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by Nick Olson

So here is the part 2 follow up, from El Golfo De Santa Clara, back to Rocky Point. Great weather, and the trails around El Golfo are really fun, I wish we had an extra day to explore more. Follow along with my friends and I down in Rocky Point Mexico, we pound whoops, slide around on the salt flats, and cruise down the beach at sunset.

Of course, this ride always serves up a little drama, but we have a great time keeping people going, fixing stuff, and having another great adventure.


Well it’s day two we had a very eventful day one um a lot of drama unfortunately he saw it took us a while to get that x3 out um real bummer deal him and his buddy had to go get the trailer and they were out of the ride and um everyone got got through the beach it was all good we all kind of met back up and then unfortunately some more people had some issues but overall really fun trip for some reason this trail you guys saw some of the video I posted I mean it’s it’s soft and sandy and all of our cars are loaded down and this ride compared to any of the ride I’ve done it just really hammers cars so um it’s soft and you think it’s forgiving so you want to hit those loops harder and you saw how I was going through it a couple paces I’d wait and then kind of go pretty fast just get some better footage but I don’t really feel comfortable going a whole lot faster than that with the car I’ll load it down and ironically when you get to the beach here it’s like 80 degrees with a breeze but a lot of our cars my car is running at 207 degrees a couple other turbos are running 215 220ish and a lot of belt slippage and belts going so it’s just this like really heavy sand and when your car is all loaded down burns a lot of gas on this ride I brought six gallons of fuel and um put it all in and then I think by the time I got here to l golf I had like one or two bars left so definitely a fuel sucking ride especially if you’ve got a turbo um x3 or a razor or whatnot so all in all we’re still here had a good night we’re all a little bit zapped because the group’s never made it to al gofo this late so um usually we’re here we stay a full day in our gofo we go up to the lighthouse and hang out but we just kind of hung out laid low our local restaurant that we always go to the dolphin el dolphine was closed so we found some tacos and showered up and hung out and had some beers and stuff and getting ready for today so hopefully people drive a little bit slower or if they do or don’t just less issues another guy lost the rear axle luckily for us good cars running great so all loaded up got our ice got our snacks and then now we’re gonna get back so hopefully we can get back and make good time and then um get to the survivor’s internet right in the reef so we’ll catch with you guys in a bit um  real quick so details so so so me skeleton’s still hanging tough hasn’t even moved an inch okay who’s ready so hello let me know if you can’t find it I’ve got mine pretty handy there you go right there  foreignbetween that and power steering I’m just going to head over to the road right there can you get up we should be almost to that house to the house well we made it back two long days car worked awesome had a really fun trip I think that trail is getting pretty pretty racy I’d say pretty whooped out pretty chattery definitely the roughest I’ve ever seen it and man turbo west never let me down again had no issues at all I had a really fun time had good weather a couple more cars having a few more issues but it’s all part of the trail this ride’s got a little bit of everything you got the the beach going which is cool and beautiful and chill no dust but then it’s really hard on the cars um the whoops like I said you saw some of that footage especially when you try to pick up the pace it’s hard on the car especially when you’re all loaded down so excited to be back I think the wife had a really good time we’re gonna get cleaned up head to the survivor’s dinner um celebrate everyone having a good time and being safe and have some beers one last night before we have to head out in the morning back to reality you know people bring down you know we we’ve got money for it money all right we got that guy I am that guy and it’s wrong don’t leave it here has a scar for life you.


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