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by Jacob Layton

It's hard to believe, but we are here, Robby Gordon and his team have come to market with a new UTV, which is an incredible feat. I'm in the lucky position to be #6, here is my new car, let me know what you think. We are driving it this weekend, tune in for some live reviews and reports over the coming days. My first impression, is the quality of all the accessories, the seats, the dash, the custom wrap, are all very high quality. You can tell the shocks use quality aluminum, as I spend more time with it I can show you more of what i mean. I uploaded this project in 4K so you can see the details a little better. By the way, Carl Sykes is in this video, can you spot him?
















(0:01) All right, a little after four Friday, the official release. (0:09) Oh, get in there, get in there, get in there Nick, get in there Nick. (0:18) He's trying to hydrate, dehydrated, yeah. (0:39) [Music] [Applause] [Applause] (0:57) Come on, hold on. (1:01) First, I want to say thank you. Thanks everybody for your support, especially all the ones that support us and I want to also thank all the haters. (1:10) They hated us, yes, because uh you're not getting hated on you're not doing it right. Is that what they say? Um, it's been a long journey, a lot of a lot of late nights, a lot of all-nighters, uh, you know, a lot of people talk about COVID they said, oh, you know, COVID delayed them there was so many days at COVID that we worked instead of went racing. It probably helped us, it's crazy to say, and all the other factors were done, but it helped Daniel and myself, uh, in the engineering side of it. Daniel, Kyle, myself, we basically lived in the shop for about eight months and we worked seven days a week on getting the project done. So a lot of people say COVID has slowed it down when he's in the manufacturing side, but it helped us to be experience side of things for sure. We're really excited about being in this building, a lot of people have been saying it all, you know, the building's sitting vacant, uh, why is that? Um, I got to be honest, I had a hard time taking this many deposits and then building a building. I just didn't feel right doing it. So we did the car and now we'll get out from the building. So when you look at the building, this is not what it's going to be. This is just going to get us by for, uh, call it 90 days and this will be a completely different facility in 90 days and be a profit facility. (2:24) I want to thank Todd for for doing this ride with me. Robbie's ride, it's a new RZR, they wrote me a letter this morning and would you please explain you maybe think for like a half hour. Um, the best thing about being busy all the time is you don't read everything and when you write it you don't prove everything so between the two of us we half the time don't know what the hell we're saying so I knew I get them because I was we had been up late last night and I I was in there you're still in bed I was in the bedroom all right he doesn't mean hey nice to get up and go to work early I'm like man I'm in the office so as he left I wrote him like Hey dude I work my ass off I'm working a hundred and ten percent sixty percent of the time. So I had to do the math and he wouldn't even pass Pre-K with that. So wait, what are you doing inside that car? (3:19) Problem, thank you thank all of you and uh it's gonna be, you know, the car is amazing and it's an amazing ride but this journey for us, our staff, and our supporters and family it's it's even amazing ride they couldn't have done it without everybody everybody in Charlotte every caller Engineers Sherry Ginger Marlene and our customers and our customers yeah we're still here so thanks guys please stand back if you're not going to get here to get hit that we're gonna cut the ribbon then we're gonna be all right man break it sure against victory. (4:12) I'm very lucky that this guy stood by my side the whole time so thank you very much [Applause] (4:23) Should we go inside? Yeah, all right, hold on there's a couple of house cleaning things. Um customers if you have a car go see Sherry right or if you're a sales rep. Yeah, she's got she's got fans for food and for cocktails and stuff. Beer is wide open it'll be a bunch of it I didn't put beer on my list I said bring me some Jack Daniels and uh whatever else there is I mean they said didn't say beer I said well I just assume beer so what you gotta understand is around here. (5:05) Yeah, good days, thank you. [Applause] got those out there. (5:31) So if you want to be an insurance [Music] (6:06) Thank you um [Music] please remember these are customer cars. Okay, these are not show cars these are not cars to climb in and sit in car at out front is the only one that you can do that if it's not your car don't get it. Okay, uh we've got most of the doors zip tied closed because these are customer cars that are going customers but it's your car I think you guys would appreciate the same thing as well. All right, thank you and you interpret the car too early um I'm here what's happening I'm excited to be here show up with associate number two are you killing me yeah um you wanna peel it of course you want someone to peel it for you oh let's do it together. Ready, ready, let's do it. (7:16) All right nickels and Cart six [Music] (8:01) [Music] foreign [Music] (8:18) [Laughter] [Music] (8:37) Like good night, well that way your sister's job check it out climb in all right should I take the sucker off [Music] um space city thank you sir appreciate it contact. (10:15) Okay does it uh Japan yeah [Music] (11:08) [Music] (11:30) Thank you again [Music] (12:26) Thank you foreign [Music] (12:58) Foundation [Music] (13:16) Right there right he said it doesn't show off of 15 minutes [Music] (14:03) [Applause] all right so here it is pretty comfortable this is really cool long time coming dude long time huh who would have thought [Music] uh I didn't get it that's just a sticker yeah that's just I think if you get it installed that's where it would go bro it's been a long week all right gotta get the dad's opinion Dad here is a long time off-roader currently driving a razor 1000 driven my Can-Am he's been in the terrible s it's kind of been in all of them yeah yeah we appreciate it thank you. (15:21) Thank you I know I almost brought something like oh I would I was praying for it you play chain stickers on a couple times I'll see it soon I know thank you yeah it's real roomy you sit down in it yeah you sit in it I love this it's very comfortable very roomy got plenty of well I guess we'll see can you see out of it as good as a laser because yeah better to see out of than a can is definitely it's got a much better smoking front yeah well from here it looks like you're sitting in it pretty well yeah like where your shoulders are these doors are tall though like I just got new doors on my Can-Am and they're a little higher than this but you're like look at here I think if you're a real real wide guy it looks it seems like it's really roomy with your yeah pretty cool the whole thing is just very well go through some of these the top right button give you your speed key uh not yet I definitely got it yeah especially when I had the one dollar how do you not right foreign I think that's the jack I got the little um a little air Jack oh I did the same thing as CO2 yeah I went back and forth on what I should have got I waffled yeah I I wanted I wanted the uh okay this is it uh I wanted the battery jacket yeah they are I think this is let's see yeah yeah there it is I just don't want a big uh Jack strap off the back of the car I don't like how even though I was on a trail ride with somebody they're pretty sick hey James they are very cool [Music] yeah they match the teal pretty close I'm gonna have to do too much to it okay cool just making sure buddy [Music] let's go [Music] that is a huge undertaking uh I just announced I got the carb approval we knew it was only paperwork to get that done but paperwork can be two months since California five months six months uh last week while we were kicking the Hammers we did get our carbs hurt so now everybody including our dealers can get our cars shipped into California um that's a massive undertaking for ourselves but it's really exciting for our customers and our dealers so another big achievement for our company in this first couple years in business and uh the process basketball college so I want to get up here and stand on the tire and tell everybody we'll just read blue so Todd's telling me I got to be a speed hater for a game show for the game show all right I got some hatefulness in me this is gonna be so good and you can make up as you go don't worry and this guy I just met him his name is Steve right yeah Big Steve Big Steve Big Steve we're just trying to see does anybody know if Carl Sykes even showed up I don't know it's like I think it's Robbie with the rumor [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] all right [Music] [Music] yeah this is all right everybody exciting night um the reveal finally has happened it's very exciting got to be the first person that Robbie pulled the tarp off my car a lot of compliments people like to rap but first the thought before we get to go drive it is the fit and finish looks very good the way the window Nets open sitting inside of it the dash all of those things it feels like for sure at the introductory price today I stole it the shocks look huge and you know over here has a lot of excitement we're all pumped we've all been waiting so I think that's built in anticipation so we'll see how it's like when we get to drive it tomorrow um shorter ride tomorrow is the plan but so far very exciting the quality of everything looks very good very pleased how it all turned out some of the accessories were installed some of them weren't Max was saying he's going to put my windshield on um I was missing my little boxes sort of it's good it's good it's just uh storage boxes need to get put on the rear skid plate I've got a beefier version of that so a couple little things but PCI radio is installed and pretty much been ready to rip so looking forward to have a good first day and see how she feels so we'll report back on the video tomorrow


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