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by Nick Olson

Another year in Glamis for the kick off of dune season. This marked my 7th year in a row of attending this event, and I don’t think the crowds have ever been this big. The drags extended to the trash cans behind Pad 1, and the hill was packed. This year, Polaris RZR brought out the Nitro Circus, which was really cool, we LOVE Travis Pastrana, and what the Nitro Circus has turned into.

We were scrambling hard to get our new RZR’s done before this weekend, and it was nice to get the #ChupTurboTwins all together, the upgrades we made to both cars took things to a whole other level. We entered Andrew’s RZR into the show and shine and got a lot of nice compliments from the crowd. Our buddy have a big crash resulting in 3 rolls, but was not injured and was able to limp his X3 back to camp. Can-Am hooked him up with a replacement trailing arm, thank you very much for that! He was able to dune the next day.

Overall, we had a great weekend, and hope you like the video! No clickbait, just killer content. Sorry we couldn’t go through with the “meetup”, but we will organize one soon…

ALL CREDIT for the retro Glamis footage in the intro goes to the AWESOME channels who posted it.


Off-camera clear iron glam as you know it is it’s amazing Andrews got his car looking good let’s check check check one two – shoot it – get a check one to shine in deserts of a nice little detail they killed it blue the colors a rat boy just kept going to beep you broke it in from a yard non-stop the dynamic suspension by far the best thing yeah and I’m biased I think it’s definitely one of the prettiest looking cars out here but not only is it one that ready actually gonna get written all over the place in the chilled car it’s gonna be out here it’s going to be plaster city Ocotillo pullout ball everywhere in between so right now it’s just done that’s first miles on it’s as pretty easy so we’re going to look weird you’ll see how it goes gonna find out who the judges are they don’t give us top three they obviously I get on that breaking team so this is 2019 turbo last dynamics and just pick this up and put it all together three to four weeks tops so we were scrambling just to get here this weekend man everybody else taking six months my man’s naked wings I see the judges here they’re hardcore off-road racers they’ve been in our video of UTV World Championships I think this guy what they’re really about it they ride everywhere they move it’s got a real desert car this car is not just a glamorous Queen watch our YouTube video this will be at Moab this will be at Canada hammers this will be everywhere it’s pretty it is pretty great job the heartstrings of the judges how do you feel about the loss it’s pretty sad but it’s all good that happens Glamis is so beautiful oh yeah.  Hey, chef Darby are you doing god getting arrested we’re out the swing if you can follow us on Instagram we’re trying to put a little customer appreciation meetup just for those you guys have want to meet up and say hi but the BLM came over found our trailer talk to us told us that we can have a permit so totally get it we end up not coming here at 2:30 but we’re back there may or may not be some swag over here in the mailbox next to the pond that.


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