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by Jacob Layton

**THIS IS NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT, OR BIAS IN ANY WAY** The first real review of the SPEED UTV In my opinion. Our first video was more of a "first impression" (because I had issues with my #,6 El Jefe at only 20 miles) but I after spending over 18 hours in the Speed last weekend, I think this qualifies as an official review. Also, #18 is one of the production vehicles, and it has the most up to date transmission, steering components, and accessories. There were no Speed employees with me, Robby Gordon basically gave me the keys and told me to go have fun, and create a video. The brass tax: this is a very good machine, and will be competing with a Pro R for the top spot. I think the early buyers of Speed are getting a ton of performance for the price. yes, there are still a few teething issues, which is to be expected, but the car is very good. The low CG, handling and suspension performance are very good.












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So here's what happened. I had completed this climb, the chute, the other day, a couple days prior. So we ran Double Sammy twice. We sponsored this ride for the event Rally on the Rocks. So I came through it again here on Saturday and was feeling a lot more confident. We took a couple different lines to mix it up but feeling better in the speed and wanted to go up and tackle the chute again. We all kind of lined up and everyone's kind of tackling it one by one. You're watching guys kind of do some sketchy things and get away with it. So I figured I got it in the bag.

(1:16) But one thing I learned on rock climbing this speed is that you can't drive it with two feet. So I learned that the other day when I got onto a section. I was holding on with the brake and I couldn't give it gas and RPMs to keep going. I had to let off the brakes which would cause me to go down the hill and cause a little bit of a sketchy moment. So I think what happened here is when they have a sensor that when it feels like there's a big load on the car, it will prevent the power delivery probably as a fail-safe so guys don't smoke their belts. I'm 90% sure if you can listen to what it sounded like, that's what it felt like to me. It didn't, you know, cut out like an ECU, like a weird glitch type of thing. But that's what it felt like.

(2:02) And I get, you know, I tried to run this climb very smooth and controlled. I'm trying to get better at that type of stuff. So I think I was going just a little slow and just enough to kind of cause it to load up on me. It was scary because if you guys have done this climb, you know that the bottom part is the hard part. Once you get going, you're pretty much home free. You just gotta stay on the gas, stay centered, you're gonna go right over the top. But I made it eighty percent of the way up and then it stalled. You know, my first intuition was like, hey, give me a winch, get me over the top, like I can't give it gas, I can't let off the gas and go back down.

(2:33) And they basically talked me to back down and I was like, you know what, I didn't come all the way here to not try to go up it again. So I hit it with a little bit more pepper here on the second run and got up. And so that was a nerve-wracking moment for me, but glad I conquered my fears. The rock crawling stuff really makes me a little nervous at times and that was a nerve-wracking moment, but we got over it. And there's something I want to call out. I'll talk about it more here in the next video, but I just thought this was interesting and something that I hope doesn't happen again. Hopefully, we can just make a little, or the team at Speed can maybe make an ECU override in that regard. Because I think for rock crawling, if they're able to kind of just override this and say, hey, you're at your own risk of smoking a belt if you drive with two feet, I'd much rather have that because that would turn this into a much more capable machine when you're doing technical rock crawling like this trail. Thanks for watching, we'll see you on the next one.

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(3:37) Yeah yeah so you're gonna pay out five thousand dollars for the video and then you give me another five thousand if I get over 40 000 views you got it hey I'll make sure our message is consistent no one's even gonna know appreciate it I could really use the money yeah thanks man all right speed number 18. let's get into it [Music]

(4:06) Hey everybody welcome back to the channel it's Nick Olson chupacabra off-road and that was just a joke there's no secret marketing team or budget that I'm getting paid I run a business chupacabra road we make accessories that's how we get paid how we make money for a living we make a little bit of money off YouTube but I average about six cents an hour for how much energy it takes to do these videos so there's uh trust and Meg rest assured a couple of you guys accuse me of of being biased um I guess I am biased of wanting speed to win of thinking that the car is cool yada yada so if that makes me biased then it is what it is and some of you guys are going to say whatever you're gonna say so comment below and we'll go ahead and we'll argue there but this video um is a big opportunity for me to be able to create because I had a ride plan with my buddies going out to Havasu I was going to drive my Can-Am and I just reached out to speed saying hey I'm going to be in Havasu it's car number six as you guys get my wiring harness taken care of I want to go drive around for a couple hours maybe shoot some content with Max if he was around and Robbie called me back and said hey why don't you just go ahead and take card number 18 we've got the New Gen 2 transmission it's got all the updates that we have to offer at this time and I said well I'm doing a long two-day ride you know almost 300 miles and he said go for it so big shout out to Robbie and the team thank you guys for allowing me to take your car and use it and give you some honest feedback here that I'm going to share with you we're going to do this video in a couple different parts so I'm going to start off talking about the performance of the vehicle then I'm going to talk about the ergonomics of just kind of what it felt like to be in it for two long days finally we're going to talk about some of the detractors or things that I'd like to see improved or things that I noticed that uh aren't 100 up to Snuff yet and then after that you know after all the talking about I just have a bunch of raw footage so you can kind of see what the terrain was and I've been shooting on GoPro 11s the cameras are so good I'm not even going to color grade this but you can see how rough the terrain is the bumps the type of dirt it was all that's going to give you a little bit better feel if you want to just hear how everything sounds and I would have felt and you can make your own judgments about seeing the car in the wild at one of my buddies follow me and get some really good clips of of the speed doing its thing and it'll probably relay what I'm about to express in terms of what I think the car felt like and handled so let's do this all right guys so I'm going to read off my notes here we've got a lot to get into and then I'll ad-lib a little from my notes and then pop in some of these clips that will kind of explain what I think I felt so real quick we did a two-day ride my buddies and I we started from Havasu to Kingman 144 miles the second day was Kingman back to havasu's a little bit shorter I was about 118 miles as you can imagine if you guys are familiar with the Arizona desert you're going to cover all different types of terrain desert speaking some sand washes some slow technical stuff some low range stuff uh good variation of things other than you know one little Sandy Hill but not really any sand dunes that's going to be another video when we talk about reviewing the speed in Glamis or or other spots like Coral pink but Arizona lots of lots of Miles lots of what Arizona has to dish out I love these long multi-day rides because you do get to see a lot of different terrain you get to sit in your vehicle and kind of think about what you like about or what you'd like to improve so real quick fuel mileage I had a couple buddies with different vehicles on this ride we had 10 cars we had two pro-ars in our group uh the speed got a little bit better fuel mileage than the pro R so I was running about 10 miles per gallon so you'll see some of the riding footage and you can determine what you thought the pace was I thought it was pretty good Pace it was average it wasn't super fast but that's kind of how some of these rides tend to be because it's about getting from point to point and and not being a guy who ends up on a trailer um but about 10 MPG so I was I burned about 14 gallons of first aid about 140 miles and pretty similar on day two so some low range stuff mostly in second gear and then a couple Highway sections where I clicked it in third which I'm sure helped the MPGs as well but I like comparing it to a pro R because uh with MPGs anyway because they both weigh about the exact same which is just under 2 500 pounds all right so let's start off with performance so when I make these videos I want to be historically correct so we'll see how it goes I'm just one guy reviewing the speed I'm sure there'll be dozens coming soon but I want this video to be authentic and accurate in two years so here's what I felt here's what I think you guys are gonna feel when you pick up your speeds or what you might be missing if you don't have one all right performance wise I think the low center of gravity needs to be talked about more combined with the geometry the car is incredibly predictable I didn't get anywhere close to any bicycle two wheel sections and turns I think the handling is extremely impressive it's obvious that this was a core design element and I think they executed that really well so 

(35:54) I was thinking I kind of wish I had a little bit more bark but I was getting hard on the sand when it's a heavier car so I'll talk more about the weight of the vehicle and how I think it feels with the weight but there's some plus and minuses to it for sure but so far having a great day and uh and Stokes so we're gonna get going here and get on the second half of the ride we'll catch up more in a bit our temperatures are running good I think I haven't seen oil temps oil engine temps above 200 same with water temps the belt temp gauge isn't that accurate I'm not even really paying attention to it I'm not really that much of a fan of even having a belt temp gauge because then you just kind of worry about it but I don't think on a ride like this I'm going to have any issues um the tire pressure sensors aren't hooked up as well which is a bit of a bummer I'm liking the 35s I decided I when I first picked the car up the the left rear felt a little squishy sure enough is only 12 PSI I'm running 17 to 18 PSI and all these and I feel like for the weight of this car for the train we're riding it feels very good.

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(42:17) Foreign day two getting ready to leave Kingman Arizona it's gonna be a little bit uh nippy this morning because I think it's around 30 degrees right now and then we're headed up to the hualapais with a little bit of a road commute section so we should have had some heated seats right now on a windshield but um overall recap of yesterday the car worked really well there's a couple little things that I noticed um first off before I picked up the car Robbie told me there was a little bit of a weird glitch to the power and kind of the way it would kind of cut out almost electronically and it was hard to figure out I wouldn't do it for 15-20 minutes it would kind of come and creep in at different RPM ranges and different gears so that was a little little uh unique and unusual kind of hard to drive with at times but not that big of a deal I'm sure it's something they could probably fix with uh you know getting a laptop hooked up to it um the handling I think is the real superpower of this car it is incredibly predictable um loved having the combo of the 35s with how predictable it was I mean I thought it just felt it wears its weight really well um this is one way to put it because weighs about as much as a pro R and I really need to drive a pro R back to back I really think that's the car we should compare it to we talk about a lot of these characteristics because the weight is so similar so as it leads to what we'll talk about with power compared to an X3 and all these other things I know you guys want to know a lot of you guys are actually owners or Razer owners and that might be the best way to kind of explain that but I think when you're talking about like for instance my two seat X3 weighs significantly less than this car but there's some also some uh some elements I noticed when the weight is very nice and very helpful uh going over rough terrain and things of that nature.

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