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by Nick Olson

Well, it was finally time to ditch the old graphics and update them to something sleeker! Watch how I remove the old graphics and prep the bike for the new one! Now that she’s all clean and new, time to get her dirty!


So it’s raining here in Arizona and that definitely means that it’s time for some dirt bike riding my girl’s a little beat up here I need to give her some TLC so I think we’re gonna go with some new graphics some new plastics kind of freshen up the look here for 2021 got it all prepped up got a fresh air filter got the oil ready to go through on a new set of grips bikes are really good it’s a 2017 Husqvarna fx350 in my opinion the ultimate Arizona bike got the 18 inch rear wheel got the bigger fuel tank and it’s pretty much as light as a regular 350. love the bike and we hit 102 hours so been a really really good bike for me I had the top end redone the local dealer here aeo good shot they redid the suspension for me as well but um we’re gonna fresher up with a new graphics kit so wanted to get away from all the teal like after I put the whole bike together I really didn’t like the teal on teal the logo doesn’t pop as much and I really like how I look with the white frame I tried to cover up the white frame with the frame guards and with the um trailing armor excuse me arm guard so we are going to add a little bit more white and then kind of make the look look even simpler um the kid I got was from this company skada ace skda I think they’re from um australia and they I’ve been following instagram for a while they make some really clean looking kits so we’re just gonna go really simple here you can get an idea here’s what the shroud’s going to look like and I already started with some new plastic you can see did the side panels still keeping my number 930 930s number that I had when I raced best in the desert vegas torino and I kind of just stuck with me and at first I didn’t like this kind of like a new school look I usually run a works class b class which is a yellow background black numbers and these are kind of like ghosted out numbers but honestly it’s fitting I mean I don’t really race anymore I get the wild itch every once in a while I might make a comeback but um still looks clean and um gonna go with the white plastics on the rear and then we already got ahead of the game here and did they’re all white seat cover which can be hard to keep clean especially when we got some mud here but um used a um staple gun a dewalt gun I’ll show you that in a second not the cleanest but this seats pretty flat like a lot of these new school motocross bikes are so it’s not that hard to get it pretty good um and pretty easy so as a whole so far went on pretty well and the graphics that I did do worked pretty well to get them on so I’m liking how they turned out there’s basically no bubbles or anything so I’ll show you what I do I’ve done these graphic kits dozens of times I’ve tried with some moisture or soapy water underneath the graphic I’ve tried just regular I’ve done them on the bike I’ve done them off the bike do a little bit of both kind of show you what works for me as well as the um the heat gun that I like to use just to kind of get these edges almost melt them on so they look good and they stay good and kind of seal off the edges and prevent anything coming off getting dirt inside of there so they’re going to look good for a long period of time all right so tools and chemicals that I use to go ahead and put the seat cover on as well as the graphics so starting off with the seat cover I’ve got this dewalt staple gun I think I’m using 3 8 inch length staples you can go with staples that are a little bit too long and aren’t going to work as well you’re going to plug this into a power source but honestly I love this thing it’s made seat cover installed so much easier I used to use a really cheap stainless steel one that I always had to fight it and this isn’t even that much more expensive once it was under 30 bucks definitely invest in this and you’re gonna go do your seat cover um heat gun I just stole this from my wife this is from a craft shop paper source it looks like the brand but plugs in again adds a little bit of heat you can use a blow dryer I’ve done that many times but if you’ve got one of these your wife’s got one of these I think it’s a little bit hotter than a blow dryer and works quickly I use the same thing to shrink my wiring jobs um as far as chemicals you know we have some new plastic we have some old plastic so starting with the new plastic of course didn’t really need to be that clean but um old plastic we’re going to get into I’ve got to get some of the stickers off got to have the goo gone this is definitely need to get the sticky stuff off I think we’re gonna encounter some of that here on the front of the bike but um the one thing I don’t like about it is after you do use it it’s got a real slippery sheen and if it doesn’t dry up I will kind of go over it again with something like this a standard degreaser like sc14 um kind of checked it out with a little bit of this sc1 it was popular just as a finish but if you’re like me and you’re whacking bushes out here in the desert or falling over of course you’re going to get some type of scratching or scuffing and if this was pretty bad I would take the time to do a light sand on it just to get any of the burrs off because of course you’re gonna see those in the graphics um my hand guards took the brunt of it you can see but other than just really whacking bushes out here it’s not that bad I’m not putting graphics over these but I think if I did I definitely want to sand these you can feel how painted they are but even though I’ve had this plastic for a couple of years it’s in pretty good shape and of course I wanted to keep the teal color don’t have to go buy brand new plastic so we’re gonna go ahead and get these off I think these are gonna be a little harder to require a lot of goof off because I squeeze the bike as much as I can with my legs and of course and it just rips apart the the shroud graphics after a while the side panel has held up pretty good um unfortunately I have to run these steak pegs I say have to just because I really suffer with arm pump and these really help me keep my legs in the right position to squeeze the bike I’ve been riding for a couple years and like really it’s hard to ride without them now and I think they really help I hate how they look on the bike I hate how they beat up the graphics and all that but it is what it is it’s just a necessary evil for me at this point so I’m gonna make this bike look pretty for a desert bike you know the hundred hours that gets ridden and get her all charged up so let’s get into it there we go all right so you saw the process here’s a couple tricks that have worked for me you saw what I did is I was I did leave some of the plastics on the bike with these type of shrouds with the profile of them and the shape of them it wasn’t that difficult um these side panels were very hard actually this non-exhaust side was very difficult to line up this seam and get this corner as close as I could and have it be straight so I am a bigger fan of probably taking most of the panels off the bike but I didn’t use any type of watery soap I think you’re always chasing bubbles and you have to use a squeegee I think it’s more time consuming I like how I did it just making sure that your plastics are clean these plastics are still in pretty decent shape on the front so I was able to use them I didn’t do any sanding I’m not so much of a fan of the white here on the front I just really put that one on just to protect because I’m always whacking bushes and that’s where I’m gonna have the most um scratches on my fender anyway so that’s why I did it but the heat gun really works if you can kind of see here I have a little bit of bubbling already and one trick on the heat gun is to just not be too excessive with it make sure you use it to get your edges all set up this is a little I don’t think it’s going to drive me crazy right here I wasn’t able to get that out too but um when you use the heat gun too much then this stuff really the the the graphic starts to um get thin and then move around and stretch causing some of these bubbles so I’m probably gonna go through this again really quick before I go ride it but just get your edges with it try to be as smooth as you can but don’t go excessive with it that way you’re just gonna get that nice bond if you see any things that you might have missed like you can see this is coming up I might go over this again with the heat gun but not to be too excessive with it um this is maybe the coldest weather I’ve ever installed graphics so it was harder to get them off and luckily didn’t have as much stretching which can happen a lot more when you’re putting in in the desert weather that we normally see 90 degrees plus so curious to see what you guys think comment below I think this company they should have a lot of clean subs you can get pretty custom with it they did a black Friday sales 20 off and it’s a good looking desert bike for a bike that gets hammered out in the desert 90 of the time gonna go hit some moto get some some content out riding with this perfect weather so super fired up on that came with some fork stickers but they were white again I didn’t I didn’t like the color theme I wanted to keep the whole front of the bike teal so I left them off for sure I was gonna get beat up a little bit but not a big deal um still overall prefer this with a look threw some fresh grips on here tightened up my throttle cable here’s what it looks like with the stake peg installed on this side um doesn’t cause too much damage on the on the shrouds but if you’re tall and you have issues with arm pump or if you pound a lot of whoops like my buddy’s not even that tall but he ran these down in baja um I do recommend these they are hideous but they really help your boots sit against them and if you have a hard time kind of squeezing it really helps you keep up on front of the bike where you should be installed some new peg toppers I run these pro taper pegs because I’m super tall so having this five millimeters lower than stock really helps give me a little extra leg room doesn’t sound like much but it really adds up and um that’s it got the fmf tie slip on just kind of lightened it up made it look cool has a little bit cooler sound and man she’s ready for battle ready for another 100 more hours there’s not many new dirt bikes that have come out that have really given me the itch to want to change or upgrade like I said I think in arizona this is pretty much the perfect bike I’m I’m 200 pounds so I mean I fantasize about riding a ktm 150 I think I’d be doing a lot of top ends on that I’d love to have a 450 to go to the sand I’d love to have a 250f probably if I could pick my dream garage right now I’d have a ktm 150 I would have a yamaha chiffon df because those bikes look really strong right now in the racing world I’d keep a ktm 350 a ktm husky you know gas gas ktm did launch a caleb russell 350f factory edition which looks like an amazing bike that’s the bike I’d probably like to have most right now and I like to have just some type of a 450 that new honda looks cool um some 450 for the dunes but I have a hard time riding them holding on to them so not near as fun as the smaller displacement bikes even on 200 pounds so like I said men for arizona this is it you got the 18 rear wheel it really helps with a lot of these rocky trails um great power I can go take this thing out to the dunes I probably will I got a nice flag mount for it I got a paddle so we’ll see how she goes um take it up to glennon’s at least once before the season’s over I think and go out and have some fun I’m gonna get out to it get geared up got a new set of boots too and weather’s good so we’re gonna go out and rip catch you guys on the next one thanks for watching if you guys like the content please like and subscribe and we’ve got a lot more coming your way.


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