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by Nick Olson

Finally, the new RZR Turbo Race build is running! A lot has happened from part 2, and it's great to finally strap in and take it for a spin.

Here's a short first impression, with no tuning. Essentially, we did a shakedown run, encountered some issues, which is part of the process of building a race car/ tube chassis PreRunner.

We will be following up with the parts build, future steps, and a cost breakdown of getting this RZR from a bare frame, to what you see today.

Thanks to American Engineering for the quality fabrication, wiring, and the extra care and thoughtful layout of the dash, plumbing, exhaust, etc.


Another Chupacabra lighting good morning from Arizona I'm here with Brent American engineering Brent what are we doing out here today oh we're taking out your brand-new ultimate fun prerunner race car today boom finally months and months we got her going this is our maiden voyage today couldn't be more excited lifelong dream for me the off-road gods bless us with some moisture no dust look at how green it is in Arizona right now let's go give you a let's go take a look at it real quick so Brad since we last left off she was maybe halfway together how does it feel to get this sucker running and go out and driving here in a few minutes oh it feels great it's been a lot of work and really proud the way it turned out really happy and I think it's got a lot of attention and rightfully so I think it's a I think this is the next step for a lot of people that want a razor and want to have comfort reliability and be able to pre run with it maybe race a few races and enjoy a nice comfortable fun safe ride so we didn't get into the nitty-gritty out of getting this thing from part two to where you see it now but we're gonna go take it out and cruise a little bit get a little pretty drone shot do some riding and then follow up with our first thoughts and what we think and where we need to go this is just obviously phase one getting her running and then tuned and get her running well [Music] all right a one week later we're back in action the car is in the dirt we got to do a little bit of riding we found the culprit the CBR radiator has a fan and then a temp sensor the fan is a generation 2 the temp sensor is a generation 1 we called them it was this gray plug so thanks CBI they sent us out a new black sensor fans working and here we're back one week later got to put our first spin on the car so Brett and I both drove the car back-to-back with the stock razor both of these cars have the essentially the same powerplant just a stock 168 horsepower turbo was a great great experience to finally get to run this thing and super happy I can't believe how much more stable and and comfortable and predictable it feels with the wider track with and of course being that much lower to the ground so power wise as I anticipated I thought it was a little bit slower than the stock razor to be expected the cars heavier we did clutch it to get it ready for the heavier weight and we got a little more tuning to do I'll show you some background footage of the car here we've got to get the intakes up for some fresh air for the fan and as well as intake set up dialed for the airbox but cars weren't good enough today to go test it out make sure everything's going all good so I'm over the moon happy I mean months and months of work and planning all the parts coming together all of Brent's hard work and Brent's got out of the car so I'll let him tell you guys what he thought about it really impressed it you know I've been in the sport for a long time been in a lot of different vehicles this thing it's like a class one car we put a racecar master cylinder in it the brakes are incredible on it very smooth I was really impressed with the power it when you ride in the stock car raiser with it you see when you're going fast you feel fast because it's just how narrow it is but because this is lower and wider and smoother you think you're going slower but you're really going faster I mean it's just really it was really amazing the car handles great we do need to probably do a little more clutch tuning a little more ECU tuning to optimize all the power but really impressed with everything everything worked great temps were awesome it's just a good day in the car yeah it's funny I got started off in this car then jumped in the stock and this car feels like you are going slower everything just feels safer the track predictable one thing I was interested too we don't have a front sway bar on it like a stock turbo does and the much stiffer rear even though the ride height is comparable we're like 16 in the front 15 and 1/2 in the rear pretty close to what that car set up this feels like roots in slow motion more like everything's easier and safer and you're not pushing it near as hard as when you get back in the stock car so I never want to own a narrow car again which is which is funny because I was thinking oh man I like how the narrowness you can kind of set up lines and I don't think you can really lose out on much of this it's just better and everything about it is better and I was really also nervous to like when I get in an x3 it's a little hard to see out of even though I'm tall but this car the way Brent set the seats up he ended up welding in some brackets for the adjustable Sparco seat bases and it feels great you can see out of it you know I can see what the car is doing I don't feel like I'm tucked in there but I still feel really low and really stable yeah I mean if someone wanted to build something like this you could pre run for days in this and be totally comfortable I mean the weight yeah the way the seats is an ergonomics the very thing I got in it very comfortable very easy to drive just all-around impressed with everything on it yeah in terms of pre running and making it more of an everyday which will be usually someone to to well maybe some future episodes Brett might fabricate some type of a little holder for you know once we figure out where our tools are gonna be and maybe a first small cooler that's have a thing but so far it's awesome we're gonna jump back in this thing get some footage and go have some more fun another Chupacabra sightings of their own crosses United do you believe in that you ever.


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