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by Nick Olson

Well, my first tip over was an expensive fix, and all things considered, I got lucky. Here's what we had to do to fix all the broken parts, plastics, bent tabs, bald tires, and more to get the Turbo S back to being crispy.


Hey everybody it's Nick Olson Chupacabra off-road welcome back today's video is about rebuilding my razer turbo s if you guys have watched the channel you probably know that i took this thing to moab had a little tumble in the devil's hot tub trying to go for the glory damn and that led to a fair bit of damage and we wanted to get it all church back up because we will be selling it here on buying something different which we'll talk about in the future so i want to kind of walk you guys through what we had to do to get the car sorted get it back to the condition it was in before we took it to moab uh so she's running better than ever so the first thing you're going to notice on the car is that my roof rack is no longer on the vehicle now when i tip the razor upside down luckily that roof rack took a lot of the damage and it's one of the first things i took off when i got home um the roof rack was tweaked and it was bent and i've decided to not uh purchase a new one or try to have it repaired basically you know i love the look of it you know when i did my longer trips i just didn't really use it and it weighs quite a bit so after removing it from the vehicle i decided i'm not going to replace it if the person that does buy this wants to put a roof rack on it Madigan sells one actually have a newer version than what i had which is a lot lighter because they built it out of aluminum and having a force here and having the extra space anytime i did one of these big long trips i had plenty of room for me and one co-rider even if we had to pack all of our clothes so i decided to no longer keep it moving with the roof rack unless i move on like a two seat vehicle or something where i really have to have the space so that's the first thing you'll notice um luckily we didn't do any cage damage other than tweaking the light bar mounts as well as tweaking the rear wing slash rear light bar mount so we had to go and get some of these things replaced and unfortunately it wasn't as simple as just calling up Madigan motorsports in Temecula California and having them sending our way end up having to take the vehicle out there to California and while i was on a family vacation they completed the repairs so what they did was they cut off the old light bar mounts installed some new ones they also replaced the parts on the wing and got them powder coated to match while i was down there on my trip to San Diego so thanks to Madigan motorsports these guys make really good products at a really good price um one other Madigan part that did have a little bit of damage was the rear spare tire carrier now um i needed that spare tire carrier because right after i got back from Moab we did a Baja trip and i needed to of course have my spare tire so luckily Madigan did have a new one of those in stock they shipped it out to me i was able to install it and it did improve the design a little bit it's a little bit beefier than it used to be because i said some customers are wanting to run bigger heavier 35-inch tires which it barely clears so thanks those guys for getting it out to me and all those parts together were only the real fabrication needs to get that part of the razor cleaned back up back in tip top shape and make those changes we get everything set up we start to do some touch-up paint and after calling this is the stock Polaris titanium which is painted to match it's a two-tone we did some cross-referencing and a cx color for ford is a dark shadow gray i was able to find this at my local Sherwin-Williams and buy a can it's a can of the paint along with the flat coat on the top of it to get it as close as we can versus having to take the whole cage off and get the whole thing repower coated so one other piece that we're going to have to restore to its glory is our prototype mirrors which are going to be launching here soon you can see they've got some scratches but if you watch the in-car camera. you all right good yeah, these things survived the hot tub the glass didn't crack they just rotated down out of the way these are some of our first prototypes we've been testing for quite a while so we're going to switch things these out with a brand new production set that we've got here so uh the buyer of this vehicle is gonna get the brand new updated set which are even a little bit cleaner than what we've got here but really happy that they survived the hot tub uh didn't bend didn't they're perfect operating conditions that's really cool so you're gonna be seeing that crash highlight video talking about how tough and durable these mirrors are we've been testing them racing now i put them through the uh the works of some legit rock crawling on the hot tub so really cool to see um that come into fruition and um yeah this is pretty costly to put this car back together but hopefully you guys will support our brand by buying some of these mirrors to help cover the costs that let you know we did some real r d on these things for you now after i had my tip over we're still able luckily to drive this thing right out of hell's revenge back to the trailer and then the whole next day we did some wheeling with it so the vehicle was in good operating condition one thing we noticed on our second day of riding there was that the right rear hub had a bend in it my buddy Wes who knows it really well being a racer he was following me he suspected it was a hub we took all the parts off we inspected it and sold a brand new hub and he ended up being right so we installed the brand new Polaris rear hub which i had one from my race car and the vehicle worked just fine so after checking those things out we had this car ready to go and do a Baja trip right after we're able to do 500 miles basically trouble free we have one small issue we were down in Baja and that is that we had a leak in the front differential Iā€™m not sure what caused this this has about 2800 miles on it now i didn't really hit anything that hard it could just be wear and tear it could have been something else but we noticed a leak so i ended up removing the front differential and buying a rebuild kit and Brent from American engineering went ahead took it all apart and i re-changed the bearings and the seals put it back together with of course some new fluids um the front diff on the on the turbo s is very difficult so hopefully you guys have to go through that we removed the entire steering rack it was definitely a pain but now we've got uh it beefed up with better bearings and better seals than it came with from the factory so one other upgrade i wanted to make um probably one of the reasons why i had the crashes my tires were pretty worn I gotten quite a few miles out of the tensor ds-33s about to 2400 they were pretty smoked and I ended up putting on a brand-new set of those i really like this tire i like the performance of it i haven't had any flats i love the additional ground clearance and decided to keep it going with the 10 or 33 so i'd throw in a fresh set of those that's pretty much everything that was mechanical and structural from there it was just a lot of cosmetic stuff so when i was out in California having Madigan make the changes of course i swung by coin power sports in El Centro and picked up some new plastics ordered all the parts I needed the plastics did have a little scratches they weren't that bad i probably could have put a wrap over it and been okay but you know i wanted the plastics to be clean like i said i wanted to return this thing in the condition it was or better so we replaced the rear panel the back box here did have a crack in it so we'll replace that we'll replace the fender we had to replace the front fascia and the other front fender along with the front hood scoop so as you can see here this is all brand new it matches up perfect of course because it's all factory oem colors and it's just a final piece which as you guys know the oem plastics are not inexpensive but i kind of probably got a wrap for almost same amount of money but i wanted it to be clean i wanted to be dialed whoever buys this car is going to be happy i really love this turbo s i've had so much fun with it from rock crawling to baja the dunes anything in between i still haven't broken a belt on it still working really well we just did the wheel bearings if you saw our content on the channel clean out the clutches this thing works great so comment below if you guys have a tip over how was it getting that thing back to uh perfect running order i didn't go the insurance route i'm sure that would have kind of slowed things down i'm sure a lot of you guys have some war stories so share them below in the comments I like to hear uh all that type of stuff if you guys like the content go ahead like and subscribe and we've got a lot more coming your way.


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