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by Nick Olson

Sometimes in life, you need to see what you are made of. I tried this event back in 2013, but I smoked the clutch on my 2012 KX450 and couldn't finish, after 80 miles. It was brutally tough, so when the time came for me to figure out something I love to do, that's extremely hard (dirtbike racing) I thought it was time to head back down to Mexico, to get some redemption. If you love singletrack, you HAVE to do this race. One third of the entrants didn't finish all three loops, it's tough! #losancianos #tecate #offroad.


What's up everybody Nick Olson chupacabra offroad back in the desert this time we're back in baja I'm with my boys jeff rob jeff evans guys where are we at today what are we doing takate enduro so jeff came all the way from albuquerque new Mexico first time at this event I got to do this event one time in 2013. thanks to jeff I was sick it was challenging then and we just want to come back and give it a go and see how it goes and just play in the desert yeah so this is an enduro we're gonna ride about maybe 90 to 100 miles today three separate loops there's lots of different flavors of enduro so we don't know much about it in terms of time keeping but basically we have a start time for laps one two and three they're telling us that lab three is pretty challenging our goal of course for all of us is to finish have a good result but jeff can you talk about just enduro real quick like YOU KNOW loops how it works YOU KNOW what our how kind of layout of a motorcycle race like this is oh well this one's pretty straightforward you just kind of you have your start time and you just make sure you're you're at the the start of each loop on time and then you pretty much just go as fast as you can go for the whole loop you don't you don't have to keep time or anything like a traditional old-school enduro you got to keep time and if you arrive to a check too early you're penalized and stuff so you got to actually keep track of the speed averages which are changing and stuff but this one's pretty straightforward kind of like a sprint enduro you just from the drop of the flag you go to the end then hopefully you have time for a little break before you start the next loop and then you just hope for the best so speaking of brakes 90 miles yeah but tight and twisty terrain jeff I think we're going to be on the bike for six seven hours yeah I'm just hoping to survive honestly like yeah get in hopefully at a decent time each loop and have enough energy to go out on the third loop and finish that's all I'm trying to do finishing yeah that's the goal these guys are trying to torture us on the third lap according what they're saying and I think my longest training ride by myself was like three and a half hours and the my tongue was dragging on the spokes after about two and a half hours so I think third laps is going to be challenging but excited to be back here in baja this is one of the coolest events we had to sign up the day it was open I think this event sold out in an hour and a half yep yeah 360 riders I think or so 60th anniversary I think 60th yeah 60th anniversary it is super dusty out here it's gonna be yeah super dusty sandy true baja experience it's gonna be fun but no whoops no baja whoops please yeah yeah so follow us first and second gear some third gear stuff and thanks to los santianos the group that's put this on these guys have cut trails here for years they cut some fresh trails for this ride I think probably use a bunch of stuff these guys noticed here like the back of their hand and it's gonna be a special treat so I hope we all have a good ride and we'll check in after loop one yeah talk to us when we're done we'll see how it goes. hmm so mild so oh god, all right it's the end of lap two pretty tired jeff's pretty tired this is the gnarliest the most intense workout I've had in quite some time ever since I did this event last but we didn't come here to not try to get to finish so we're going to try to go we just missed our minute I came in like five minutes before our loop three started our buddy jeff he's fast he's already took off he's good but we got a lot of daylight second loop really kicked our butt had a lot of fun elements stuff I really thought I liked but it was just YOU KNOW wheels came off the bus maybe the last five or six miles so we're gassed up we got some some energy and we're just gonna try to bring it on home oh oh my god oh my god oh my god oh oh oh oh baby okay oh my god oh my god oh god oh it's pretty legit I guess oh god, nope oh Mexico there we go all right guys race is over I was able to make it all three laps get the finish get the finisher's pin and man los angeles thank you guys for cutting in an amazing amazing race with a lot of awesome single track we had a good day overall after the second day we were excuse me after the second loop we were really tired myself jeff rob and I definitely wanted to call it but we said hey let's go out there let's just try to get the finish and we had some challenges we had some tip overs and all that and I ended up going all the way through I started to feel a little better I don't know how but I kind of caught a second or a third wind and man these guys were just brutally relentless like even at the very end crossing the road coming back into the pit area here I thought that it was going to be easy and of course they made us go over some rock up hills and downhills and man my hands are hammered I need some some bigger hand guards but really excited to come to baja and get the finish hopefully the results are pretty good but my bike ran good it kind of boiled over a little bit with the four stroke tends to do that a little bit more I think in some of the two strokes it seems on some of the uphills and all that I'd stop and help a guy move we had a couple pileups the biggest pileup was out on the second lap I had to pile up on the third lap I had to get a guy and help move his bike out of the way so I could get up but we got it done and baja never disappoints so check this out it's kind of hard to describe how difficult it is unless you are an off-road motorcycle rider but if you do and you want to come to have a new Mexico experience ride some awesome single track this is the event so glad we came down here got my man card for another year and hopefully made my wife and kids proud so YOU KNOW got to finish and feeling good I was on the bike for eight hours I started at eight we had a couple breaks in between but I finished right at 4 pm so all good if you guys like the content please like and subscribe comment below if you ride two wheels you want to see some more content like this and we'll catch on the next one.


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