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Indecent Motorsports Hand Brake Hit – 10 on the Fun Meter

by Nick Olson
Indecent Motorsports Hand Brake Hit – 10 on the Fun Meter

Do you even Hoon bro? Looking to channel your inner Robby Gordon or Ken Block? If so, Indecent Motorsports in Las Vegas, Nevada makes a bolt in kit for Can Am X3 and RZR owners, which connects into your factory brake lines and will lock up your rear brakes, so you can drift, slide, and set your SxS up in corners, and most important, give your ride a whole other dimension of fun. These are toys after all, right? The quick review: the kit is ridiculously fun, and makes you feel like a rally car driver. If you’re like me, you’ve seen Ken Block videos, rally racing videos, or been duning with sand cars that have cutting brakes, and feel like you’re missing out on all the fun.

Indecent recommends using this brake while not on the throttle, as with a CVT transmission, you will heat up the belt. But from our initial driving test, we can assure you this is a ton of fun!


What’s happenin ickle cent chupacabra off-road today we’re back in the desert and we’re honing we’re trying to be like Ken Block thanks to indecent Motorsports so we originally posted a post on Instagram hey does anybody have one of these hand brake kits and if you guys may have seen the company indecent they’re a small company based out of my hometown in Vegas they’re mostly known for their really cool Raptor body kits which they mount on 2 X 3 and X 3 max models but they also offer there’s a really cool hand brake kit for x-rays and for razor turbo so we made the pose we’re asking people man that looks like a lot of fun does anybody have one one of their thoughts you know there weren’t really any videos it’s not a lot of comments like people were interested as well we talked with indecent they sent us one they said hey mount it up take it out there use it let us know what you think so we got to install thanks to guys at Nash power sports it’s a really cool kid at C&C a nice break handle with a will wood brake caliper of course the steel braided line which mounts directly into your braking system and essentially just locks up the rear brakes it is used as a turning brake so theoretically you should not be on the gas and on the brake at the same time that’s when you’re gonna heat up the belt so I’m learning I’ve never had one of these and what I’m doing is like I’ve seen in ken block’s videos where he’s really using it to break the car loose to set the car up and then use his throttle to get around turn so I’m running this thing in tool drive which is another thing that indecent recommends making it a whole lot of fun so I haven’t driven and two will drive as much in a long time but the name of the game with this kit is how fun is it can I learn to really use and get this car sideways I’ve already had the steering wheel completely locked a few times which is super funds let’s go check out another spot let’s do some more honing let starting to drive this thing back this car loosened up so the goal of this video today is to get you guys excited about this product and give you some real-world feedback we got a bunch of different camera angles to show you how much fun it can be having this thing installed on your rig especially I have a slippery surface like what we have we start it off out to the spot that I know pretty well we brought some cones found some bushes and just kind of made a turn track pretty slow speeds tight turns you know it’s been hard from the rain but then it’s slippery since we’ve kind of dry it out now so we’ve got the hard with the slippery base which is essentially ideal for this type of thing so again tool drive practice in both ways I’ve got the loop here set up counterclockwise because I like breaking the car loose to my right because it feels more controllable I’m learning how to get better braking it this way and it’s been super fun so we’re gonna go back out we have another spot that I know of that I think it’s also gonna be really good it’s really slippery it’s a little bit rocky ER I think it’s gonna be good and so far guys super fun I think it’s definitely worth the 500 bucks if you like to screw off I couldn’t imagine how much fun this thing would be in snow maybe we’ll get a chance to go test it out before we get our winter season here in Arizona all right so we found some more turns some faster turns my confidence was building a lot during the day I think one thing about this turning break is I think it would definitely make you a better driver I mean there’s a reason why the top sport bike guys in the world by dirt track like Valentino Rossi all you parents out that I’ve seen the cars movie a million times with your kids right the Lightning McQueen turn right to go left I mean getting comfortable with your car breaking loose your vehicle breaking loose makes you a better driver because you know what to do to anticipate it so I was kind of surprising but we kind of kept doing circles and turns over and over so I can look like a better driver on camera get better at hitting these turns and hopefully just some better footage but I definitely felt like it’s kind of that motocross mentality I practice the same turns and it got me a lot more comfortable with this car breaking loose so in decent super fun accessory this is going to be something for you guys that love screwing off and be really fun in a short to see vehicle as well maybe even in the sand with some some big horn tires something like that where the tires break loose really easy fun to scare the wife just fun too like I said learn how to become a better driver I’m loving it I can’t wait to go like I said take up in snow taking a more slippery environments like this and pop this sucker outta four-wheel drive into to and do some honing so hopefully if can block watches this hopefully I earned my my honing junior merit badge today and some fun turns hopefully turned out cool in the camera to me it felt like it was good the car was loose I got it all the way to the lock on the steering wheel I hit one of these tracks that we were practicing over and over the opposite way and what’s funny is a much better a much better going counterclockwise sliding the back end off to my passenger side or to the right side so when it came around this way I felt like a hooked quicker I had less control I need to practice that I don’t know if you guys know the same thing – I’m just way better at sliding with my left hand towards my right so thanks again in decent the handbrake is awesome kit hope you guys like this video if you guys like please like and subscribe I got a lot more content coming your way.


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