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by Nick Olson

Baja, Mexico is the epitome of adventure. If you haven’t yet, you really need to get down to Baja for some offroading, the terrain is nothing short of amazing. This was our journey around the Baja 500 racecourse, with a short detour. 3 big, epic days of all types of terrain. We clocked almost 500 miles, and now have a year’s worth of stories. It was awesome to actually pre-run the racecourse, see how they mark the trails, add the VCP’s to understand more about how the race teams strategize lines, fuel stops, and more, in pursuit of finishing and winning the Baja 500. Before this trip, I have been on two 450-500 mile trips in my UTV, along with a few motorcycle trips – but Baja is ALWAYS awesome. This was my first time leading a ride, so I used the OnX Offroad app to plan the ride and used it turn to turn, to safely get through Baja without a formal trail guide – which was a first for me! We will be creating a part 2, showing you how to plan and execute a big, multi-day ride, whether it’s Baja, the Arizona Peace Trail, or anywhere else you’ve been wanting to go. Looking to plan a Baja trip? Here are the links to each day of our rides, to get you inspired to use the OnX Offroad GPS app to plan your perfect trip. Day 1 Ensenada to Rancho El Coyote: https://onxoffroad.app.link/4pnkfo8Dkhb Day 2 Rancho El Coyote to Vicente Guerrero: https://onxoffroad.app.link/VhbtDsaEkhb Day 3 Vicente Guerrero to Ensenada: https://onxoffroad.app.link/8QsKCecEkhb *DISCLAIMER: This video is sponsored by OnX Offroad. OnX Offroad has more than 425,000 miles of mapped roads and trails in the Dirt and 140,000 miles in the Snow, Waypoint Sharing, Weather Conditions, and 450,000 Recreation Points like campsites, trailheads, swimming holes, breweries, and gas stations – making it the perfect way to find your next spot to play. Available on iOS and Android.


So yeah bolts on bolts hub uprights primary a couple fluids import save my content i’ve already selected this file save my content successfully going to scroll out and now it’s there yep so now pull out your app and it should have synced okay awesome all right all right guys thanks everybody for coming it’s nice to meet everybody some new friends some old friends let’s have a good ride today um you know all start off leading we’ll be like maybe extra academy right now just so we know everyone’s communicating communicating okay uh brent’s gonna run super right now i think we’re ready too okay so fred yeah just you know back and forth my dad’s got a button so he might be chiming in so we’ll just kind of take it off hopefully have a decent steady maybe on the easy pace kind of feel everything out before we kind of pick it up a little bit uh we’ve got to get through town if you guys haven’t been through all those negro it’s just kind of a windy highway and that’s gonna take 25 minutes or so i think it’s like race mile 17 it looks like we’re gonna hop off in the dirt so kind of pull over radio check and then we’re gonna head on our way start heading down and we’re gonna meet jc at uh back at the highway race mile 70 yes or before as soon as you guys get to the highway you’re going to find us we’re in gotcha okay so yeah we’ll look for jc and then we’re going to radio radio you as we get close yes and you’re we switched to bfg hits yeah okay so uh michael is your first time down here right so yeah if you want to either run in between us second or third and then um yeah steady pace you know no no break any cars you got 150 a day so i’ll set this my first time leading in baja so i’m like a little nervous if there’s blind turns i’m just going to take it easy maybe open up a little bit where we can but i think first part of the stage just kind of cruise and get it going so just keep a little bit of space to the dust yes you have an enjoyable ride just so you can see something and avoid it or whatever you know i like running my amber’s on the front so people could maybe see us and my i got a you know flasher i think it’s really nice so if you guys got all those lights i’d say run them yeah i mean there’ll be pre-run traffic going with us um fred you’re gonna look out for obviously faster pre-runners um when we get into valley t they’ll be farm traffic so but it should be you know everyone’s going the same way as uh this ride sponsored by onyx offroad onyx off-road is an off-road gps app learn more at onyxmaps.com check the links in the description to see each day’s rides to help you plan out your next baja adventure so i’ve never pre-ran a race car so it’s cool to see like hey i’m gonna grab the camera because if you’re on the youtube you guys are probably sick of listening to me talk i know i am we’re going to catch you in with a baja rookie uh what first 60 65 miles how’s your day going what do you think about great everything’s great uh terrain’s awesome uh it’s rough reminds me a little bit of vegas actually uh but it’s fun some fast runs some nice steep rocky climbs uh we got a good group of four cars so it’s awesome and really the key to doing it is having a team so when you get to the spot for fuel they’re there they’re waiting and uh it’s way to go who invited these guys baja edition you guys got tacos on the trail emergency so yeah that red car brand new so these guys go back to the shop and maybe try to link up with us on day three jonathan yeah get it fixed tomorrow uh so i will ask him to go up to toyota right yeah yeah primary also acts as but no worries we have engine and transmission in the shop you look at the radio while you’re there so you can talk oh yeah radio one clutch yeah you have a shirt that says that guy because we got an award winner on amazon spec on the rear of the secondary is 45 foot pounds ask me how i know how do you know how’s that mike clutch fella party park uh parker is that a knucklehead i want to tell all as the co-writer what happened when did you know you were in deep trouble in baja when 35 miles an hour was our limit so Mr. Nick to the rescue yeah gonna smell like bills here in about a second yeah get tension on it get get the tension now go go go go go yeah there we go baby everyone say raptor on three all right almost done with day one we got about 10 miles to go but we couldn’t go by mike skyrim without stopping to check it out have a beer and uh check this place out the race course goes right through it this year which is really cool like i said i got 10 more miles to go which i heard is pretty rough and slow to rancho el coyote fun times i’ll catch up with you guys here at the finish food oh wow you guys look a little dirty what the hell you guys driving around it or throwing or under it here i heard there was dirt out here there’s some sort of silt they claim looks like fred’s coming through it let’s see what fred and them look like oh yeah there’s a couple dust bunnies right there he’s going to take something back with him we came through pretty good silt area running on the skid plates all the way blowing up in your face oh yeah we’re almost at 2 15. we’re probably like at 2 2 12 right now grace smile 210 we just stopped and collected everybody there goes Nick. I’m here with the guys it’s uh camaloo we’re halfway through the trip pretty much my first time pre-running the baja 500 race course yours as well dad yeah as well mitchell and uh since you guys left at uh valley tea rm70 we hit some fun stuff we uh rescued a ford raptor which is pretty funny went a lot easier than we thought it was gonna be uh and then we caught up to him he was actually flogging that raptor through some technical terrain you wouldn’t believe it but then we got into some absolutely super fun stuff for mile marker 115 120 125 flowy like some of the best you know terrain i’ve written here for sure made our way up to mike sky ranch stopped and had a beer and then right after mike’s how would you describe after that uh kind of started going up it just uh you know you wouldn’t really expect out of baja you’re going up and these things you know they’re four-wheel drive you’re like there’s really no way i don’t know how these guys in the stock volkswagen bugs are making it up some of that stuff and it’s rocky it’s technical there’s a couple hero lines that just go straight up the side of a mountain and uh these guys are gnarly in the two-wheel drive stuff it gives you a really good appreciation for baja overall yeah the small class guys are the real heroes they’re racing 16 class 11 all that 516. what’d you think yeah definitely especially we got into the silt there the big part of baja and we’d heard some bad things and it proved to be pretty uh pretty i guess uh convincing of the problems they’re going to have as they keep coming through and it gets worse and worse but very cool very neat terrain getting in the mountains so we were really pleased with the whole ride state of rancho coyote amazing place awesome food beautiful landscape was super flowy starting off the day today and then we got into a lot of really rocky stuff so we tried to get through it uh big g outs kind of we wouldn’t expect them rain ruts all over the place they could catch a tire and uh made it here safely which is pretty much our goal so get some gas head down southern part of the course get some tacos and keep on keeping on tacos it’s super easy i got an amazing type of stuff for grab one i’ll get it [Music] we already went through it’s a to camelot yeah yeah but well i mean we’ll we’re staying at vicente guerrero yeah so i’ll just actually probably already drove by our hotel right there right now we’re here race about 250 we’re going to continue all the way down to los beno he has access to us all right day three last and final day shot up the coast and we’ll be back in ensenada [Music] what do you think one more day two days in baja one more day to go we’ve had uh pretty much a flawless run just uh epic scenery and uh man baja this is a brutal course this year very technical and uh we’re gonna do a run up the beach today this is the part we’re all looking forward to the most is going up the beach we’re gonna grab some fish tacos on the way up maybe some cervezas and have a good time run up the coast we’re uh we’re gonna take the highway up to camelot where we got gas that’s where the racecourse goes on if you guys didn’t uh recognize that and then once we get out of there we’re gonna hang a left and cruise down the beach uh we’re all topped off with gas and we’ve got to go about 70 75 miles so i brought up fuel for you guys so you know if we do run out we’ve got plenty of fuel for all of us but we’re gonna go about 75 to vincente guerrero race model 370 and then excuse me san vincente that’s we’re gonna meet tony uh we’re gonna get topped off from there and then we are gonna slowly get back on the course to mile like 367 and go do our loop off the race course so this can be fun should be it’s really scenic we’ve been there a couple of times it’s really rad we have to get into arindera which is a cool little coast town i know from my previous experience right it there’s a lot of uh lettuce and and they want us to go really slow and not get company dust oh tony come in clips with the watermelon welcome to mexico welcome to mexico ah gracias hey guys all right we’re here in baja if you guys know where this sign is stop by we got a little bit of swag we’re gonna hide under this rock yeah there’s the beer right here and the console man if you want to fix everything you need like soup you can eat like a sweet potato um mix it up taste it see how you like it if not you can always add more let’s do this taste it it’s just icing you get some lemons see what you think it’s meat grab a tortilla and slap some of that on there hey everybody we’re here at race mile 70 getting ready for all the trophy trucks to come through just wrapped up a fun three-day ride we covered basically most all of the baja 500 course it was a great ride and after we got our buddies car fixed we had a no issues awesome day along the beach coming up san contain new spots i hadn’t been to it was really awesome so once we got a little bit past their race mount 370 we stop and grab some fuel and i use the onyx maps website to design a new addition or branch off the racecourse and going out and running it worked out really well we basically took some wash roads into a small town of arindera and then went out to the beach and i wanted to find our the famous picacio chupacabra sign and i’ll put a couple stickers and leave some swag for one of you lucky people that might find it so it was really cool to kind of branch out more lead the ride you know run a safe pace you never know on some of these roads that someone could be coming at you we saw some pedestrians bicycles cows the usual so the map really makes it immensely you know more enjoyable and safe and communicating with our whole crew just led for a really great and fun experience so hopefully watching this content gets you excited about planning your own route there’s no adventure like baja i mean i’m lucky enough to kind of get the off-road all these places but man baja is something else so can’t wait to come back here we haven’t even left yet so if you guys like the content please like and subscribe you want to learn more about the app send us a message comment below we’ll do our best to help you out and help you plan your next adventure wait so uh hey.


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