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by Nick Olson

This is part 1 in our series, of our 2,000-mile maintenance tips and review of my 2019 RZR Turbo S Dynamix. I figured we can add to the maintenance video, by showing you the real-world wear on my RZR, and provide some tips and tricks to keep your RZR running trouble-free. I haven’t really done a complete ride review, but as I’m working on it, talking about the nuances of the RZR and showing how well things have held up, will add to it and give you a good idea of what you can expect, if you are looking to buy Turbo S, or looking to take care of it.

Part 1 is useful for keeping your belts from exploding, you always hear about dreaded belt failures, but I’ve managed to make 2,000 miles on 33″ tires and paddles, on the stock belt.

Comment below on any other tips or tricks you may have, to preserve belt life!!


So all you guys that don’t know how to drive a cvt your belt usually looks a lot worse hey everybody it’s Nick Olson chupacabra offroad coming to you guys back from my garage and today this video is going to be a double video we’re going to do some maintenance on my 2019 razer turbo s4 dynamics and I’m also going to kind of give you a 2 000 mile review show you what’s worked what’s held up really well still on the stock belt so gonna show you what I do to maintain the belt maybe some tips on driving maybe some things that can maybe help you preserve your belt life I know there’s a lot of you guys that think that’s hard to do or or maybe I got a little bit lucky but I had been running this car with 33-inch tires since I purchased it I’ve even ran 33s in the dunes had this car loaded down with 3-4 adults at times and gone all over the place from rock crawling sand dunes basically everywhere in between gone on long trips with the car has been loaded down with extra fuel so I’m pretty happy about that I really love this car cars ran almost trouble free I’m gonna get into some basic maintenance stuff of course you guys all know this the basics in terms of dropping your fluids I’m going to show you what I do to maintain my belt and clutches show what I do to maintain the air filter I’m going to go ahead and re-grease my wheel bearings with this tool this tool is made by ca tech made here in the usa heard a lot of good things about this company especially for the can-am owners in terms of some of the products they make but um seems pretty easy just gotta take things some wheels off guys take your hubs off to get to your wheel bearings but not a big deal since I’m gonna be throwing some paddles on as I’m heading to glamis tomorrow so I’m gonna give the car a whole once over and kind of just talk through some of the maintenance show you guys what it actually looks like and then kind of give you my thoughts on how great this car has been for the first 2000 miles of ownership all right so I’m gonna pull the clutch cover um probably pretty dusty inside of here but this is a big tip that’s really definitely gonna help preserve your clutches most importantly because they’re far more expensive than the belt but also the belt life this car was eating a lot of dust over glamis for four days for near so imagine she’s gonna be pretty dirty let’s take it off and see what we got all right so here’s the stock belt we’re gonna go ahead and loosen up the secondary with your supplied razor turbo clutch tool so we can get the belt off we can get a closer look at the inspection and get all the dust and dirt out of here all right so here’s my belt let’s look at my report card doesn’t look too bad so all you guys that don’t know how to drive a cvt your belt usually looks a lot worse got a little crack right there I’m just busting you guys chops but um I don’t know I should just keep it and run it until it till it breaks maybe just to see how long it does last but I definitely think you know it’s it’s a little war it’s probably at this point good to keep as a spare I kind of want to keep it fresh in it just because it does feel like I’m getting a little more belt slippage when I’m in the dunes with four people or under a really heavy load I can kind of get a little smell when I’m going hard when the belt is starting to slip I can feel it a little bit that’s something I’ve kind of figured out over time and realized that it hasn’t been something else like the tire spinning kind of developed that feel but I also think the clutches are a little on the dirty side so I’m gonna show you guys how dirty they are let’s go ahead and hook up my air nozzle let’s go ahead and blow some dirt on I’ll show you guys how dirty this thing gets so there you go really bad and if you guys take nothing else away from this video spend time and do this every few hundred miles do it after a big weekend of duning a couple hundred mile weekend trust me guys I think this is probably the number one reason why my belts last longer is just taking the time to yank that cover off it’s just like your motor the cleaner air the lack of dust that’s all gonna lead to a happier belt life just like any dust on your motor is just a matter of time I’m gonna do one better I’m gonna go ahead and pull the clutches off and show you what I do to go ahead and scotch-brite them just to kind of touch surfaces up like I told you some belt slippage and I think that’s just the surface of the clutch is starting to wear a little starting to glaze over a little so we’re going to kind of church set up a little I’m going to go ahead and start off by pulling the secondary then we’re going to pull the primary go and throw them on the bench and show I do to get them all cleaned up so they’re going to last for another 2000 miles all right look at all that dust all right so the rear took a 15 millimeter to get the secondary off for the primary it takes an 18 and not only do you have to get the bolt off but you’re also going to have to use a clutch puller and you have to buy one of these online or about 35 40 bucks a bunch of clutch companies make them I think this is epi or trinity and then we’re gonna get that off and I’m pretty sure we can get that in there without having to remove the rear shock we’ll go ahead and double check that okay so I had to hold the clutch from rotating just to kind of get it broken loose just be careful on your placement so you don’t cause any clutch damage so 2000 miles guys this car is bone stock in terms of clutching and ecu tune probably the biggest reason why I’ve got such good belt life obviously I’m probably losing a little bit of performance with a without a clutch kit or a tune but almost everybody I know that has a clutch kit and a tune goes through belts all right so I was wrong you definitely have to remove the shock and the easiest way to do that is go ahead and jack the rear end up move the rear of the shock over so you can get the clutch puller in so I’m gonna go ahead and jack her up okay now the suspension’s all the way extended I’m going to go ahead and use the 18 remove the lower shock wall so I can move the rear shock out of the way good tip on the turbo s carrying 18. I’ve got this boxo tool roll it’s a really good kit didn’t come with an 18. most everything on the turbo suspension and a lot of the other I think the shocks and the suspension bolts are all 18. so definitely carry one of those in your car at all times okay use the moto tie down to get the shock out of the way we can go ahead and put the primary bolt tool in now thread it in and it requires a 23 millimeter go ahead and pull it off alright so I got the clutches over here on my table I’m going to go ahead and start with the secondary and I blew some of the dust off but now we’re going to use some degreaser and we’re going to use the standard scuff pad sos pad that you use for cleaning your dishes go ahead and go into your sink steal one from your wife and here’s a pro tip don’t give it back to your wife after you’ve used it because she’s not gonna be pleased I’m gonna start off with that and then I’m gonna go ahead and pull apart the primary I’m gonna inspect the wear here on these plastic moving little spacers here they’re allowed to go up and down these are a wearable item these are also a wearable item you can see they do have some wear but they’ll probably last a little while longer I’m gonna go ahead and order some of these up and replace them next time I do this which will probably be in three to five hundred more miles these yellow microfibers you can go and buy them from costco they’re kirkland brand they’re awesome when they’re clean to use for your wiping of your windshield or your helmet if you are out there running in the dust that we use when we’re racing and let’s talk about this car so 2000 miles turbo s dynamics you guys might have figured by now I’m not necessarily like big into spending or I haven’t spent much on increasing the horsepower of this car I do a lot of bigger long trips I really care about making sure that everything holds up and doesn’t break and so far that’s been the case I’ve done a couple hundred mile rides down in mexico um almost to the peace trail in baja unfortunately those trips are cancelled due to covet but plan on many more big trips my car is heavy it’s loaded down I got the roof rack which definitely adds another 50 60 pounds of course got the lights the seats the seat heaters the windshield 33 inch tires which I think my current wheel and tire combo is still lighter than stock but um taller um of course than a 32 inch those stock tires that came on these turbo west are pretty good for what they are definitely the best stock tire on any oem at the moment but the tensors have done really well you check out our YouTube channel if you want to hear a review I’ve also reviewed some other tires I’ve owned such as the bfg baja kr2 which is also an exceptional tire and itp ultracross r specs so either way um stock clutching guys tires a lot of guys have asked me hey you’re running 33 said you changed the clutching the short answer is no um these tires are like I said maybe a little bit lighter than stock and then when I’m out in the dunes I always run paddles most all the time and I run some lighter weight scat track 32 so this car this turbo west definitely feels a little slower than my old turbo and I should make sense of why just because it’s got the same 168 horsepower but it is quite a bit heavier definitely is a little more sluggish but I’ll take that because the car has been really durable the suspension’s tough I think the turbo s is at the moment of course the toughest built side by side in terms of the frame and chassis and suspension components most of you guys know that it doesn’t take much to be more reliable or tougher in the suspension and chassis department than the can-am x3 but um that’s one of the main reasons also I’m a big believer in the speed you know the speed is supposed to be structurally superior which is really cool but as I’m recording this it is what February 3rd and we still don’t have a clear date inside I’m going to be one of the first people to get one so when we do get it we’re going to be putting it through the paces but seeing how it holds up but it’s definitely going to have to prove itself over the first nine months or a year of ownership before a lot of you guys are gonna jump on board and declare that that is the holy grail of side by sides but right now for me I love having a four-seater taking my family on trips doing big trips 4c turbo s I don’t regret buying it I would suggest buying one over multiple times um the x3 I just can’t get over how long the max is but um I do like the 2c platform and then I think you’re going to see a canon in my future um but this clutch you can see here I’m kind of just really scuffing it heavily go ahead and going around it a couple of times and I’m using the z-max brake parts cleaner we use the z-max stuff in my race car my tuner mark queen is the real razer whisperer he suggests running this oil in the motor so I’m just going to run the brake parts cleaner too anything similar will work and I’m just continually getting the gunk off and I’m just scuffing it up I can already see just the surface is a lot more coarse we’ve got some of that smooth rubber glazing that kind of tends to build up over time like I was saying earlier there’s times when I can smell it you know if I’m hard on the throttle in the sand and the car is really loaded down you can smell the the belt and that’s when I kind of try to let off because I I’m trying to not break one um but of course I’m not gonna let off and like fall off of a group ride or go to such a ridiculously slow pace so you guys see my driving style um this car most of my has been documented on YouTube you have an idea for what my skill level is um did a race utv world championship so we’re running in fourth place in the unlimited class which is pretty respectable for our first real race in terms of having the car running good so I think I’m a pretty good driver I think how you can increase the belt life is to try to use a lot of momentum and I’ve used an analogy of motocross right racer supercross racer so there’s some guys that are really fast with various styles james stewart all you moto guys know he is one of the greatest riders of all time he was known for not using his clutch and just rolling through corners and keeping a ton of rolling momentum on a bigger level whether you’re driving racing two wheels four wheels keeping momentum through the turn is really a secret to success okay so I got some of the gunk off the brand new sponge same process you can see what it looks like now and as I start to score it up I’m really just getting a lot of that built up rubber off of it this is going to definitely give you a better feel at the pedal you should be able to feel that this is going to grip a little bit harder of course these clutches are just squeezing the belt once you drive one car for a while you get to feel those type of things and that’s one thing I would say too in terms of trying to get better at preserving your belt life and being a smoother faster driver is paying attention to what the car feels like it’s been hard for me to figure out when that belt is starting to slip or if it’s the ecu tune had a couple tuned cars my race car is a tuned car tuned and clutch for the application of what it is how heavy it is that type of stuff I also think the way that he tuned the car compared to the previous tuner is that he’s building rpms but it feels like I’m not really grabbing on the transmission really hard so the car seems like it accelerates really fast and has great power but it’s like the way he calibrated the tune with the clutch tuning I think he just did a really good job it doesn’t feel like the car is straining really hard on the belt if that makes any sense so that’s just what I feel when I drive it had a couple buddies drive it to see what they think and if they can communicate that it’s hard because I’ve got a lot more seat time in my car than everybody else so it’s hard for people to understand and get that it’s kind of a something that I feel but um I haven’t had many belt issues yet with this new ecu and tuned from queen in the race car so we’ll see how parker goes okay you can see this looks a lot lighter in color you can see some of the scuff marks it’s definitely working getting a nice clean scuffed up coarse grippy surface to really grip that belt and that’s going to lead to some horsepower better feel less wear on the belt okay so there’s your finished secondary looking way better than it did a little while ago folks right together she’s gonna bolt right in here once we go ahead and reinstall it let’s work on the primary all right so for the primary we’re gonna go ahead and take off these six screws which is gonna take this cover part off you’ve got some tension with a spring but I have done it before without having to use a special spring tensioner tool you got to be a little bit careful when you go ahead and reapply the threads apply some pressure so you don’t do any damage to the threads we’re going to pull this all apart just we can get it clean we can check the sliders check the wear on these wearable plastic items like I said and we’re going to go ahead and give it a nice scuff like we just did to the secondary as you loosen all these you’re going to feel the pressure increase of the last couple because we are unloading a spring this is the stock spring so that doesn’t have too much force on it and kind of give it a push down there again I’m just applying pressure so that I don’t do any unnecessary damage if you get down to one bolt you know those last couple threads you don’t want to have to re-tap something because you just didn’t take your time there we go okay so the top part comes off make sure you put things down in the way you want them to go back on here is the spring we’ll go and put her down like that when polaris first launched the turbo they didn’t put these slider savers so the 2016 I can’t believe they didn’t do it it led to so much premature wear the aluminum was getting dust in it and it was just eating it up quick so simple fix thank goodness it didn’t cost people a whole lot of money but it was still a recall on the 2016 turbos all right so here is the primary looking a lot better all scuffed up wearable sliders look okay good for a few hundred more miles got all the dust out of them all clean and fresh I think I’m gonna go ahead and retire the stock belt use it as a spare and throw in a fresh belt let’s go ahead and throw it back on all right so I’m going to go ahead and start the threads here with the primary bolt go ahead and torque it down here again with 18. all right make sure you use the correct torque specs when you go ahead and put it back on for a razor turbo it’s 96 pounds for the front and 43 for the rear okay so I’ve got the area where the bolt’s starting to thread I’m going to keep it as loose as possible so we can go ahead and install the belt back in the correct spot all right final step for the clutch make sure you go ahead and blow out the tube the intake tube and the inner outer part of your cover just to keep all that dust out of there nice and clean she’s ready to get back to glamis and hopefully two thousand more miles of belt failure free all riding everybody that’s gonna do it for part one hopefully you walk away from this video with some tips and tricks on how to maintain your belt how to get those belts to last longer because trust me it’s not cool to be that guy who’s constantly breaking your belt setting money on fire because you’re not taking care of your stuff and also you’re not using momentum in corners learning how to drive if you guys like this content please go ahead like and subscribe below I’ve got a lot more coming your way


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