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by Nick Olson

Chupacabra Offroad goes into detail about their new premium t-shirts and hoodies. Watch the video for more!


This is Haley with chupacabra off-road we’re talking about the women’s clothing i have in my hand are women’s v-neck in white and i’m currently wearing it in black as a female nick and i went back and forth on deciding vendors and fabric and fit and this is the one we decided to go with it fits true to size i’m currently wearing a large i have a medium in my hand and it’s so comfortable and very soft so as you can see here there is an inside branding we have an inside burning tag as well as the premium woven label it has the chupacabra logo on the back as well we want the very high quality screen print it has the chivacabra head on the front and all teal as well on the on the back i also have the same shirt on and it’s the same thing in the in the back we picked a local company to do the screen printing for us called acme they are in phoenix and we’re very happy with their quality teal is a very hard color to match as you can see they matched it very well for us i have washed the shirt a dozen times the fit is still great the colors are still great there is no fading and no shrinkage we think with the quality and the features that this shirt has to offer it deserves a 28 price point and we want this shirt to be the most comfortable shirt in your closet and the one that you pick out every single time.


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