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by Nick Olson

After missing Halloween/ Camp RZR for the first time in 8 years, I was excited to get back out to the dunes. This was my first time checking out Veteran’s Day weekend, which was cool to see the amazing turnout for the Memorial at the Flagpole Saturday morning. I don’t think I’ve seen a crown that big in the dunes, ever. The weather couldn’t have been better, and the dunes were awesome after the big wind storm the weekend before.

The Turbo S worked flawlessly again, and it was a fun trip with family and friends. Originally I was considering going again for Thanksgiving, but that will not happen. I was hoping the Speed UTV team would be out there with production SxS’s, but Robby himself said last night that they will not be out there, most likely New Year’s. I’ll keep with the Turbo S until my new Speed arrives, it looks like they’ve got quite a bit of testing to do still, so I assume I will not get my El Jefe until late March, to take a guess.


What’s happening everybody it’s Nick back in the desert we’re back out here at glamis for veterans day been a fun weekend and Saturday night we’re enjoying the sunset I think you guys can see oldsmobile here somewhere in the background but had a really fun weekend hanging out with a fun group a bunch of kids got the wife and kids out here with me and got my kid a little quad it’s really cool to see him learn how to become a donor his first time doing with the quad out here in glamas so good times that type of trip I’m sure you guys have been there if you have kids and always fun to share your passion with the little boogers and have a good time so we made it to the flagpole a little bit before the veterans memorial presentation which was really cool heard the national anthem and saw the the planes flying over which huge crowd I mean I haven’t been here before I heard the crowd was as always this big so right after the veterans memorial we shot over to the swing set which was really cool there was a bunch of dirt bike guys sessioning that jump ton of people out and doing it seems like this weekend we’ve seen a lot of people out in the dunes more so than I normally see um cool to see the dunes have been just really good the conditions were awesome the weather was nice and cool um t-shirt weather here as we get dark and sand was nice and light from I think all the wind that we had all right here’s some footage of a night ride we did coming back from the sunset we’ll be back out here a few more times for sure so we’ll let you guys know we’re heading back out all right everybody I’m going to cruise back to camp and go eat some dinner but it’s been a good weekend thank you guys for watching if you guys like the content please like and subscribe and as always we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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