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by Nick Olson

Now that my RZR has about 3,000 miles on it, it's time to reflect on what upgrades I've made and which were the BEST purchases. These top 5 upgrades are what I consider BEST MONEY SPENT. From performance value to comfortability, these were worth the additional cost. And like they say, "Buy Once, Cry Once".


YOU KNOW what they say buy ones cry once here's a list of my top five upgrades and some of the best money I've spent on my side-by-side hey what's up everybody Nick Olson Chupacabra off-road back again with another top five list and I just got back from a couple really big off-road adventures one being in moab the other being in baja and got some miles on my race car over the past year got about 3000 miles on my play car and I really haven't put together a list of what I think are some of the best money that can be spent as you guys know if you're new to off-roading or new to owning a side-by-side the first phase is buying the vehicle and the second phase is spending all that money to accessorize it make it how you want make it more comfortable make it perform better and make it safe so I want to put together this quick list of the top five things that I've spent money on and some of these things are pretty high up price wise and a lot of people maybe dms ask us questions and here's what I think you should do in terms of spending money making these big investments into your vehicle so you can have a better experience you can become a better driver be safe etc so let's get into it all right so first on the list suspension suspension suspension I say it all the time but this is by far the best money I've spent on any of my vehicles at all when we first started this channel a couple years ago we did a spring kit review it's good it's good if you're on a budget but really when it comes down to it you need to bite the bullet you need to spend to have a really great suspension tuner respring and revalve your suspension make sure he helps you set up your ride height your crossover rings make sure the kit includes crossover rings and it is going to be the best money you can spend on your vehicle not sure if you guys know this if you're new to off-road or new to the utv game but these vehicles are severely restricted on their performance from the factory there are safety regulations they have to meet there's simply budget cut restraints they have to meet and unfortunately these corners get cut and this really leads to a vehicle that comes off the shelf from the dealership with goods shocks that have a ton of potential that require the correct spring rate correct valving and a knowledgeable tuner to really take your vehicle to a whole other level now I've got a 2019 razer turbo s dynamics and I absolutely love this vehicle it has fox live valve suspension which means that I've got a little button on my dash and I can adjust the compression stiffness with a click of a button in the three settings now I love this feature and being that I'm a type of person who takes his vehicle to all different riding conditions from running with no sway bars going a couple miles an hour over the rocks of moab and sand hollow to going fast and the full firm mode chasing sand cars in the dunes of glamis to long adventure rides in Mexico when the car is loaded down with all of your your tools your cooler your clothes etc this setup with my suspension tuned correctly has been amazing in almost all conditions so my tuner of choice is wayne israel said he owns a company named all tech motorsports and he's a phenomenal tuner with a ton of experience from racing to just stock setups he worked for fox at one point and I was lucky enough to go spend the day tuning with him we worked on a lot of tuning of my play car along with my race car and he's got a lot of good points he makes check out that video we'll link it below in the description here on the channel it's one of the best videos that we've ever shot he really just kind of breaks it down to what you the consumer who may or may not be racing should be looking for should be thinking about the differences of live valve or whether he thinks it's worth the money overall what he did and what he up transformed my play car and also my race car has really done a lot for my confidence for my driving performance as well speaking of driving performance the amount of confidence I gained after that day in my race car with wayne tune was was really amazing and the level I was driving at the level I was able to step up and drive to with some more seat time was evident when I saw a couple photos of myself in action and races like parker like this photo right here I'm up on two wheels I mean having that level of confidence is something that I didn't have before and knowing what the vehicle was going to do that wayne got my cartoon really predictably was was really just another level of I want to call it a game changer but the amount of money that I spent the amount of performance and confidence that I got out of it was was really unbelievable another example is when I raced the utv world championships we had a qualifying and we ended up qualifying fourth which is really amazing for me for a confidence boost I mean I could have gone a lot faster even too I mean I I did that qualifying with a pretty heavy co-writer with a spare tire a lot of other competitors opted out for and also we hit limp mode we lost YOU KNOW 10 seconds on that run I felt really really confident and a lot of that was really attributed to the stability of the vehicle and the balance thanks to wayne's performance with the suspension so highly recommend wayne as a tuner I highly recommend spending your money to get your suspension dialed it's gonna make you more confident driver safer you're gonna be able to drive faster I'll drive your buddies and you're gonna come up with a setting that works well for you in any environment you ride or if you're like me and you pretty much ride all over the place come up with a setting that works great pretty much everywhere all right number two on the list ecu tuning now this easily started off as the worst money I ever spent because when I first went down the rabbit hole of tuning my race car I took it to a local tuner who unfortunately after a whole lot more money than I was told I needed to spend drama the car never worked right I ended up having to replace the motor and after that whole nightmare I found a great tuner and it really made me realize guys how important it is to pick the right person to go have your vehicle tuned now the right tuner I settled on was a guy named mark queen located in lake havasu I highly recommend him he specializes maybe a little bit more on the race vehicles but what happened was after he took the vehicle and got it set up we hit a higher top speed our clutching was dialed where our clutch temperatures were lower I could feel the vehicle when I drove it where we were accelerating quickly we were exploding out of turns but it wasn't putting a ton of strain on the belt so it's just a black art like a suspension tuner and the knowledge that they have is really amazing I'd highly recommend him and another tuner located here in Arizona jeffrey's performance is somebody else that I've worked with that I've spent money with that I think does a great job had some other friends that have also had some great luck with them as well they're pretty much the west coast tuner for evo performance products I think evo is definitely top of the heap they're one of the top two tuners in the game if not number one with the amount of knowledge amount of products that they've launched and jeffrey's performance here is a tuner that can help you with some questions help you figure out where you want to be with your budget performance reliability all those types of things it's important that you have somebody that you can call and ask for some questions because your setup is always going to be a little different than everybody else's based on your preferences what tires you want to run how much weight's in your vehicle where you off-road and it's nice to have somebody you can give a call who's been through it that's all they do and they're gonna lead you in the right direction so those are some suggestions of some tuners I've had good luck with that I would recommend and most importantly do your research trust me guys it's a nightmare if you pick the wrong tuner and it'll be the best money you've ever spent you're gonna be out there having fun with no issues and that's what it's all about now number three on the list which is something that isn't necessarily cheap and that is a full glass windshield now this is a pretty personal preference but I get a lot of inbound messages hey do you like the windshield how was it here how was it there guys spend the money and buy one if you're running a stock cage an aftermarket cage get one built no matter what vehicle you've got what cage setup you've got you can find a manufacturer to buy one or that will make you one that will come off in a few minutes now you're probably not gonna love this on a hundred percent of your rides 100 of the time but I'm in Arizona as I'm filming this video it's 112 degrees outside and a majority of my rides I'd say almost 60 70 80 of my rides I would have preferred to have had the full glass windshield they don't cake up with dust that bad you can always give it a quick wipe in between stops on your ride YOU KNOW I've used it in pretty much all conditions yes it was too hot when I was in moab without the airflow and it was 85 degrees but a couple screws a couple turns of a wrench and you can pop it off and take it off for that hot ride but more times than not I really enjoyed having it particularly for the dust particularly for the cooler weather and also having the kiddos or being in a car with just your glasses not having to worry about eating dust when you're not leading a ride so spend the money it's totally worth it you'll be happy thank you later now number four on the list is something I've kind of evolved to as my vehicles have become nicer and as you spend more money on accessories and that is to invest in a good person or professional to wire your vehicle along with using the switch pros switch panel unit to wire all of your accessories now I can do some basic wiring myself maybe like a lot of you guys you can wire up a light bar a lot of new utvs like the razer like the can-am have a easy set up to kind of wire some light bars on the front but you quickly add more accessories it quickly becomes more difficult and all of us have four five six seven eight accessories or more it's so nice and so clean to have them all in one big setup that set up switch pros are proven to be very reliable for myself some of my friends who race and run a lot of miles in different conditions it's a clean setup you're gonna get your resell back so spending the money having a professional wire vehicle is going to give you more peace of mind when you're on these long trips believe me when I as I just got done planning my trip to baja one of the things I was most concerned about would have been an electrical gremlin or wiring issue those are really hard to solve when you're in the middle of the desert it's one thing if you need to fix a clutch or a radius rod you can kind of figure those type of things out but the electrical stuff can be a real nightmare so invest wisely pick somebody YOU KNOW who's a professional here locally in Arizona I've used az wire pros they're great use a dealership like nash powersports these are great people you can send your vehicle to to know that it's going to get handled the right way the first time and all of your accessories are going to work out no questions asked spend the money guys all right fifth and the final item on the list now these are pretty expensive and it's a tough pill to swallow but my upgraded suspension seats my prp gt3 suspension seats at over 500 bucks a piece so on a four-seater talking 2000 have been a great investment you really notice this type of stuff when you're like me and you're a razor owner the turbo west seats leave a lot to be desired from the factory razer 1000 turbo you guys know what I'm talking about the seats aren't that great and my old car I didn't change them out yes they do get you by but if you're a little bit bigger guy or you're spending eight 10 12 hours at a time like you are with me when I'm in moab baja etc it's really nice to have some seats speaking of moab I had my first big tip over and it was nice to feel very safe and secure with the seat belts the harnesses I use are also prp and being cupped in that seat I wasn't worried about my safety at all so again you're buying peace of mind of safety you're buying all-day comfort I've got the seat heaters which have been worth their weight more than a few times when the weather's cold and it's going to happen even if you do live in the desert so spend the dough like I said buy ones cry once get some really nice seats you're gonna be happy again you're gonna get the resale out of them and it's gonna lead to a better experience every single time you get in your car so that wraps up the list guys let me know what you think comment below on one of the accessories that you've spent maybe you spent a lot of money on but you wouldn't live without it or even if it was a cheap hack of something that was cheap and easy and you can't live without it like our chupacabra door bags thanks for watching if you guys like the content please like and subscribe and of course we've got a whole lot more coming your way.


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