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by Nick Olson

With the 2020 UTV World Championships right around the corner, we’ve been working hard getting the Race RZR ready! After getting the car dialed, I took it to Brent Mann with American Engineering for the final touches. So far, the RZR is running great and I am LOVING the new tires! It rides so much smoother and faster! Can’t wait to get out to Lake Havasu City, Arizona for the races.


What’s happening everybody welcome back it’s nick here with brent american engineering and a couple days before the utv world championships got the car all dialed in uh brent’s been going through everything and um we’re hoping for a good run here i think we got the car for sure a lot more dialed than we’ve ever had it yeah it’s been a while since we’ve done a race car update video so i’m just going to kind of touch on everything that’s changed since our last race was in january it’s got a brand new transmission or a new to me used xp pro transmission and a brand new motor we had some issues that since all been re-tuned by mark queen and havasu got the car up to almost 100 miles an hour definitely feels a lot different updated and upgraded with some new wheels and tires thanks to tensor and method wheels for a sponsorship we’re going to be running their tires if you guys follow the channel you see me been running these on our play cards and really liked them so got those changes made those are some of the biggest changes to the car but brent has also added a remote oil cooler to help with our oil temperatures motor temps we’ve had the shocks completely redone we did some videos we had them redone by wayne at all tech and then he went and totally redone them and we haven’t raced with them yet so i’ve only driven a little bit with the shocks all set up like as they should be with all new internals yeah so you know one by one we’re chipping stuff off um baja d lights brent installed these lp4s on the front we’re full baja d with the chase light i got a new steering rack wren just installed shock therapy and brent custom made some tie rods for these things yep so the car is going to feel a lot tighter i think it was it was the old steering rack was really loose and the front end felt really scary even the tuner notes that i think with the the itp tires too so i think the front end should feel a lot different and really we’re just out here today to make sure the car is dialed um prep the cvs brent kind of went through every single thing we had some issues when i heard testing we bent and broke a mount for the sway bar and we just upgraded to some nice billet uh front motor mount so got the full chromoly lone star front motor mount these are from utv inc just want to go some cnc’d local company make nice stuff so man brent we’re uh we’re clicking off all these things that we thought were potential weak points and yeah not really spending money just to say that we bought from these companies but you know we’re going to show up in races i’ve learned we want to show up and have a car that’s dialed and ready so we can have a good run and we think we’re we’re there we thought we were there in our first race at rage and i’ve learned a lot like i say in this sport the the learning curve is really really steep but um i’m excited yeah i mean as faster you go you gotta have more heavy duty apart so basically we are just upgrading and keeping with the speed so you know cnc billet chromoly parts grade eight hardware you know race rack it’s it’s all going with how fast the car is so i’m really excited to see how it all turns out no more excuses for me guys i have to figure out how to drive this thing fast so we’re gonna go hop in it i think it’s definitely gonna feel different the power band feels a lot more linear than it did before yeah i remember when i put the 33s on my play card it’s very noticeable the difference between 32s um new steering rack like i said shock so this car is going to feel quite a bit different so we’re going to go watch our temps watch our voltages we also brett installed a 900 watt stator so we’ve got more voltage which shouldn’t be an issue in case our race runs into the night right hopefully we don’t have to deal with that because utv world champs are racing unlimited class which is friday at 2 pm 5 loops it’s about a 29 and a half 30 mile loop so we’re looking at about 145 miles um 26 gallon fuel cell we’re now mixing race gas queen wanted us to run some higher octane because it’s just a lot easier to tune in the car runs a lot better right uh some of our race friends are getting over six seven maybe eight miles per gallon so in theory we should have enough range but i think our plan is to get a splash at least five gallons or so yeah yeah some of the things i’ve seen on the internet right now there’s some a lot of washes so maybe it’ll drop the miles per hour down a little bit so yeah just be on the safe side i think we need to do a splash speaking of being a safe side we’ve thrown some fresh brake pads brent did we’re gonna make sure those get all seated in he bled the brake so we think we’re ready guys so we’re gonna go find out right now we’re gonna get some uh get some miles in we’ll report back later so all right guys we just logged in some good laps uh brent in the car first time i i did a couple laps we didn’t film just to get used to the car the brake pads were new and then it definitely felt a little different but once we had the co-rider in felt good and um basically and we’re pretty excited because it’s brent just said it’s the fastest i’ve ever driven the car definitely feels that way um and the car felt great these tires are so much more comfortable than these itps definitely feels different but it just feels more cushioned you don’t feel all the harsh rocks out here and i can say that pretty confidently because we’ve been out here a bunch yeah the new steering rack really helps a lot um man the power is really linear and it felt good we got the pads seated in the brakes no issues no leaks the the main challenge for us is our temperature so by myself first two laps got the car to 225. you guys know on these razer turbos limp mode is right around there 228 230ish brent jumped in the car we got to like 222-ish and then we’d kind of we kind of back off and then in certain corners right brandon it would go back down to 210 215. it would drop down to like even 205 and then we did a lap i told you to do like 80 percent to see and it was like 205 210 so and then we did our last lap i’m like just go for it and it was the same thing it was like 217 218. it just seemed to stay there all day long the belt temps were 180 the highest was 190. i mean it it it was phenomenal i mean and like i said you’re the fastest you’ve ever driven this car and uh it wants to drive fast the 80 percent seemed like it kicked a little more which was i wanted to see and uh no it it wants to go there’s a good g out i’ll play for you here real quick when i went through that with adam in my car i hadn’t had the thing like this and the faster i hit it you know the smoother the car felt the suspension again wayne as well saying the magician yeah but real quick i know uh we’ll talk quickly about what we think we can do in the future maybe not for this race to get the car cooler and then we’ll talk about what our strategy is so one thing we know uh brent’s brought up this up for a while as well as mark queen is our seats these seats are really mitigating the airflow to the radiator yes um i’m not in a position necessarily to get some new seats we kind of knew about this i’m not gonna change it out for this race so we think with that and then also we got the cbr radiator where brent says cbr has a dual fan setup where we’re just going to replace the shroud yes and uh adam another customer of his switched out to it hoping for lower temps yeah it’s it’s just pulling it’s not really pulling his air from the corners as much and i’ve noticed a lot of people changing to that and yeah the seats are blocking the air but uh the thing that i noticed you know with our five hard laps is like it didn’t just spike and stay up there like it would it would go up and then come down just kind of how we were driving so i’m okay with it for next weekend because you can you know say you know if you’re in a center you know somewhere where you’re going a little bit slower it’s going to drop it down it’s not going to just like go you’re hauling butt and then go into limp mode so it stayed around two you know 200 to 215 all day so yeah and also too you see the oil cooler back in here you know it’s not getting that much airflow but i’m sure it’s helping we’ve got a lot more oil capacity but you know as it leads to our strategy brent already started to talk about it you know maybe we’re thinking we went 80 and for sure say 217 ish so yeah if there’s some big wash up hills i know we’re going to have to let off the gas a little bit right like laughlin like rage at the river right um especially with andrew and the car weighs more than brent it’s going to be about this hot we’re low 90s right now we’re just going to have to drive with a good strategy like brent was saying if there’s sections of the course that are rough maybe we can let off the gas hopefully the car can cool down probably through the 25 mile per hour speed zone the car can cool back down it is dropping i do know we have friends that are running cooler temps it is something we’re going to try to fix for the future but the strategy for this race right is trying to figure out on that race course where we think we can be easier on the car maybe not lose a lot of time right and then haul the mail when we can yeah i mean it’s we’ve adjusted this car and you know elevated it to where it was suspension and tires and drivetrain and um now that you know we haven’t gone these speeds so now we just need to adjust a little bit on the cooling thing but yeah if we go in some sections with a lot of rocks or big boulders or whatnot yeah we slowed it that’s like a cool pace uh you know we do a cool pace in there and obviously if it’s a lot of dust you’re not going to be able to charge hard so it’s you know i think we’ll be just fine for next weekend yeah like brent said i mean we’re going faster and we’re learning this is uh the part of documenting this video series this is so so you want to go racing there’s so much to learn and the game changes once you start driving faster i first got these shocks back and um i thought they were a little stiff from when wayne originally set them up right then i let adam drive the car and he bought him a car well he was driving a lot faster than me right now the faster i drive it the better the car feels you know it’s it always changes as you level up so the good news is we’re leveling up the good news is i think we’ve got a really really solid package with the steering rack with the tires the different offset on the wheels the car felt quite a bit different but after each lap it just felt really more and more comfortable and you know we’re learning i think we have a car that can be competitive uh we’re gonna get to 222 223 and we’re going to let off and i know a lot of other competitors might be in the same boat right it’s just how racing goes so we uh we think we’re on the right track and i still think that we can show up and be really competitive yeah and the the one really nice thing about the car it’s very predictable like you could set up in the corners now and notice you can hit tap the brakes set up you we roll in some fast uh sweeping turns and it just nails it so um the car is really dialed and i just gotta tweak a few things and i’m really excited for next weekend yeah like i mentioned the power band feels really linear it’s like what we’re talking about that you know smooth slow is smooth smooth as fast type of thing carrying momentum not being too hard on the car and i i think it’s faster than it feels uh which is you know shout out to queen did a great job so yeah we’ll see i mean we can talk all i want now it’s going to tell the tape that’s the beautiful thing about racing yeah we’re just trying to do as good of a job we can and then uh know that we’re showing up with a great package and the chips will fall where they are yep so thanks for watching guys uh tune in next week of course we’re going to utv worlds we’ll be documenting the whole deal we’ll let you know how it goes i’ll catch you next time


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