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by Nick Olson

Every once in a while you take a different route that leads to some serious fun. Luckily we have friends that are VERY experienced duners, and they always put together flowy, fun rides. This one paralleled the highway, and we rode from Vendor’s Row, to Osborne Lookout, and eventually Gecko Rd.

President’s Day weekend was probably the best duning conditions and weather I’ve ever seen in Glamis, so we rode as much as we could to take advantage. Here’s what it’s like to try and keep up with V8 sand cars in 2 Turbo S’s, Andrew and I. Great times, looking to get back out there once more before the season ends around Easter.


All right stick has a fun little ride we did from vendor row over to Osborne it’s a pretty cool little app called relive it’s free maps arrived top and take photos here you can see our top speed and even documents 59 miles an hour and because it kind of gives you guys a direction of what this ride went starting basically along the highway the whole way but kind of a route that I haven’t been yet so it’s really really fun this Andrew if my buddy Andrews car inside and there’s me I’m run and sweep so there’s five of us total to Santa Clara is up front our friends Coleen and Oscar and some fun codes and your third-eye buddy we met here any to see crazy 1000 and I’m running at the very end of my trip west of course so man amazing conditions this past weekend Presidents Day the weather couldn’t have been better and the sand was wet on Friday from the rain as well as just kind of being soft on top from some wind that they had had and I don’t think the conditions I’ve been this good in the last several years that I’ve been out there anyway here’s the side of Manju sky here keeping up with the Oscars just roosting up my buddy here in a Funko [Music] garrison a bunch of squiggly lines we see on the GPS just crossing up going back and forth but very fun and flowy fun plane and some of these bigger dudes eat up to much higher speed and our buddy there with a non-tribal razor was definitely pretty much pin to keep up kind of perfect group size watching this video and following our friends definitely gives me the itch that Olivier sancar I think I’m definitely gonna win one day it’s just looks like too much fun it’s just the perfect tool for the job when you get into these bigger open dudes and I mean not so much about keeping up because we do a pretty good job of it about most pace rides but you can see you’ve got all that power and torque just playing around with the car and slide around lifting the front end over bumps and off jumps and and whoops and stuff it’s looks ridiculously fun these faster rides are under the dynamic suspension in the full firm mode just so you can hit these gos harder you don’t bottom the bottom as hard and then keep your momentum beard down in these values and stand the gassing the brake as much it’s nice by the main reason why I really like the dynamics you come out here when you need it a lot stick them in your normal everyday setup and you can do that hug myself too but I’ve had other passengers in the car and they get that much better as well just to keep the shocks up in the stroke so you can drive hard and not bottom here’s a really fun Valley right here we’re going pretty fast you can see the transition smooth you just go as fast as you want Andrew comes up this and a little high and overcooks is here watch this his Osborn overlooked right there in front of us I think we’ve done really any videos of us actually hold on some some good dude ride so this is a perfect she has to take one chop it up it takes my favorite highlights and put a little video together see I hopped in third and you jump back to speak them up with my ass my friends and from here we’re kind of like in the hosel an area basically heading back towards TECA Road paralleling the highway the fun way none of that sand highway nonsense it’s nice having that windshield I can drive close to my buddies and get some better video footage but not eat so much roost how do I take it off to weather was so nice I love having the women you’re faced with this could out-climb this but um I like to run sweep I usually run at the end quite a bit just like in film so generally I’m gonna be eating a lot of roofs so digging the windshield for that I’ve been good to warm but if it was 510 degrees warmer I’m taking it off so sick it’s funny I can go to grant us a bunch of times and each time the different just from the routes you take people you go with it’s always different you know it’s usually never the same obviously the conditions weather speeds whether you break something or you don’t but this is just really funny when I chop it up and make a little video for you guys just to kind of see one of the routes set we’d never really go on but man it was fun saved it in my GPS for the future [Music] and we end up back at the drags here so it’s a couple runs down the drag see some video a couple little bumps or humps in the drags you really notice the really big fast cars you’ll be able to stay on the gas even some of the other sand cars the work set up as well work for struggling no to about 70 in local more cars 73 its you dad it’s cool shot thanks for watching and check out some other glasses from this weekend on the YouTube.


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