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by Nick Olson

We've put on a good amount of miles so far with this Can-Am X3, which means it's time to upgrade where necessary!


Hey everybody Nick Olson chupacabra offroad the can-am's gotten a few upgrades let's talk about it welcome back to the channel everybody wanted to keep you guys in touch with all the upgrades we've been making on the can-am as we make it it's kind of different than what we've done in the past where we've built it all up looks cool and pretty all done I've wanted to kind of try things YOU KNOW a couple items at a time see how they feel slowly upgrade and be a little bit more methodical it's funny on the internet YOU KNOW everyone talks about a build and it's kind of funny when you bolt on a bunch of aftermarket stuff and call it a build I'm not going to argue with what you and I all think of build is but we're going to incorporate more of our own flavor YOU KNOW to begin with obviously our chupacabra products are all designed and engineered YOU KNOW as they got added to our build with the b2g we've designed that of course it's a fresh idea in the marketplace a bolt-on rear storage setup so YOU KNOW it gives it a little bit more than just slapping stuff on and calling it a day as we evolve as a company as I evolve as a product person that's the goal right here and kind of use this x-ray to go through that so a couple of the reasons why we haven't put a cage on and got all YOU KNOW fancy from the get-go as well is testing the b2g setup we want to make sure that this works for stock and aftermarket cages and we've learned a lot by running the stock cage basically when you take the stock vet apart the stock cage here becomes really wobbly so we have to make sure we have a support system like we kind of have set up now so that all of you guys that do want to pick up our b2g storage system have the support of the stock cage know it's not going to flop around know that you can put a whip flag on the back like we did those type of things so it's good to test we have some other products we're testing they're designed specifically for this cage like our 11 inch center mirror now we just launched this 11 inch super deluxe mirror recently at the sand show and we know that YOU KNOW the stock mirror that comes with the x3 leaves a lot to be desired it's hard to see out of these things to begin with so we designed a proprietary mount that would work and allow all of you guys to go ahead and use that so we've been testing that another reason why we didn't want to get rid of the stock cage right out of the way and then YOU KNOW make it for better as we make sure these products are 100 ready before I go to market with them so speaking of b2g really happy with the performance of it we are testing some more items here and this is gen 2. you guys are going to see some pretty decent changes for gen 3. we're going to change a little bit of the structure it's held up really well to having the full-size spare tire used in a couple different environments really enjoying this wheel and tire set which I'll talk about in a minute but the b2g has not had any vibration any tinny noise we have some improvements basically to how we're going to mount the tail lights we don't want any of this moving around it works but it's not as good as it should be so YOU KNOW it's good that we take our time a lot of you guys are hitting us up hey when is it going to be ready I'm going to give you the robbie gordon it's going to be ready when it's done but YOU KNOW we have a couple improvements we can make so beyond that we have our plastic mold box which this isn't it but you're gonna see that soon slight iterations we're really happy with the overall size of the the setup which enabled us to go ahead and get that box ready so size is there the toughness of it is there the usability of it is there so much of it is close and we just have a couple ideas as we ferment on it as I think about how it worked in each trip YOU KNOW this type of stuff keeps me up at night of how we can make it a little bit better how we can go to market with it maybe make it easier to ship lighter weight maybe find an exhaust that might be a little bit quieter those type of things so speaking of exhaust let's move over here to this side of the car and we'll talk about the exhaust so we have a couple of these b2gs running around the first one has been tested with a small exhaust company out of Florida called kfab it's a nice exhaust I've been using this one by a local company called ironclad ironclad makes some very nice x3 components I like the welds I like the fit and finish the only thing it's a challenge is as as cool as this exhaust sounds it's a little loud when you're just doing casual rides and what I've come to research is a lot of these side exhausts unfortunately fall prey to that because there's just a lack of space to make a bigger muffler so we're working with ironclad we're talking to other brands we're trying to make sure we can come up with a solution to keep it a little bit more quiet for those of you that are like me that although you like the loud noise when you're out in the dunes you might want something that's a little bit more quiet if you're doing all-day rides you're doing baja trips things of that nature you don't want to be the loud guy with the loud exhaust I get it but performance wise this thing does really sound cool when you're out in the dunes dripping around it's very lightweight I think it's only 14 pounds so you're losing a lot of weight off the back of the car and once you get into the gen 3 b2g we're going to weigh all the items back to back I think there's a very good chance we're going to be lighter than stock with the b2g setup so in terms of you wanting to upgrade you're not gonna have to worry about different spring rates even different suspension settings until you add on other things such as a full-size spare tire speaking of full-size spare tire recently upgraded to the tire I've been running quite a bit over the last couple years which is the tensor ds-33 and these are the new method they're a non-b lock they do have the b grip technology they are a 407 and these have slightly more offset than stock but they're not much wider than stock and this tire and wheel combo is lighter than the stock combo that I had so I noticed the braking performance was just as good if not better and also YOU KNOW it's really noticeable these 33 is over 32 that extra ground clearance I ran these in san hollow I really enjoyed this setup with this wheel and tire combo it was it was awesome this car really was fun to ride in san holo the only thing I don't like is that when I did upgrade to the new wheel and tire combo we have a little bit more steering wheel feedback particularly when I was raising the car up and it was getting at full droop and we definitely made some upgrades to the front end we'll talk about just a second to get through with that but that was just kind of an unfortunate side effect of going with the bigger wheel set up with a slightly different wheel offset than stock so before we talk about the upgrades on the front of the vehicle one thing I want to talk about stock suspension we're still stock I'm very impressed with this thing out of the box I've heard YOU KNOW k names continually evolve some of their valving specs maybe even spring rates I haven't driven a 21 back to back with a 20 YOU KNOW 22 and so on but very happy I talked to my suspension tuner which we will be upgrading we will be respringing and revolving this thing but he gave me some baseline settings for ride height now right out on the rear for a 32 inch tire he suggested 16 inches I'm a little bit more than that because I have the 33 so I'm about 16 and a quarter in the rear and 16 and three quarter in the front so like usually like my polaris about a half inch higher in the front and I've since I've come back from the dunes I've backed off the high speed compression I've raised up the crossover rings I've been playing with the high and low speed compression but I'm very happy with that ride height with the 33s I haven't had any bottoming out at all in sand hollow and with the extra weight on the back with the spare tire at those ride heights this car handles very well I'm I'm impressed to say the least so now I think what we'll do in the next phase is we'll do just a spring kit and then see how that compares and then we'll get them valves so we'll kind of have a better idea so we can share with you guys because you know a lot of these videos a lot of people you see they just pimp their car out and they say spend the money but they don't necessarily even know what they're talking about but it's gonna be fun to have driven this thing stock you know in a couple different environments see how it feels then add the springs and then see how it feels and hopefully relay you guys better what you're getting for your money if you do a spring kit and or do the whole spring and valves because this vehicle I've been told YOU KNOW just as springs you get really close to where you'd want to be so it's gonna be nice to experience that so I think that'd be better for me learning feeling the car and be able to give you guys good advice if I think it's worth the money to do the whole thing we'll kind of do it in steps I think it'll be fun so moving on to the front of the car I mentioned earlier about the new problem that I have with the wheels and tires is the head shake or the steering wheel feedback so I knew this before I bought the canon one of the things I was going to have to do was beef up the front end and then also go with the new tie rod kit with updated geometry to prevent that issue from happening so we just got all this stuff bolted up I don't have a lot of good feedback no pun intended of how it feels but I decided to go with a company that everybody knows and love ct race works these guys build some of the top performing can-ams in the game from the vehicles that win the king of the hammers these guys have been very well invested in x3 since it's begun and there's so many companies it was hard to choose which one to go with but YOU KNOW ct those guys hooked us up YOU KNOW with some some decent pricing on these parts and I love the fit and finish it came together pretty easy and also because I have the x3 edition with the xrc with the winch I didn't want to lose the winch of course so they had a kit ready to go bolt it all up and I went ahead and went with the shock tower the full double shear kit along with the front bulkhead kit and their tie rod kit so all this all my problems all my worries should be gone now YOU KNOW I've got the whole setup you guys have seen a lot of these can-ams front ends come apart when you hit stuff hard now I've got a well-known company proper geometry YOU KNOW great fit and finish everything is a true double shear as it should have been from the factory and now all I might have to worry about would be the knuckles so hopefully we're good for a while we kept the light on it in stock position as I move forward to a roll cage I don't think I'm gonna be doing an upper light bar like I've done in the past I kind of want to switch it up I did run this setup out in glamis with of course our chupacabra coil race mirrors with the squadron pros and then the onyx 10 inch so I led rides all weekend night rides every single night in glamis with this setup it was pretty good I might add a little bit more initially I was thinking maybe a bumper setup or maybe I'll do the stock headlight replacement just so I can kind of see how it is but I want to keep all my lights low this time and try that out you guys know I'm a big fan of amber so I'll have to at least get some amber dust covers or some type of amber setup that can run during the daylight use for those dusty situations even use at night so I think I'll add a little bit more I definitely need to get an amber setup or at least the cover of what I've got but as a whole it's pretty impressive it's a low amperage draw works well I think it worked well on most all night rides it'd be just nice to have a little bit more in the dunes so on top of all the ct front end stuff I decided while I was there to go ahead and replace the lower arms I've heard some issues with the stock stuff how it can bend or break easily so since we're ripping it all apart I went ahead and went with ct they have a couple designs they have the tubular and the box the tubular is lighter dave brunson over there ct recommended the the tubes for what we do out here it's lighter weight it's it's just as tough for the desert it's the way to go so we went ahead and did that so now I've got the peace of mind knowing that we've kind of really addressed all the problem issues with the front end and speaking of suspension the rear end while we had it apart we wanted to go ahead and powder coat some of these items and get as much of this can-am reddish orange off as we could so we decided to take the trailing arms off which were that color and while we're at it we went ahead and beefed those up so I had brent at american engineering weld up a gusset kit from s3 power sports to the stock trailing arms now this kit had a nice fit and finish went together easily it was only 110 120 and before just powder coating them like I mentioned why not go ahead and beef them up so we still have some work to do on the rear end we did purchase an s3 power sports rear pull plate and we will be doing some upgraded radius rods in the future just to get the rear end all sorted out we'll talk about more of that in the future in our video but for now like I said we're getting this thing slowly to a more neutral color so it's gonna look really good with the chupacabra wrap and our design on it once we get to the the final product so making some progress and we have one more thing to show you guys on the interior that we've changed so far so final upgrade we've made so far and it's much needed and that's on the interior and that's a new pci elite radio now I've heard about the tracks I've heard it's good a lot of my helmets everything's all wired for the elite setup so I decided to stick with what I know we went ahead and used pci's clean dash install kit which has room for some extra switches and YOU KNOW everyone I ride with they've all got radios it's been difficult to even do any type of off-roading shooting out in glamorous without having a radio setup so we finally got that going also with the rear we went ahead and used a new product you guys will see soon and this is a new antenna mount kit now this uses our proprietary clamp system the beauty of getting our clamp system sorted and having it modular is that now we've got a lot of accessories you guys are going to see in the future very easy to mount up so this is a prototype we're double checking testing it out but the beauty of this is it rotates every 90 degrees so you have some options based on where you're going to mount it so you can get your antenna to mount right up so clean setup for all of you guys that are mounting a radio that aren't going to go with a custom cage you can move it around we've got the four popular sizes of tube diameter with more to come so nice solution look more for this we'll talk more about some of these other clamp accessories we've got coming that we're testing now that we'll be launching over the next couple months so that's all upgrades for today we're going to take it out we're going to put some miles on we're going to let you know how it works see if we add some noticeable changes in the front end like I mentioned get you some more feedback in terms of adjusting the suspension how we like it with these tires YOU KNOW all these type of things but really enjoying the vehicle got more on the way you're gonna see some of these other parts that we're not just gonna slap on but we're gonna have a hand in helping design just to kind of give it some more of our own chupacabra flavor get it set up for the type of rides that you guys know as well for doing whether that's quick day rides out in the dunes long adventure rides things of that nature the goal before we bought this thing was to have a two-seat can-am that we could use for long adventure rides so also keep it light weight keep it stylish keep our style simple and clean YOU KNOW windshield that type of thing we can use in all environments so stay tuned for more guys I hope you guys like the content if you do go ahead like and subscribe and we've got a lot more coming your way.


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