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by Nick Olson

Chupacabra Offroad goes into detail about their new premium t-shirts and hoodies. Watch the video for more!


So this is our new chupacabra pullover desert hoodie now we think this is a great hoodie for the price we’re selling these for 35 bucks and this is a higher quality than your typical gildan that you might see the vendor that we chose is called ams and we just like the fit and finish of it right now I’m wearing a size large and this is what it looks like after I’ve worn it after a couple washes so it’s kind of already got a little bit of shrinkage out of the way one thing I notice I’m tall with really long arms I’m about six three two hundred and seven pounds but on a gildan usually the sleeve length is really short and I’ve really got to stretch it out in a size large the sleeves are a little bit longer it’s a thicker quality feel and we went pretty simplistic with it we’ve got the nice text logo up here on the left side with the full logo on the back this is just a great desert hoodie I like the slimmer feel and fit of the large myself so with a size large just has a little bit slimmer feel than some of my other large hoodies just so you guys know if you’re gonna order if that’s what you prefer like I like this if I’m gonna be on my dirt bike or something active I don’t want a lot of extra fabric go with the traditional size but if you want something a little bit looser fit or you’re a little bit wider around the stomach you might want to look up an extra size I’m going to go ahead and throw an extra large on so you guys can see the difference but this fit is a more of a slim fit I would say in terms of a hoodie in terms of the width of here by your shoulders even though the length of the arms is good the length of the torso is pretty good compared to most of my other hoodies I will say it’s a little narrower around the chest area so here is the size extra large as you can see there’s a lot more room it’s more of a relaxed comfortable fit I’m kind of in between where my arms being so long I can use an extra large or a large on some of my motorcycle gear I’ll kind of oversize that we’re just pretending underneath like a jersey so same type of thing here if you guys are looking and trying to figure out what size you are I’d say these were about a half to three quarters of a size small so just so you know before you go to order I think it’s a really great quality for the price again 35 bucks comfortable thick warm long sleeves good fit and finish nice green print we use a local company here in phoenix called acme logo turned out good on the rear here we did an all field variation of our standard chupacabra logo so if you want to know more check them out on our website.


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