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by Nick Olson

I certainly enjoyed working with Garrett at FIVE18 Designs to design and bring my ideas of a Monochrome wrap to reality! Whether you already have an idea for a killer wrap or you're starting from scratch, the guy's over at FIVE18 Designs have you covered!











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(0:42) So we're back in Chandler here at 518 Designs with the boss, Garrett Maxwell. Garrett, thanks for making this a reality. I talked to you guys earlier when we were out shooting this car, driving out of Geyser Loop, about some of the ideas I have. But first off, Garrett, give us a little bit of insight on 518 Designs, your business, and what you guys do.
(0:57) So we're a full custom design print company. We handle everything from your logo creation all the way to your finished product, right? So this would be the finished product.
(1:09) Primarily focused in the commercial motorsport side of things, really kind of our home. 518 is my race number, my birthday. So everyone else that's really here is very motorsports based and that's kind of where we stay.
(1:19) I remember the first time I came by the shop, I noticed you guys got a big influence or passion on motocross. That's where I come from as well. I mentioned earlier too that this idea came when I saw an Instagram post of a dirt bike with a similar finish.
(1:33) I brought this idea up to Garrett, I'm sure your gears got turning, but Garrett, it's a little bit harder than what I'm describing. Okay, here's an idea, throw it on a UTV. Can you talk about the technical challenge of just from that idea phase and the differences of wrapping gold?
(1:50) Absolutely. So on this car, this is a motocross based material, meaning that the finish, the hologram, everything about it is a lot thicker than your normal wrap, right? Your normal wrap is meant to go on a metal panel on a vehicle, be able to conform really well. We're already up against a massive disadvantage when we're dealing with plastics and dealing with material. And then when you factor in the contour curves, and I mean that rear fender is insane as far as the curvature of everything that's going on, right? So being able to take a material like this, print on it, then install, you're dealing with a headache, right? It's going to be a mess. But the way that we're able to accomplish everything, get this super smooth black, get the finish, the thickness of this material, one, to withstand the abuse that you're going to play through and be a lot more durable than a normal wrap, I think is very cool for this. The finish of it with the dual kind of hologram and the print of everything turned out amazing. Very difficult. The material here is not the most conforming to our needs, right? This finish, this car, everything that happened here turned out very well. I'm very happy with it. The install, the technical side of it, is over the top as far as complication and make sure everything looks the same. If we start moving and manipulating and heating and turning too much, we'll warp the actual finish, so it won't stay that straight hologram. It's perfect for me. I have zero complaints on this one.
(3:25) I'm glad you mentioned durability. If you guys follow my brand, my channel, the type of riding that we do, we want our vehicles to look pretty, but we use them all over the place. Case in point, our first shoot with this thing was out at Geyser Loop, which is very rough and I don't even recommend most of you guys go out there and run around if you don't want to. It's challenging, but this car is definitely going to see some bushes, some tight trails, some rocks in Utah here soon, and everything in between. So I love the fact that you tried to make it as durable as possible, because a lot of this stuff around is easy to kind of maintain and look fresh if you're just going to the sand, but I'm sure a lot of you guys watching like to use your vehicle in a lot of different environments and you want something that's unique and flashy. Well, I think Garrett and the team really pulled it off. This kind of brings both of that together, right? You get that flashy, you get that pretty side of the moto, right? We were all picky, we all want to look super good in motocross, no matter how fast we're going or how slow we're going, we are over the top. Pair that with this UTV market and being able to withstand the durability you want, being able to have a great kind of product and finish, uniqueness, something that is going to be different. It's not a graphic kit, right? It's not something that you're going to slap on, see variables, see edges and stuff like that as much as you are, say, just putting on a dirt bike style graphic kit. But pairing both together, and this thing's rad.
(4:43) Yeah, so if a customer is into something similar to this wrap, I'm sure you guys do all different types of treatment styles, because a lot of us are driving the same three or four UTVs out there these days. We all want to make our products unique, our vehicles unique. What other treatments have you done that people will find popular? What else can you offer?
(4:57) So as far as on the wrap side of things, we'll split it off two ways, right? We'll really kind of dive into what is just wraps and then on the split side of that, the motorsport side of us, right? As far as having the moto and the customization there. When it comes to finishes, different things that we can do, capabilities to materials, not just being limited to the standard gloss and matte, white or metallic, right? There's an array of things that you can do, being able to intro, see a sparkle or a thicker sparkle. Say one of your partners, Jagged X, Eric has on his personal car. His entire car itself, it's a Pro R two-seater, is wrapped in a satin gold, white, just classic 3M film, right? On the roof though, it's full lobe, right? Full colors. And that's kind of where we accept our print speed, how we print, how much colors we're laying down, right? Or what colors we're able to achieve. On the moto side, we have to match plastics, right? We have to have a true red, a neon orange, a neon green, all these things that don't necessarily always resonate in the UTV world to start being able to excel and provide something that is a little bit more unique is where we resonate best. So pairing any idea, concept, any logo, any personal stuff that we want to do, we're not really limited.
(6:14) I'm glad you mentioned some of the partners we work with. Jagged X, a dealer of ours here in the area, UTV Source, as well as MTS, great partners we all work with, and seen a lot of their cars, some bright, bold designs. I'm happy to be another one of those in your little catalog.
(6:30) I love it. Keeping it fresh and trying to be trend setting and do something that's unique and stylish and get you guys excited about wanting to wrap your vehicle at 518. So let's say you guys watch this, that's what you want to do, hit up the team. What does the process look like? I want to take it away, but when we're going back and forth, we'll post some of these iterations and proofs that you showed me, and man, that's really fun to kind of see where it starts. But explain to the customers what happens. They maybe have an idea, a color scheme, and they bring it in.
(6:56) Yeah, so best thing is contact, right? We got to get in contact with each other, whether it's going to be email, our social, phone, it's kind of open there. Intro, how we lay everything out, it's getting to know you, right? I had to get to know Nick, I had to learn what you like, your background, everything from your moto side, pair that with bringing it into the design side and our capabilities. We start with the design process, figure out what you want, where we go from there. Then we go to print, samples, then to wrap and finish prep.
(7:22) I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys watching might have a question. Hey, I've already got my UTV painted a certain color, I've got an aftermarket cage, aftermarket doors. No sweat for you guys, right? In terms of matching a particular color they might already have.

(7:30) Now that's us, right? That's ultimately what we pride ourselves on, from the print production to the actual finished product, making sure that colors are accurate. We're in a color game, right? Everything we do is appearance, it's visual. So being able to color match, being able to provide that true color, not just on social media but in real life, in the environment they're going to be in most times in the sun, right? So when you pair, you mentioned MTS, those cars turned out unreal, three different cars for the three guys there, in all matching individual styles. So their blue, we had to custom print to match that powder on Russ's car, or Greg's car, being able to do on the other, the red, white, and black car, gold car, matching those finishes to what he had, dual finishes, gloss and matte in the same livery. So as far as colors, being able to nail stuff, that is where we resonate fully. Being able to provide that over-the-top quality, over-the-top colors is more important as far as a finished product to everything 580 is available. So no issues there, being able to do that is our bread and butter.

(8:35) I like the example of the MTS cars because as a brand owner, you know, you want to show some personality. I guarantee you every car that we do will not be the same, we always have different new ideas. So kudos to the team over there, Nat and Greg, for having some cool style, showing some of your personality and your flavor. And as a whole, you get a good idea as a consumer what the brand's about. So I also like to use that color. Take it from me, having a couple years base, and teal is a very different color to match and having to match that against all items, whether it be clothing, a wrap, all that is very difficult. So thank you guys for knocking out of the park. Seriously, I'm blown away by how cool this looks. Can't wait to get in front of customers here at local events, do some rides and all that type of stuff. And make sure you guys hit them up online. The link is posted below if you want to learn more about getting your car dressed up.

(9:20) Thank you. I appreciate this, man. This is rad. I can't stop staring at it, so thank you. Check us out, let us know if you have any questions.

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