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Moto After the Rain – Arizona #HeroDirt 4K

by Nick Olson
Moto After the Rain – Arizona #HeroDirt 4K

HeroDirt: Noun – term signifies a state of being when the soil is at its perfect state for offroad shredding, no matter what you choose. This condition doesn’t happen often in the desert, but must me savored and enjoyed when it does arrive. True dirt lovers will appreciate the shredding of choice conditions, this time, of the Husky FX 350.

Here’s a taste of what Arizona has to offer.


Have you Saturday everybody? Nicholson Chupacabra and I’m out here on the quarantine in full effect I decided to hop on the dirt bike and get some laps in had a big storm after we got back from Glamis another really big day of rain so couldn’t miss out on all this moisture got a bunch of turn tracks that I ride I’ll show you guys some clips about five or six of them and this one I do too I stay in shape and since the gyms are closed it’s a perfect time to get out here and spend some laps gotta take advantage of this moisture while we have it I mean another month or so I’ll be wishing it was this wet it’s actually a lot wetter than it looks but Mike’s working good I’m just not working good I got my arm pump and just like racing in the side-by-side man you want to go fast it’s not that glamorous you got a pound whoops you got to put in along a full race pace Moto’s figure out where the weakness is and then try to fix it or make it stronger so oh yeah I’m trying out this new camera mount so this is a dango designs and it just clips right on to the helmet you can see so I use a bunch of different helmets whether I’m following my son on his little bike when I’m filming him or I like a mountain bike him or the full-face so I kind of experimented like looked at a bunch of youtubers mountain bikers moto guys and Jeff Walker’s really good youtuber if you guys like watching some fast motocross guys he had jb well that amount onto his mouthpiece and this is just easier and cleaner to swap from back back and forth so I said I’d try I think it’s like 50 bucks I might be able to clamp it onto the razor I was on clients last weekend with my buddy Nate and on his sand car he had a similar kind of round clamp where I could go on a roll cage it’s a it’s a really robust clamp so I think that it could work in a raised application I’ll keep you guys posted but so far pretty good of course got the phone me to cut down on the wind noise and then I’m making sure I get my settings right on the GoPro which is 4k 30 frames a second super view so I can kind of capture everything but whether you’re tall or short it seems like having on your dirtbike having your GoPro from the chin area to the upper chest is kind of like the sweet spot so you can see what the bike is doing we’re on the super view settings to kind of get a bit more depth of field and see like how big the bumps are how cool the dunes look all that type of things so I’ll report back later but so far it’s it’s I like it you know a little on the pricey side but you know Qatar on and off really easy so, so a lot of these turn tracks either existed or I kind of just put them all together kind of based on my flavor and I’ve got about five or six of them so I trying to get some tight little technical stuff which reminds me of being back in Northern California I loved some single track and as a whole I’d say the flavor is like more of a GP style like quick and turning and some of these are really good just for cornering practice you’re sitting down a lot some of them don’t wear me out as much and others that are sandy or with that a rougher really really wear me out so one of my loops is probably my best training loop for getting back in shape like it works race or something because it’s got some fourth gear whoops it’s got some tight technical stuff a little bit of everything and kind of all mixed up so as soon as you get a little bit of a break you’re on a stressful situation it’s a little bit more tiring so I’m gonna take you guys over to this next track super tiring super gnarly I will be able to go good through this for about 45 seconds and then I’m just you know tongue dragging between the spokes it’s some nasty sand whoops and this is about as good as they get with the moisture but it’s just brutal and these probably some of the biggest hoops I’ve ever ridden in all my dirt bike I’d say especially in Arizona so I’ll take you through there here comes some boring footage of me just trying to make it through without dying so that footage is probably embarrassingly slow that’s only maybe ten minutes of riding but definitely good training for side-by-side racing I think the funny thing is is with here you’re always looking for smoother lines because my back started to hurt I can’t even hold on I can’t even skip over any of them and a side by side of course no arm pump so it’s really like how hard do you mash new stuff before the car breaks and you know does it break in that section as a brake farther away so further along in the race so that’s something that’s hard to figure out but I’ve seen a lot of guys blow passes I can’t believe their cars hold together whether it be an RS one maverick razor so I think I just need to get used to holding it a little bit harder during the race situations and hope the car holds together and you know if so it’s my fault I guess but I think that’s what it takes to be competitive and definitely some good cross-training out here but man like I said here your arms become the car itself and a side by side so we’ll get back to it catch my breath could put some laps in on some of my easier tracks and burn some gas enjoy this dirt.


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