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by Nick Olson

Let’s talk trailers. We do it all: Racing, Glamis, trade shows like the Sand Sport Super Show, and lots of other spots where we like to bring the bikes like Sedona, Ocotillo Wells, Baja, Moab, and everywhere in between. We have to retain an open layout, to fit 2 SxS’s when needed. So we didn’t build out a full bathroom, but other than no toilet, we have the ability to do most everything we need to do. If this trailer becomes dedicated to only one SxS, I’d build out a tool setup with an air compressor, but for now this is the best way to skin the cat for us.


Hey everybody it’s nick olson back again and today I want to give you guys a walkthrough of our chupacabra off-road branded enclosed trailer if you guys follow the channel you know anything about us you know we’re a utv products brand so that requires us selling our products at trade shows promoting our brand whether we’re racing we’re out in the dunes kids toys bikes you guys know we’re all things dirt we love it and we needed a solution for everything so we’ll go ahead and give you guys a walk through of the enclosed trailer all right guys so starting off with the trailer this is a 26 foot enclosed the brand is called easy hauler and that is more of the value brand from mission trailer so you may or may not have heard of mission they make quality aluminum trailers and that was really one of the elements that I first decided to choose was choose a lightweight trailer because I’ve got a ford ecoboost if you guys have been following the channel you’re interested in seeing how this thing tows when it’s being towed by my f-150 we have a video about that but I haven’t upgraded to the big bad diesel roller yet like most of you probably soon but either way having a trailer that’s really light makes things really nice and coming off of a cheaper enclosed trailer this thing tows significantly better than my old regular lower price point heavy and closed toad so this thing is about 2 900 pounds dry again it’s 26 feet and you’re roughly about 30 feet by the time you add in a four foot tow hitch I shopped hard I was really looking for a reasonable price this does have cabinets inside we’ll show the inside here in just a second I end up buying this almost two years ago at a big text dealer in southern california in beaumont it was better pricing that I found anywhere in arizona so I made the quick drive hooked up the trailer and brought the sucker home I think it was around 17 000 roughly when I bought it so for some reason this thing didn’t get bought at the end of a big christmas selling rush I picked it up in January and it’s worked out really well for us one of the elements I really like about it are the axles being split you guys tow especially in california just getting in and out of a lot of these gas stations you’re going to drag the bed you’re going to drag the hitch it’s very difficult to have a nice trailer and keep it from getting drug in the bottom going in and out of these spots depending on where your travels take you so this split axle setup really helps a ton with getting in and out of up and down situations toes really nice as well because of that so noticeable improvement just by picking a trailer with this setup I highly encourage that if you can find one of those and really works well so another reason maybe why this didn’t get sold right away is that it isn’t really tall so I was a little nervous would this fit a future side by side at the time I bought this I only had my race car the race car is very low it’s even lower than a stock x3 nothing to worry about right well I was thinking if I had purchased another car probably a four seat turbo s and lo and behold they end up winning one a few months later and now I own a turbo 4s on 33-inch tires with a roof rack well the good news is the height of this trailer does allow for that and that’s probably one of the tallest side-by-sides on the market I’d say it’d probably just barely fit even if I did upgrade to 35-inch tires so probably not gonna work for you mudder boys down south but for all of us in the southwest in the desert it’s basically tall enough for any side-by-side any of us would consider owning so I get the trailer the trailer is all blacked out got some nice aluminum wheels um picked up a spare tire for it as well and of course we had to brand this thing so if you’re looking at this wrap we’ve gotten a ton of compliments the trailer was wrapped by wolf designs local business here in chandler john and amy do really nice work they’ve wrapped my race car they’ve wrapped andrews turbo twin they’ve wrapped my buddy carl’s x3 they’ve even wrapped wes leffler’s car so we like them obviously we trust them we like the work that they do and really it’s been ironic they matched up our teal so nicely that we’ve called on amy and the team and wolf to make sure when we get wrapped for our future display stuff like that that we match this deal so this is really the teal that we’ve kind of built the brand around sounds a little trivial but when you’re trying to build a brand keeping that consistency is very important and now I know why very few companies have started with a teal logo because it’s incredibly difficult to match so they did a good job they helped co-design the wrap just with some inspiration I love how it turned out and the wraps held up pretty good so far we’ve had a couple little instances where it might start to peel off a little bit but another thing too when I purchased this with the wrap is I knew in arizona we have to have this thing enclosed at all times I didn’t want this thing baking in the arizona sun so this sits in a storage unit when it is not in use and we’ve got almost two full years out of the wrap and the wrap still looks really good so really happy that let’s go and show you guys inside what we’ve done to make this thing the workhorse we can use it for everything come on in haley we’ll show you why we need it for everything what some of the basic thoughts were so like I said this thing came with cabinets up top and on the bottom the bottom cabinets unfortunately I had to remove because now that I do own the turbo wash when I do own the race car there’s been times when I’ve had to transport both cars and believe it or not both cars fit by I mean we’re talking the skin of your teeth I’ve got to put the turbo west in front and there’s a little bit of overlap with the front bumper of the race car the race car is about 13 feet 5 inches a bumper and a bumper and then my turbo west is about 12 feet six inches bumper to bumper like I said we’ve only got two 26 feet inside of here and I did have to buy a little small donut tires off a razor and 100 to get them to fit but they will work with front donut tires on both vehicles so miraculously it worked like I said the height isn’t really an issue all of our stuff fits in and basically we could put an x3 in here all that so yes and to do it all over again I’d probably get a 28 or maybe a 30 footer I thought the 26 was perfect I didn’t really think I’d have two complete side-by-sides or four seed in length and you know how it is guys you kind of if you’re short-sighted it can always come back to bite you because these toys are only going to get bigger you’re probably only going to accumulate more toys as life goes on and then result the need of a new truck a new trailer and so on and so forth so luckily it’s worked out um and moving on this comes as you see it here the walls were all set up other than the flooring was bare so after we have to remove the front cabinet we still have the upper cabinet here which has some nice storage and we do have a plug in here so I can’t plug in we’ve got lights and we’ve got power speaking of which one of the first purchases I made was purchase a honda generator eu 3000 I literally picked it up off amazon they shipped it to my front door and I wanted to have something a little bit bigger than a 2000 I wanted a honda because honda generators are awesome they’re very quiet they’re basically the best we’d use this forever and we could run an ac unit off this if we wanted to we could power a toy hauler for the weekend if you will so two thousand bucks like I said not cheap but as it goes to building this whole setup and getting this up for us we had this in a jam if we didn’t have power at a trade show those type of things it’s great to always have your own power source especially a honda where it sips gas and it’s quiet it doesn’t get in anybody’s way so here we have a little bit extra storage um we’ve got some stuff here for racing we have to have extra fire extinguishers safety vests when we go racing of course a map for doing oil changes sleeping bags of course can fit up here anything that you might imagine then we’ve got the battery here that plugs in so this works with which used to be behind the the lower cabinet so we got the space we can put the cabinet back in when I sell one or both of these vehicles move on to new vehicles I think maybe if the future of chupacabra looks like a two-seat x3 and a four-seat speed they might both fit with the cabinet put back in so we’ll see so moving on other upgrades now I mentioned having power for air conditioning initially we were going to install an overhead ac unit that would pop into the vent here I’m doing a little bit of research a little bit of crunch time we had a upcoming sand show and it was going to be hot I wanted to make sure we had something to keep our team cool we used this trailer stock full of inventory which we were selling out of and I splurged and got a little bit bigger 14 000 btu this is a black and decker there’s about 340 bucks we’ll post a link in the description so this thing really saved our tail at sand show um we had a little bit of a cool reprieve which you got is a vent hose that needs to be hooked up to an outdoor surface because as it puts cool air in it’s got to suck it and then exhaust the hot air so you don’t have to put water in it all you have to do is plug it in that has a breaker if you have a power surge got a remote control it’s awesome we can move it all around now so for those few trips late spring early fall you know wherever we go I mean we pretty much off-road all year round it’s nice to have we need to camp out of it or is it unseasonably warm trip because as you we all know we can all plan for the best but sometimes these trips end up being a lot hotter or a lot colder than we anticipate so I mentioned power I mentioned air conditioning now we’ve got something that we can really camp out of and I used to own an rv and it really didn’t work out for us not having a place to put it we lived in the track home our kids are really small it was really difficult to take them camping so we got rid of the rv for now but my thought was with a trailer like this we can outfit it I’ve got a little buddy heater I can do some guys trips and I can really camp out of this thing for two to three maybe even four day trips my buddy was nice enough to hook me up with one of these weekend warrior leftover beds it doesn’t inhibit our ability to put our vehicles in it and of course we put them over here on the passenger side so that way crawling out of the car wasn’t an issue and we’ve got a nice little seating area which we also use at the sand show it was really nice this is great for when we’re camping you know we’ll have a little fold out table we can work on content of course like we always do when we’re out in the desert we can make a bed out of it I also have a cot one of my couple of my buddies are big in the off-roading the moto scene mountain bike scene they’ve got some set up sprinters so one of them told me hey get a big comfortable cot you’ll love it so I did and then another buddy told me about a little cool heated shower set up where you can get 10 gallons of water that stays warm no matter what so probably gonna invest in one of those I can go a couple days out of shower but it’ll be nice to have 10 gallons like maybe me and a buddy could each get a shower and of course feel like a brand new man after a long day of off-roading so after getting all this stuff set up along with the installation which was done by brent at american engineering frank also ended up doing the flooring for us so this is some rubber coin stuff you can buy a big sheet of this as you need off amazon we’ll post a link I want to say it was about 550 bucks for a 30ish foot roll we didn’t have enough left over to do the drop down a rear door here so we end up using some herky liner I’ve used this stuff in the past um it’s inexpensive it’s really kind of a budget thing where I would have had to spend an extra 600 bucks to get a big enough sheet of rubber to cover this so we went ahead brent did that it turned out really nice it protects the wood protects scuffs all that type of thing and works good enough for what we need so speaking of flooring and speaking of all the toys and getting all the toys to our spot we installed some more e-track and the thought was of course to have more positions to mount up one or two different vehicles along the back we’ve got a strip going sideways which is usually where the generator might stay tools things of that nature now from the front here we did some e-track across here because as you guys know I’m a two wheel guy myself um dirt bikes e-bikes mountain bikes kids toys we have a couple motorcycle front trucks they pop right in and we can add two or three or four so you know I’ve been down to film the baja 1000 but tommy wash I thought what if we fit a razor in three or four bikes we can do that well what if we took this to sedona I’m not going to go without bringing my bicycles and the razor kind of got a layout where I think with one side by side we can fit almost all the bikes as well as some of the kids toys sand hall utah a lot of place I like to go where there’s more than just off-roading there’s just everything for two-wheeled um sand rocks dirt moab all that type of stuff so if you guys follow a channel you guys know we love going everywhere and you know I love having fun on the dirt and all these type of things so that was really important that we had this setup the motorcycle wheel chocks will work of course for the e-mountain bike which is heavy as well as my regular mountain bike so it’s not laid over I know that it’s safe really we have a setup here that works in almost any conditions when we’re at a race we’re probably just going to have the race car in here with all of our tools our spare parts everything that we would need we’ve got an extra lighting in case we’re doing a pit stop at night the generator of course even the ac unit if the pit wants to stay cool if we’re we’re at a really hot race at a trade show this worked really well as we grow we’re gonna double our sku count and beyond it might not be enough room but it worked really well for our current product offering to sell products out of we had a little bit of everything clothing and it worked um for almost everything we had we had enough stock we thought for the sand show had it gone too full base a lot of other trips it works well like I said two side-by-sides we’ve had both the cheap turbo twins in here in my car and andrew’s car you can leave both the 33s on here they both fit comfortably without too tight of a gap again with the front cabinet removed like I said I can put it back in as we maybe graduate or gravitate towards smaller cars in the future we’ll see so that’s pretty much it guys the trailers worked out really well having any flat tires yeah anything of that nature the only issue I really had is the landing gear on the front is a little flimsy it’s sort of tweaked and bent now I have had to use this as storage in the process of a move I recently went through and when this thing’s really loaded down when you have the landing gear down puts a lot of weight on the front end and it starts to tweak it so I replaced it once again this the second one has a little bit of a bend so if you guys have any tips comment below help me out I need some landing gear that’s beefier and is not going to bend when I do have to unweight the front of this thing when the trailer is loaded down with with toys so that’s pretty much it guys I hope you guys like the content I know a lot of you guys have a similar setup hopefully this gives you some peace of mind if you’re looking to build something similar like you said once you get down the rabbit hole of off-roading you’re only going to probably accumulate more toys so toys are always going to get bigger and more of them and I can’t wait to really take this thing on a quick little two-day guys trip called brent from american engineering hey let’s go ride some single track on the dirt bikes and we’ll bring up a razor for some night rides or hey let’s take this thing to moab we got to bring all the two-wheelers and a side-by-side or maybe two razors and then load the back of the trailer full of bikes so gotta get all your stuff there we like going all over the place I hope you guys like this video if you do please like and subscribe check out our products you want to learn more which is chupacabraoffroad.com and we’ll see on the next one oh hey I didn’t see you there like and subscribe for more content.


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