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by Nick Olson

Sedona is probably the perfect place to visit if you are not “outdoorsy” or itching to get out in nature. And 2020 is the perfect year to reconnect with nature and get some fresh air!

If you haven’t driven a SxS, but are interested, there are tons of options to drive a RZR or an X3, of various 1,2, and 4 seat models. Even better, you have an amazingly beautiful landscape to check out. If you do have a SxS, you can link together bigger rides to Munds Park or Cottonwood and more. I did a family trip and checked out Slide Rock State Park, the Fort Tuthill bike park, mountain biked on some amazing trails (Hogg’s Heaven and HiLine are my favorites), and enjoyed the great weather, scenery, and restaurants that make Sedona my favorite town in Arizona. There are so many activities for the family, wife, world-class hiking, biking, and great food, and all in town, which makes Sedona an amazing place to enjoy the outdoors any way you like and have fun with the wife and kids.

I was living in San Diego when I was first able to visit Sedona, back in March of 2016 (as part of a Destination Polaris episode), and it really opened my eyes to how amazing Northern Arizona is.


What’s happening everybody nick olson chupacabra offroad coming to you guys back in the desert this time we’re out in sedona arizona my favorite town we’re here celebrating my birthday weekend with my wife and little boogers say hi guys we just did a little ride last night um if you guys have never been off-roading before sedona is a really good place to come check out there’s ton of can-am and razer rentals if you want to go dabble take a taste of what off-roading is especially up here in the desert got beautiful views everywhere as you can tell behind me and fun trails um we rode last night chicken point broken arrow trails quick little rock climbing you know you got to get a four wheel drive a lot of the pink jeep tours here take people up there but fun little place to go beautiful spot when you get there tons of hiking biking trails all throughout this whole area and today I took the boys we just kind of ran up to the hananki ancient ruins which is a cool little tour five bucks get to see some some cool historical sites and we just kind of did a little loop on the outlaw ohv trail which is fun there’s some slow rocky stuff there’s a little bit faster flowy i wouldn’t call it fast just because there’s so many people out here in rentals you know i think I definitely consider this like a really really slow pace with the family you know just chill a lot of people we’ve ran into on the trail aren’t even going fast enough to kick up any dust we did get a little bit of moisture last night so the dirt’s awesome but either way I think it’s a fun place you know a lot of people don’t really like to go super fast just want to have a good time and explore see some beautiful scenery so like I said a good place to bring your side-by-side up here if you’ve never been a ton of good places to stay here and sedona a ton of good places to eat a ton of activities we took the kids friday morning to slide rock to take them swimming and it was really fun we got there early and beat the heat water was really really warm this time of year here in late august and then yesterday went to the fort tuttle bike park which is up near flagstaff which was awesome weather fun a bunch of little jumps and trails obstacles for people of all skills and ages so really really fun weekend good times I highly recommend coming up here guys especially uh as we’re kind of hopefully getting through the dog days of summer here in arizona but um we’re gonna get back to it we’re gonna go jump in the pool here before I check out of our motel before we have to head back to the desert but uh catching with you guys later on.


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