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by Jacob Layton


Another tough trip to Glamis, here's how it went, and more importantly, I was able to drive the Pro R with the new MTS suspension, to give you some good feedback on how it compares to the Speed in the dunes. This is a part 2 of the back to back comparison of the cars in the sand. MTS Speed Tuning: https://shop.mtsoffroad.com/collectio... If you're looking for a new SxS, dirtbike or parts and accessories, support the dealer that made this video possible, Coyne Powersports! www.coynepowersports.com
















 [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] what's up gang just uh had to make a run here to grab some breakfast burritos took the speed down but we're running right behind gecko Road and uh I'm going to jump in the Pro R and drive them back to back it's rougher than normal here and I'm really excited to see because the pro R just got Di in from MTS suspension we got the new shock Forks the the bigger front shock uh shafts we've got new valving new spring weights according to what I like talking to Net in the gang over there limit straps so uh I've been talking a lot about this now once this thing is resprung me about how does the compare so we're going to go run back to back all throughout the weekend here's my first T so this is definitely a trip that I was excited to uh to go on to see how the razor performed with the upgraded suspension compared to the speed because I've been raving about the speed suspension mention it does have a little bit of Advantage because they had the upgraded spring so now this is a real Apples to Apples comparison so uh we did run along down the backside there of of Gecko and then ran a bunch of other spots back to back but um after that uh had some issues unfortunately we uh here's the some footage of the speed we took a ride out to the swing set um unfortunately I broken axles as you can see here and not only did it break but it came apart here at the Hub so we had to remove the axle and the dunes um the dunes were rougher than I've ever seen them I would say I saw and felt the same thing over new years's it's just been really rough I don't think there's been big sandstorms to clear it out a lot of traffic uh still wet on the bottom but good place to test suspension for sure so I definitely like the improvements MTS made to the pro R uh much better Small Bump compliance um we decided to go a little bit on the softer side for everyday riding and then we could you know lower the compression excuse me lower the crossover rings and then we've got the oak crap button in the dunes and that's really what I think was the iCal way to do it because you know we go to the dunes a few times a year but we ride in all different types of conditions I really wanted that plush gooey feeling that the the speed has so I was pretty stoked on it and I think at a certain point you can just drive the car really hard and and maybe just slow down and not hit those G so forcefully and um have a happy [Music] compromise [Applause] Xander say hi hi Saturday President's Day unfortunately speed's acting up transmission on its way back to havu but um got to drive the uh Pro r with the MTS stuff car is really good power is good this is about 3:00 on Saturday it's pretty packed packed seen in a while it seemed like it's been kind of a quiet weekend but good weather just fortunately a couple car troubles had an axle then had the transmission so what can I say guys I'm trying but really excited that uh my Broski West let me drive the uh the pro R here for a bit earlier in the weekend we were doing some content for method and tensor running two different paddles these are brand new price [Music] Wheels on the same paddles as my speed with your com cut Stu Blackbird 32s with comp cut big TBO so it's a real Blissful ride we got the car dialed the MTS stuff is working really well so I'm enjoying playing with a different Power modes the different suspension modes and we'll talk more about that later but uh in the meantime man Good Vibes out here in G and uh we're going to drive as much as we can make up for L time all right so even though I had issues with the speed I want to give a big shout out to my buddy Wes uh we called speed they were able to take the car on Saturday that day and they got me a new transmission in 48 hours but as Apple's apples comparison even when we do get the speed key I want to say power wise it's going to be very close to a stock Pro R I say that because the speed is heavier uh you're going to have to clutch it I mean unfortunately I was only hitting 7500 RPM with the speed so I think you know you're going to have to probably get the clutching optimized for the speed key um and you're still probably not going to have the torque that the pro has is just my assumption that that low down torque that Force owner torque makes duning awesome all of you Pro owners know especially in the race mode it's it's really good so um those are the that's my prediction of how it's going to feel speed wise I think you I can still keep up on rides in the in the speed but honestly I was able to drive a lot more aggressively in the proar especially when you add the suspension now I have stiffened up my speed suspension for the Dune trips and you know I Rave about the suspension the Small Bump compliance it's it's really awesome on the hard pack but here for the dunes it definitely blows through the stroke and is soft you pretty much need to go with a stiffer spring rate I think those that softness is really exacerbated in the dunes with the weight of the speed so setting the car up differently for the dunes I think is important to optimize The Experience um and when you have the live valve you can just push some buttons and maybe lower your crossover Rings like MTS suggests it's as an overall vehicle makes the pro R impossible to beat the pro is just really good I I still prefer how the speed handles the Small Bump compliance I still think is better there's a lot of things about this spead a lot of you guys bought this spead mainly for the hard pack but of course I was hoping to have it you know to work well in all situations and unfortunately you know I'm a little little sour because the last two trips on a toeo but the speeds weight is really what uh unfortunately hinders the performance out in the sand.


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