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Chupacabra Offroad Speed UTV Glovebox Storage Bag Install

by Jacob Layton
Chupacabra Offroad Speed UTV Glovebox Storage Bag Install

If you aren't running the second digital display from Speed, You're left with an open hole in the glovebox door. We have developed a solution that 1) seals the glovebox door and 2) adds needed storage!

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Hey everybody, it's Nick Olson, Chupacabra Offroad. Today we're talking about a Speed accessory, our most popular Speed accessory, which is the glove box storage bag. Now, if you're like me and you own a Speed, you know that you don't have near as much storage as you'd like, and also, on the glove box, Speed did make an accessory with the digital dash. But if you're not running that, like most customers, the glove box cover actually has some holes in it, so you just have a sticker that peels away after a couple of miles. So, we're killing two birds with one stone: we're sealing up the glove box, and we're giving you some storage. So, I want to show you what it looks like, show you how to install it. Let's get into it.

So, our Speed glove box bag works on all three of the Speed models, and when you go on our website to order it, you're going to notice you've got two different color options. We have accent rings in black powder coat or non-corrosive stainless steel, and when you get the box, you're going to get some hardware to mount that up, of course, a sticker, and then our made in the USA glove box bag. So, this is a nice carbon look material. We decided to make it removable, so there's Velcro around it and on the backside of it, and inside here, you've got some additional Velcro so you can cut it up and go ahead and place it exactly how you want. We chose to do it that way because you can pull it off when pressure washing your Speed. It also kills two birds with one stone because not only do you add some storage that you definitely need, but then you're covering up the stock glove box lid which has holes in it. So, from the factory, if you aren't using their updated or their upgraded digital dash on the passenger side, you're left with a couple of holes, and your glove box isn't even sealed. So, kill two birds with one stone. This is our best-selling Speed product for good reason, and let's show you how we go ahead and install it and how it looks installed on my car.

So, this is what it looks like, all mounted and installed. All of your Speed owners make sure you definitely can't forget your key, so it's a good place to put it. Pretty simple, like I mentioned, you can peel this off. I'm going to show you what we did. So again, take some of that supplied Velcro and add it around. Here's the hole I was mentioning that you seal up, and this is removable. So, as you can see here, on the backside, you had to drill a few holes. You have six holes total. You can fairly easily remove the lid if you choose and then put it down on a flat surface. If you've got a bigger drill, you can get away with it. If you got something small, I removed the lid when I took it off. But basically, you want to take your front accent ring here and mark it up, mark a couple of holes, the six holes line up how you want, and then go ahead and make a small hole. I think it's only a quarter-inch size drill bit, and go ahead and attach that. So, it's two separate pieces. It's really just to kind of make it look nice and presentable, of course, put the Chupacabra logo on the product. You don't have to add an accent ring if you don't want to, but of course, we wanted to add a little more style to it and get those things powder-coated if you want to match your car. So pretty simple, guys. Like I said, it's our most popular selling Speed product. Look on our website, go ahead and check in the link below. We've got some more Speed storage products we're working on that you're going to see here in the future. Thanks for watching. Like and subscribe. We'll see you on the next one.


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