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by Jacob Layton

When mounting our B2G storage box, the factory exhaust must be replaced with a side exhaust. Since the release of the B2G, customers have been asking for a quieter exhaust. We have had several customers suggest the JOY Designs side exhaust. Here is a comparison to the exhaust we have been offering and our thoughts on the JOY designs exhaust.






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(0:24) Chupacabra Off-Road is an accessories company for UTVs. One of our flagship accessories here is a storage box for the Can-Am X3s called the B2G. It offers a lot of storage, keeps the center of gravity really low on the car for optimized performance. You can carry a full-size spare tire, but one of the challenges of this design is you have to pick up your stock exhaust and add an aftermarket exhaust. So we've been selling this product for a little over a year, we've had great feedback, but the biggest complaint that we get from our B2G owners and customers is that the exhaust is too loud.

(0:52) So we were using a high-quality exhaust from a local company called Ironclad. It's nice, there were two small double mufflers, but there's another company we wanted to try out, Jory Designs. They're a small outfit from the other side of the country, I want to say they're in West Virginia, but we heard some good feedback from customers as well as other people online that this is the most quiet side exhaust on the market. Because of the design of our B2G, we have to have a side exhaust which doesn't leave a whole lot of room for a big muffler to keep it quiet.

(1:22) A lot of our B2G customers are people who do long, all-day treks. They're in the car for 8, 10, 12, 14 hours and they just don't want to be drowned out by the loud exhaust, which inherently the Can-Am is a bit of a noisy side-by-side as it stands. So we got this thing all installed, we're gonna go take it, do some riding on it, do some back-to-back decibel tests here and show you, and then we'll follow up and let you know what we think about it.

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(2:05) Okay, why don't you go ahead and bump it to a 4500.

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(2:51) Okay, go ahead and go to 45. Can you give some more revs in the cockpit?

(3:43) Some of the readings we tried to use on my free decibel app that I downloaded didn't really seem to tell the tale of what we felt and what we heard and listened. So I want to show you those clips that are running in real life because it was very noticeable to us as soon as we installed it, running it at idle as well as the higher RPMs. Almost all these exhausts are fairly quiet before you give it a little throttle and that's where they really start to get noisy.

(4:04) But after spending some time in a couple of different environments, it's always kind of hard to convey exactly how much more quiet it is. The decibel readings again didn't appear to be as consistent as what it sounded like, but I think we definitely dropped quite a bit of noise. The MSRP of this exhaust is the same as the exhaust we're selling, so we're pretty excited on it. I like the fit and finish, I like the quality. I think there might be an opportunity to mount the rear here with the Chupacabra clamp system. We're going to work on that and follow up.

(4:39) But I think moving forward, we're going to offer this for sale. I think you guys are going to like it. It is just as high quality as the other option. It's quieter. I noticed no difference in power. Neither one of these exhausts require you to do any type of tuning. You can simply bolt them on, use it with your B2G, and you're not going to have any issues, any check engine lights. Just like side exhaust is needed again to pull off the room for the storage. So everything's coming together: low center of gravity, optimized storage, great for all different types of riding.

(5:08) We call this product the B2G, Baja to Glamis. You can take the spare tire off if you just want a lightweight setup. With all this added, it adds minimal weight to your vehicle. So there's no other solution on the market where you can get this much storage, carry a spare tire without getting excessive weight. This whole setup with the B2G and the exhaust only gains about 14 pounds over stock, so we're pretty stoked on it. Got a lot of great customer feedback and now we're able to address the number one complaint which was the loud exhaust.

(5:35) So people, stay tuned. You're going to see these on our website for sale soon. They're in production as we speak. Thanks for watching. If you guys like the content, please like and subscribe, comment below if you have any questions, and we'll see you on the next one.


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