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I won a RZR Turbo S @ Tierra Del Sol 2019 !!!

by Nick Olson
I won a RZR Turbo S @ Tierra Del Sol 2019 !!!

I can’t believe it, what incredible luck. I was filming for our Vlog on the channel, and one of the stories was how good the raffle is at this event. A few years ago my parents won a lift kit for their Jeep, so I decided to throw in $50 bucks for the grand prize – a 2019 RZR Turbo S Velocity.

Huge thanks to my buddy Jim!!


Another Chupacabra riding here’s my gonna win the rally the giveaway here is awesome because you’ve got a lot of grand prizes you can win so you can stack the deck for the what you want to win which my opinion gives you a higher chance for the raiser it’s pretty full shake it up I must the 672 Nicholson nine-nine good luck thank you so excited blowback 25,000 and I’m so tired of concussions with age comes the cat we brave the storm all right so five keys get fired we know you’re done I’m three oh the blows of you didn’t show up I think the bald so looks like they’re still waiting for the lucky oh yeah sure income to win this thing right here amazing gifted thanks to you guys for making this happen all these amazing gifts 1:8 why everyone still friends if Gary’s got the key push em off okay here’s the plan so they all get keys they hover the numbers so number one right and one second he’s gonna try your key if we see lights on the dash and it starts it’s yours if not we go to number two sure are you ready for this okay she’s ready Oh Mike are you guys ready all right, alright Enoch David Starr psyched okay so that was bad he was as he might be solely assault on it at this time Nick congratulations so Nick how are you feeling Nick how are you feeling I don’t believe this is happening right now it’s unbelievable I can’t even I don’t much for making this happen seriously this is unbelievable this is complimented Polaris RZR and terra del Sol the fifties down at the NBL Derrida what do you guys think yeah congratulations thank you I saw the Polaris RZR oh my god yeah and if that’s what he says awesome love it hey Charlie I’m gonna call a couple more do you guys still got your dick it’s like a tomb or furnace an 850 and a $930 value you another Chupacabra sightings of their own oxygen-oxygen do you believe in the chopper


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