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RZR Offroad Door Bags Passenger and Driver Side Storage Bag

by Nick Olson
RZR Offroad Door Bags Passenger and Driver Side Storage Bag

These door bags are a must have for all RZR owners!

Keep your keys, mobile phones and sunglasses is a safe spot, with quick access, much safer than a pocket, so you do not lose these precious items out on the trail.

The padded section greatly increases comfort for taller riders and over rough terrain.


Hi, it’s Nick from chupacabra off-road and today we’re talking about the razor door bags that we offer for the front of razor 1000s 900 turbo and Turbo S models now these do not fit the 15 inch trail models as that particular model has a narrower door profile so we’ve been selling these for a while we’ve got over 150 real reviews you can check out on Amazon and we’ve made a couple improvements just to make them better you’ll notice when you purchase a pair and pick them up out of the box you’re going to see a couple stickers a right-left door bag which both have some additional velcro on the back to help it adhere to the door better so if you want some detailed install instructions we’ve got another video click the link below so we made three improvements listening the customers feedback to make these razor door bags even better than they were and being a small company it’s nice that we can review those comments and make these changes and apply them to our future iterations of the razor door bag so the first improvement which I think is probably the biggest is adding fabric to the top of the zipper now some people like to zipper on the side because it was easier to keep mud off of it but for a lot of you use these in muddy conditions having the fabric over the zipper really protects it and prevents the zipper from jamming up when you go inside of the pocket the second improvement we made was to add an internal d-ring just so it’s a safe spot to keep your car truck keys safe from potentially hopping out of the door bag in about frightening situations the third improvement is adding some insulation to the water bottle holder now I like having some water bottles here either to get a quick sip out of our just cabinet extra water for storage because if you do have an emergency the first thing you’re going to need is water adding a little insulation just keeps those bottles cooler for a little bit longer and the final upgrade we did is we just eliminated all the gray piping and went to all black piping for a sleeker look if you would like to learn more check out these products and the rest of our offering on chupacabraoffroad.com


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