time you still don’t understand when you see people that drags a glamorous you know getting pulled over because they’re not wearing a helmet um i do like watching the that one car that’s my favorite car the hellraiser with the subaru motor in it and the guy drives around with no helmet and he gets stopped and then you know usually it’s about 20 minutes of the rangers admiring his build and what he did so you’re right it drops tonight according to what i know in my you know my recollection recollection of what that says yeah no helmet but do you really not want to wear a helmet like that’s one thing i don’t understand like i you know we’ll be at glamis and you see these sand rails doing 120 down the drags popping wheelies and with their pretty cars with their pretty paint and they’re not built like a desert car they’re not built like you know your cage or my cage and and they still like oh no i’m not wearing a helmet because it’s cooler just to wear you know headset and be able to talk to everybody yeah i like wearing helmets honestly and i tell this to everybody i got fresh air system i got a microphone if i want to play some music i got it in and i don’t have the wind blowing in my face that type of thing so so yeah rapid fire question you could uh write it with no helmet so next question this is like i think the internet i’m already predicting this is what they’re going to argue and this is already happening so um we post a photo of a race car let’s say we post a photo of my race car you know oh it’s a razor right it’s a it’s a utv and a bunch of people say oh that’s not even a utv right it’s it’s not it’s like a race car that looks like a utv and has a utv motor but nothing about it is it arguably they’re not wrong so no this car launches you know people are going to argue oh it’s not a utv name anymore it’s different so you know i’m not saying there’s an answer but how would you respond people are going to say oh well polaris makes it or canada makes it it’s a utv that’s what they’re calling it will it be it won’t be does it matter the lines are going to get really gray how do you respond to this sure fire argument that’s going to happen i’ll tell you right now if let’s say if claire’s does drop the car and it and it comes out and they have issues with it it’ll be called a utv by everybody if it comes out and it’s great and everybody loves it and it’s doing great and it’s just the new thing and it’s the greatest thing ever since you know since the 900 came out in 2011 it’ll be not your exactly right it’ll be not a utv that’s basically just off-road car that’s just core man that’s just a car with that’s just like you know like it’s not even fair or this or that or whatever so you’ll get those people so and i bet also too they’ll say oh it’s a utv if it’s got a rubber band if it’s cbt but if it’s got a geared transmission i probably won’t say that they’ll probably say oh this is like a class 10 card this is a dual buggy polarising players just in the business of selling dune buggies now yep exactly except we know that one thing they won’t change about it is that it’ll be four-wheel drive so it’ll be awesome yeah it’ll be awesome and so they can say that too you know they could say it all they want but i mean i feel bad for the the class 10 and the buggy guys that are building these things trying to survive because i think it’ll change a lot of heads if it does end up going that way yeah uh fire amplifier question you know we can really kind of only comment what we see in the southwest particularly in arizona and utah the street legal like how how lucky we are particularly here in arizona for me uh with utvs so i mean do you think i mean at doombug user street legal in arizona pretty much everything is i think you can do a two-stroke dirt bike do street legal ish if you uh you know stay within all the codes of what they’re asking for do you think uh that would be the same at least in these two states that we predominantly off-road in uh down here utah well in arizona well arizona aka america yeah i it doesn’t matter what they could come out with they go back to an 800 cc and people would still make it straight legal so i don’t i don’t think anything that they’re coming out with is going to change that for arizona now utah has a few different rules they’re a little bit more strict about that type of stuff so knowing utah they’re pretty fast at legislation they’ll probably pass legislation or maybe polaris or whoever whichever company is already reached out to you know and through the what national trade traffic safety board whatever ntsb i think that’s it they they might already have things going to the different states this tells them you know this is what’s going on or whatever so um as far as arizona i think you guys are good um who knows maybe maybe if it is like that if it is this big huge deal like no cvt and a transmission and beefed up and you know all these safety requirements or whatever you know they come on these cars because it comes down to the safety of it when they do the inspections it’s got to be safe for the highway um so who knows if they meet all those requirements i can see it just being like the slingshot but the slingshot had problems where in california uh when it first came out yeah i mean i think that was right before now they kind of switched to a california specific model which they’ve had to do with some of the utvs i think it was yeah 2019 2020ish there’s 48 49 state models and then um then california so i don’t know um the particulars about that so i don’t want to want to like comment or say something that’s not accurate but um yeah but no i think that i think that it will be street legal it they’re gonna i think they’re going that route i think they’re getting more and more street legal as as they go on we’re getting wider they’re getting a little bit longer like you know you go from the 64 car your original you know 1000 that you had one 2014 or 13 and then now look at your turbo s and the things that have changed the safety on them the cages are beefier all these types of things i think make it to where it’s going that direction but you’re always going to have those states you know and the cities that just aren’t going to allow it you know i’ve heard rumors here in vegas that you can ride them as long as you ride them on this type of road and this type of road in this type of road well every block that road changes it’s not like a it’s not like a black and white thing like arizona where arizona i see them all the time it’s crazy they’re just driving on the road like i’m like oh that’s cool they put a little biker kit in it and they go so who knows maybe we’ll know for sure when it comes from the factory with a blinker kit that could be the biggest surprise you know if polaris is able to get around that um and the reason i kind of bring it up you know not because just to speculate because you can tell west i don’t really know the laws that well but you know the characteristics of this vehicle we’re talking bigger tires it’s probably going to be wider it’s going to be heavier right you know we’re kind of working towards this more perfect off-road vehicle that’s four-wheel drive but can run big tires still fairly lightweight super agile nimble very fast you could do a lot of things with it so obviously polaris everybody knows that if there were some street legalness to it or even some more creature comforts more let’s call it jeep esque you’re to pick up so many more sales and i think it’ll be a low volume anyway i do think the price point is going to be let’s call it five five to ten thousand dollars above um i’ll put it out there i say you know two-seater this is gonna be a 36 999 to 39.99 maybe you know just like what i would assume it would be do i think some people will get sticker shock maybe but i think most of us that buy 30 000 cars and i’ve already put 10 15 20 in them then we see a bunch of vehicles like that it’s really not that much money if it comes well equipped with a lot of great features from the factory um so i guess that’s why i want to talk about why i brought up the street legal aspect is like are we working towards just like perfect hybrid sort of pre-runner-ish sort of doom buggy sort of jeep utv monster that can do everything even a little bit better than a current utv can yeah absolutely i think another big thing we’ll know right away is field capacity because i mean if it’s that bigger motor i mean i don’t know what the slingshot fuel capacity is but they obviously have to think about that too because i think you know if we’re pushing the limits in our turbo s’s right now um with our stock tunes and on a good day we’re doing 80 miles you know and then it’s flashing at us for you know get to the gas station as best you can you would think that if they do make something more straight legal than that it would be a larger larger fuel cell um yeah i’d expect like at least 150 mile range i think like at 80 to 100 like you said is a little on the for where we’ve evolved to the the fuel tanks are a little small and when you’re doing the x-rays too the fuel fuel economy is really poor so that’s another thing i like about the speed it’s a little bigger fuel cell but i mean i guess same thing you run it on e85 it’s not going to get very good mileage but i think right the new expectation like when we do baja trips and such like at least we want to go 120 130 safely yeah not on the dunes i think is the expectation that we should we should be at i i agree 100 because it that is one of the downfalls you know especially you mentioned baja and going down there is that plotting on a course and being able to get to a gas station every 60 70 miles tops down there just because you don’t know when you’re going to be able to fuel up so to be able to have that extra fuel capacity if it does that’ll be a huge huge seller especially for that market right there you know pre-runners like you mentioned and being able to you know people who travel on the highways and people who do those big trails like peace trail or paiute trail or all those types of trails where they can actually go long distances because there really isn’t 100 safe way to haul fuel at this time you know or something that i am 100 confident in you know uh some of those gas tanks do very good but some of them you know just sketchy yeah so final questions not so much rapid fire but you know you you’ve got your your stock car your 2020 turbo s you spend a lot of time on a race car the race car holds a lot more fuel but it’s heavier it’s a little bit faster it’s not particularly wider or longer but you know the difference really well of what the performance level of those differences so like i said we can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be heavier um maybe have a little bit more power um probably going to be wider maybe a little bit longer for sure heavier in the sense of all the components being beefed up how would you relate that to an average customer maybe get excited about buying one of these like especially how you’ve been moab scenarios all over the place like it’s probably gonna be better in a lot of situations how would you equate those and what other situations might you think it could be a drawback of a heavier vehicle uh how do you think it’ll handle and perform compared to what you’ve been in um i think you’re right i think it will be heavier obviously the new motor will be heavier um i don’t know what the rest of the plans are and how they expect to i don’t in my opinion i think it’ll be on the pro xp chassis um that’s my my opinion is that they’ll keep that chassis it’s just such a new chassis i don’t think that players will go to to the broad extremes of making it a longer wider they might have obviously beefing up coins and you know the motor mounts all that type of stuff if they change the motor will be different but i think it’s going to be that you know for the two-seater will be that wide and that long so 95 watts 95 wheelbase and 125 on the four seater yep and then like you said yeah i think it will be wider because we know that you know polaris they they they released car they usually release a 64 wide car first and then they went to the 72 no sense of releasing them both at the same time so i think it’ll be 72 or wider um as far as driving it and things like that and what to expect i think it just depends on which terrain i think of the sand dunes i think it’ll be now again depending on if it’s a belt driven or not if it’s a belt driven i think that it’ll be more of a drawback i think that um you will have with a little bit extra weight because that weight makes all the difference in the sand i mean we pull out everything out of our car to just you know drive it around and as light as possible so i think in the sand dunes i think that it might be a little drawback because you won’t have that snap of the turbo you won’t have that instant boost of power and things like that and if you have to shift it you just have to be good at that can you imagine the internet if this thing goes out to glamis and a a tuned x3 walks all over it because the tune x3 is let’s say it’s it’s maybe got more power but it’s just lighter weight oh yeah like you said it’s just it’s all power to weight so you know like it’s just going to get really muddled i’m not saying that’s going to happen but i’m saying if it does happen and what this conversation is really about is like the terrain is going to vary a lot i’m sure that weight you know i don’t want to take the words out of your mouth but in really rough nasty whoops or rough terrain like certain race courses like it’s been besties and sliced bread that’s that’s where i was going to get to next you know going out to the nevada desert arizona desert or anywhere that’s whooped out where you can actually go you’re going to find yourself being able to go a lot faster because of that little bit of extra weight that you have you’re going to find that you’re going to be able to tune your shocks and make it way way way good just for having that little bit extra weight and then you add a box you add a spare tire you add those things to your car and that little bit extra weight it’s going to make a huge difference and maybe the belts won’t matter as much out in the desert and things like that and as they do in the sand because in the sand you’re just on the gas off the gas on the gas off the gas um now those two situations i’ll just use those two because those are the ones i’m most familiar with now you know i will mention moab because i think right and might be cool let’s say that let’s say for instance let’s say it comes out with a shiftable transmission and you’re able to click it in the first or second and just crawl everything you know considering those are your lower range gears or you’re out in the desert and it’s a shiftable thing i mean you’re going to be able to start off slow in the whoops and just freaking start going through the gears and keep it pinned not worrying about a belt breaking that’s that in my mind not i don’t know how that feels because i my belts don’t break all the time and i don’t usually have belt problems knock on wood but it’s always on your mind it’s always on your mind and the same thing for for glamis now if you don’t have a belt to worry about then you just have to worry about transmission temperatures and things like that and those are easily you can manage those things and it’s all about how you shift it and things like that and if you’re a good driver and you’re shifting at the right time and you’re using that power productively in the sand dunes it’s going to be fast it’s going to be really fast so those are the unknown things i think we both nailed it i think we both know that it’s gonna be that motor the slingshot motor i think we both got that down i think we both know that it’s gonna be wider um i think it’s gonna be a modification of the pro xp chassis i just don’t know anything about the gearbox i don’t know anything about whether it’s going to be cvt or not and those are the biggest questions now what’s the biggest complaint everybody has about it history of utvs since the 800 is built you know is belts the only people that don’t have those problems are honda and yamaha and but they have a lot more other problems so yeah i want to piggyback on that so you know as a as a potential customer of this new car i would not be heartbroken if it had a cvt and i would not be surprised now everything you said and believe me if they launch this car and it’s cvt there’s gonna be a bunch of people are gonna say oh my god but the reason i’m saying i’m not gonna be surprised is because polaris is this cvt company through as is can ham and i still think it’s a really great way to skin the cat um now this is a much heavier vehicle i’m not surprised but what i do think there’s two things i want to talk about that i will be bummed out if they don’t upgrade now let’s say it is a cvt west you kind of alluded to it gears just a high and a low is kind of a bummer and like the the new speed car having just a highway gear so at least having more gear options like a really low rock crawl gear a higher gear uh particularly if you could even do shift on the fly like the speed is touted to be able to do which we haven’t seen yet happen in in video real life but i think i’d be bummed out if it was just a high and a low and if you are right and it is based off of the pro xp chassis i would also be bummed out if the shock stroke was the same length as the current pro xp or razer which is a 12 inch stroke rear shock and an 8 inch stroke front shock i think this car is heavier it needs longer stroke shocks that’s when i what reason why i think the x3 works so well why i like this for sure speed’s got a 12 inch front stroke as well so i think if just the car being heavier if it is on the same chassis i really want to see of course the diameter of the shocks be bigger and have more fluid but i also think that they should be longer longer trailing arms so that thing can really eat like the rear of an x3 does like as it’s going up like uh olds you know and yeah why that thing just really can can breathe on big whoops and and same thing with what i’m expecting the speed to do so to me those are the two things that if they don’t get upgraded i’ll be like seriously man that’s kind of a bummer i mean overall the cvt has been a great system and you’re right polaris is a cvt company i mean the quads the snowmobiles all the way up to when they started doing utvs it’s everything’s cvt you know um so if it comes out with that cbt i’m not worried about it not too much at all you know um i would really like to see a shiftable transmission it would be really cool to have a paddle shift type system which would be awesome um and i think that if they do it they will come out with that and the only reason i say this is the safety aspect of driving because having two hands on the steering won’t be able to shift it you notice how yamaha looks at paddle shifters i think that that’s the technology because it’s electronic shift anyway so but when you talk about the suspension i think you should probably be prepared to be disappointed because in my opinion they won’t spend the money on that they’ll treat it as though it’s a pro xp and they’ll keep the same exact four corners maybe with little modifications but those modifications only be done i think for to me safety um safety aspects so i hope you’re wrong because i’m thinking way bigger uh a arms way bigger trailing arms way bigger weight with yeah now bigger it’s probably gonna come with at least 32 33-inch tire stock i hope and um you know i’ll be super bummed if and i think it’d be a big because i think it’s not even so much about getting more wheel travel i think probably the wheel travels is fine if we’re talking similar with turbo s is what we’re talking about 20-ish 21 um kind of like on my race car but you know quality travel and just having uh the weight the weight of the vehicle not overworked the shocks because i think yeah you know that could be something that can maybe show its hand if they do it and they don’t really lengthen the shocks and come beefier and heavier with the suspension yeah like i said i’m just speculating off of what what i’ve seen in the past and how they were things we talked earlier about the motors i mean the thousand cc motor um that you know is in all the natural aspirated cars and then generals and the rangers and everything it’s the same motor they’ve had since you know forever the same with the turbo motor it’s the same thing they’ve made different modifications with the pro xp they actually jumped up and did liquid cool turbo which is a cool really cool option to make your car run cooler um but polaris is i think they make their money off of not changing everything i mean there was a couple years there that what they changed color scheme the one year they made the dynamics which you know back then it was like oh that’s stupid but now i’m like oh my gosh this is the greatest thing ever so i think you’re right i think maybe if it is heavier they will have to make maybe a bigger diameter shock but that you know they’re always gonna the shocks are always gonna come from factory ready to be taken off and tuned and you know you know they’re probably gonna have the option to do your walker evan shocks which are great um when they’re tuned and they’re built up but your basic walker evan shocks are nothing compared to your velocity walker oven shocks same as the foxes you know the you know if we went back to the 2016 i love my fox shocks on my 16 turbo they worked great everything was great put a spring kit on them they’re amazing but i wouldn’t trade them at all for my dynamics electronic shocks you know so i hope i hope you’re right i just my my prediction is that you will not be right on that that they’ll somehow find a way to use what they have already yeah um yeah final comparison you know i’ll make one more quick prediction um the it’s the end of may here 2021 the speed camp is saying the first customer cars are going to roll out in august i’d bet you 20 i feel 70 that i will have a speed by camp razer this year so i think that’ll happen um you know if i saw some of these 10 production cars running around which was supposed to be running around really quick i’d probably bump that to 80 or 90 but either way let’s say it does come out by camp razor um you know we’re talking about a speed that’s got 225 horse let’s say the new polaris is around that much um you know it’s going to be interesting to see how they compare if the shocks aren’t as long um what characteristics are going to be good to compare off back and forth so and then who knows what can’t am i think canada is the best at keeping their cards close to their chest i don’t know if they come out something bigger um there’s a really good argument that because of covid the companies had record profits and they have no need to change a wheel because people are buying every every side by side that they possibly can right now you know so um i hope let me ask it’s hard to say what’s going to happen well let me ask you this just a broad spectrum maybe a couple points here and there you usually do this usually do a post or usually do a video of your what you think is going to come out so um rapid fire for you so can m’s usually first um they’re usually like late june early july or august 13th this year so i heard they might be polarity so what do you think what do you think they do now color scheme is obviously a given what do you think can-am does this year this is gonna be me like telling you what i want i just want them to beef up the frame and make a real frame for once okay i think the horsepower in the the driveline is fantastic i don’t think they need to change that i think the shock stroke is great i think the styling and people are very happy to fit and finish and then how people sit in it people can say yeah the chassis has been around since 2017 but i think because they’ve had record profits because it’s the the big dog let’s go it’s the best chassis at the moment i don’t and i think yeah yeah i mean the four seat obviously i i every year i see in the video i should make a shorter four-seater but you know of course they don’t listen to me but i think you know both cannon and polaris are gonna not take speed and utv speed utv that serious until they really see a lot of units on the ground so i don’t think that they’re gonna do boxed tig welded suspension like speed i would like to see uh both speed or obviously both polaris and both can-am launch a better um steering rack you know okay um but to answer your question i think i think um [Music] can-am is not gonna launch more horsepower i hope they’re gonna beef up and do 32-inch tire stock and beef up the frame because really that’s all they need to do to keep america’s love affair with can-am going strong they’re still going to sell a million units if they do that it wouldn’t cost them a ton of money per unit to upgrade the beefiness and just come with some real tire stock i think it goes without saying that you know can-am does for sure need to beef up their their chassis for sure they need to fix the issues with their chassis um what i would think that they’re going to do is with the rumor mirror mill floating around with what polaris is actually doing and now like you said can-am is so good at holding their cars close to our chest i knew they were coming out with the x3 i didn’t know what it was called i didn’t know his i didn’t even at that point i was like who cares what canada comes out with their freaking cars suck he knows what basically i said because that was back in the old days with the rear a arms and everything and then when they came out of the x3 i’m like oh man good job you know no exactly and it changed the game and it pushed everybody else to to do better uh i think can-am needs to update their interior and their creature comforts um i think that the coming out with the you know the electronic shocks option is good for them but i think polaris with the right command gps and all that that whole system that polaris has i think blows um k-m out of the water when it comes to interior electronics i do think that they will jump up knowing or hearing the rumor mill of what is going on at the other side i think they will jump up and try to be the first utv to 200 i think it’ll be something like 202 you know they’ll call it a candidate they’ll call it a can-am 202 or whatever i don’t know i just think that they’ll try to do that because that’s what they’re going to do i don’t see them coming out with a new full new car i don’t see them coming out with a new chassis or a new new model at all i think it’s going to be the this x3 model which is great because like you said they don’t need to change that because they’re they’re still on time uh polaris i see them coming out like we’ve talked about crossing our fingers they come out with a new car with a new motor and you know they open what we’ve talked about pandora’s box and where we go from there um i think you’re correct in saying that speed they’re not going to give both neither can-am or players are going to really care what robbie’s doing until he’s proven it and it goes a lot farther past him having a lot of units because living off-road we all know that no matter what brand you own you can own a cannon you can own honda you can own polaris you can only off it does not matter which utv you have you will have part failures you will have things you have to fix eventually whether it’s tires or a rail or belt or cvd whatever you’re going to have those issues because that’s the world we live in because we use these vehicles we’re out rough riding in them and in the harshest terrains so i think polaris and can-am and the other companies will wait to see how robbie reacts to that and what parts are actually going to be the problem for that car now all your speed guys are probably hoping that there is none of those parts but there’s going to be something there’s going to be something that is going to be the bad part of it we’ve talked about can amps chassis we’ve talked about you know polaris with with their suspension and things like that and so i think they’re waiting to see that and i think the cards are in there you know i don’t think i don’t think rob is going to take a huge chunk of the market share um until at least in 2021 yeah the reason i say like i don’t mean to be disrespectful to the speed team like i’m a big fan of theirs and i’m obviously i’m buying a car but the reason why i say i don’t think canada and polaris will take them as serious this year per se in terms of working on different releases that realistically best case scenario might get a couple thousand cars into the market which is really small potatoes in terms of market share and i think robbie said like 80 of their cars are um are four seaters or you know a huge percentage which is also a niche of the greater it is and the corporation is a bunch of bean counters so you know they haven’t sold that many bandits which i think is a bad little car a little 95 inch wheelbase a little short right because you know all the tension has been on the force here and then the diablo that robbie touts is like the best of all worlds so you know i think not to say that the speed couldn’t really be still the best car of the year i still think there’s a really good chance that it can and will be i’m just saying that i don’t think that this year that’s going to affect what can m and polaris are going to do for launches and they’re on a several year planned out model year plan and they’ve reacted to kobe they’ve figured out if they can get you know production line stuff they’re going to do what they’re going to do irrespective of of the new kid on the block of speed and speed sauce to prove themselves that they can get those cars tomorrow this desert season for sure and i think with the other manufacturers because i don’t want to leave them out either you know i don’t think honda changes much um honda’s very good at their uh technology so i think that they might add some bells or whistles there i would like to see honda change up their tire situation i think that would make a big deal are a big difference re-gear it and then have it come stock with at least 30 ones or 32s would be yeah i mean with that huge wheel and that low and that smaller tire it just makes it a low profile surface it’s just not good for off-road um yamaha i really don’t see changes very much at all if they do anything kawasaki though they seem to be putting money and effort into their design and their their they release things and i think that their ball is rolling a little bit faster than most people in their same situation back in when can-am and polaris were both smaller in this game their ball was only rolling a little bit slower than what kawasaki does now and i think that they’re in it to win it i think they’re trying to make the best car that they can and they’re making you know they’re listening to people and they’re making those adjustments which is really good for them um so it’s exciting to see what they come up with i think the krx is a cyclic and car um we saw a bunch of mo a bit like especially on 35’s they look really good i think if i bought an a car tomorrow i’d get a krx i like how roomy it is i like the bed look of it i like the style i think um it’s everyone says it’s kind of slow but it’s built heavy and i think but there was that guy who laid it down in parker um and won in that krx and he got his car going fast i’m sure it wasn’t cheap but i’m saying like for an n a car for rock crawling for dinner yeah i think that carrick should be a bad little two-seater to own i’d buy one for sure if i was gonna get it yeah parker that guy took uh what was it ninth overall ninth overall we beat him by like two seconds and i i would have to say that that was the fastest race i’ve ever run in a car and that guy was two seconds behind us yeah starting away from the side of the parker course look at my wounds he was jamming yeah so good you know and that they’re they’re breaking into it so it’s cool so those are my predictions across my finger hopes i guess hopes or predictions i don’t know but it’s that time of year man i’m excited i wanna hopefully they they’ll just maybe they’ll announce tomorrow without telling anybody since they don’t do it says they don’t do big hooplas and big shows and that’s probably not gonna happen this year either so um you know even though we’re on the back end of the pandemic you know hopefully we get past that to where we start doing more fun things like when it comes to these things but i don’t know man we’ll see it’s exciting but i honestly i think in a nutshell pandora’s box will be open this year as you stated i think it will be open this year and where it goes from there i think in a couple years we’ll be talking about holy cow look what we’ve done in the last couple years it’s crazy this market’s not getting smaller utvs are not getting smaller the racing shows it the recreation shows it i mean moab last week i mean it was probably ten to one jeeps uh ten to one side by side per jeep i would say um i don’t think that makes the jeep guys very happy um racing it’s usually two to one now i mean we’re you combine all the side-by-side classes especially in the states it’s just it’s just crazy and the storm is not getting any smaller and it’s cool to watch and it’s cool to be a part of it and i just hope it keeps getting better and better yeah well that’s it listeners you guys heard it here first and what i mean by that is you heard two guys rambling that don’t really know anything exactly um it’s fun to get get hyped and get into the season so maybe um listen comment below guys if you’d like us to uh maybe west i will do some live feeds or we’ll just do like a long talk about the release and normally i do like a little comparison video on youtube and those do really well and put a little bow on them put them in like a 10 minute video but it’d be fun to pontificate more especially if we get a big release like this of a manufacturer going over 1000. yeah and if you have some uh if you have some serious uh opinions as to what you think each manufacturer do also comment that let us know what you guys think also because i always you know it’s good to hear some other people and you know they might have more information than we have so it’d be cool to to to hear that so let us know we’ll do a podcast my brother’s sister’s cousin’s hairdresser told me yeah there you go barbershop talk we love that just as long as longest paragraphs you can leave us i’m just kidding yeah so that’s it for us guys thanks for tuning in uh wes thanks for taking the time it’s fun as always and uh this one out there before it goes live so now we can walk back in a few months or whatever whatever that time may be and look back and say do we actually know what we’re talking about or we’re just blown smoke so yeah if we’re way off or we’re way on who knows or you know maybe we could pat ourselves on the back that we saw something coming yeah all right man well um thanks for listening everybody if you guys like the content of course please like and subscribe thanks to all you subscribers that got us to ten thousand we just hit 10k subs which is a huge milestone after uh 180 plus videos three years of of absolute grinding so thanks you wes thanks to your wife thanks thanks to everybody else that’s made that possible from haley to nathan everyone who’s contributed to the channel in some way especially you listeners and you subscribe we really can’t do without your customers uh even more importantly than that because if no one’s buying our products we don’t have the ability to even create this content so and shout out to you nick you you and micah you know coming up with this thing and and creating chupacabra so we can all be a part of it and enjoy it you know shout out to you guys i mean this is amazing and it keeps growing so thank you yeah huge thanks my wife this wouldn’t be possible not her as well so thanks everybody we’ll see you on the next one until next time.


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