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by Nick Olson

There isn’t much better than you kids getting old enough to start going offroading. As a parent you want them to be as comfortable and safe as possible. There’s a lot to think about with helmets, as 2-4 year olds do not have a lot of neck strength. Coupled with rough terrain, they are going to get bounced around.

This video breaks down the helmets and booster seats I’ve used, and here are the links:

100% Status


Starting at a 18.5″ circumference, this small BMX helmet is lightweight, small, and a great option that has held up well over time.

Pro Tec BMX Helmet


ProTec is a solid brand, and this helmet is really adjustable, has an EPS liner and foam, and has held up well. We use this for bikes as well, and other companies like Bell offer something similar.

Troy Lee Designs SE4


As my 4 year old has become stronger, I wanted to get him a DOT approved helmet, as he also rides motocross. This helmet has removable cheek pads so we can get a few years out of it.


Triple X Booster
I couldn’t find a link for Twisted Stitch, but Triple X makes a booster seat like the one I’ve been using for my 4 year old:


Britax Booster Seat


I’m liking this booster it fits right into my PRP seat, and it also has room for our harnesses, adjustable height, and lots of head and neck support. It also fits snug in the seat and gives my 2 year old a lot more leg room that his car seat was giving.


What’s happened everybody Nick Olson chupacabra off-road and today we’re talking safety for the kiddos let’s talk about helmet setups and seating setups so you can take the little boogers on all day rides and make sure they all have a safe good time so I’m gonna background about me I was a hell of a salesman for quite a long time I work for the company Fox which is well known motocross industry so I tell you all how to let you know them a little bit of a helmet snob I really value spending money protecting your head I’ve ridden dirt bikes and mountain bikes most all my life I’ve been knocked out and I really see the importance of spending a little bit of extra money I know with kids it’s hard because they do grow out of them so fast you can find cheap stuff on Amazon for 40 bucks but you know rock floating or gone fast make sure they’re safe it’s far more important than saving a few dollars in the realm of protecting me and my family’s noodles so with that let’s talk a little bit about some of the helmets that I like I’ve been using and what I prefer so my kids are four and a half and two and a half years old and they’re both pretty big for their age and as a purchase of helmets I’ve learned a lot they started off riding bikes around a little stasek electric dirt bikes so I’m trying to pick out how much that we can use for pretty much everything my oldest I was riding a little pw50 Yamaha so kind of graduated from a very young age to using helmets like I said they I don’t want to have so many helmets with too much overlap so I’m trying to be thoughtful of which helmet I’ve chosen and we’ll get into that now so this topic of kids helmets comes up all the time in a lot of Facebook groups I think an opinion that I shares by a lot of you parents agree with me on is that a lot of d-o-t helmets for small kids two to three to four years old are heavy and they’re excessively heavy given that they’re small they’re little neck muscles haven’t really developed so I’ve got a couple bike helmets I do have a DoD helmet for my oldest personally I feel like and on dat helmet is safe enough for riding in a side-by-side it obviously gives a much more protection of not wearing a helmet it’s a state law almost anywhere in the country but the state law does in a lot of states say they have to have a DoD helmet which is usually a motocross helmet I’ve never been hassled my kids always have a helmets and I personally feel at this point in time with their size and age that it is the safest option so I’m gonna stick with those and if I were to get a ticket I eat it just because I like I said I think it’s the best use of money and I think it’s the safest route given the lack of our neck strength at this age so let’s start off with the helmet that we’re currently using for my four and a half year old and this is a 100% helmet it’s a Stratos they make it in PV sizes it’s about 175 dollars we’ll link it below in the description and this is a PV size so this fits a size of about 18 and a half inch circumference which is definitely smaller than a lot of other smalls on the market this helmet we’ve had for a couple of years it works really well it tends to fit well my kids seem to think it’s very comfortable I end up purchasing another one for my tune a half year old again I found a Black Friday deal on this for 125 it’s a good-looking helmet it is good for the little stasek electric bikes as well in my opinion they have some face coverage in case they do go down they’re using some goggles or in the side-by-side you know I’ve got a windshield of course on my razor sadly cuts down on and some sections then even needing to our eye protection but this almost ever really well now we’ve got a synced up with a PCI a helmet radio so we can plug them in got a Bluetooth radio so my little guy can talk back and forth which takes the fun experience to a whole new level all right so here’s what my guys look like all strapped in this is my 4 year old Cooper and he’s got his a little seating like I said we move the seat forward a little bit and he can hold the grab handle plenty of legroom got his helmet all wired up so we can chat listen to music have a good time off-roading huh so the next time I’ve currently been using for my little guy is this little pro tect BMX helmet BMX skate helmet it’s fully adjustable here in the back it’s got an EPS liner as well as some foam which I think is good for impact and my little guy prefers this over the full face helmet sometimes you guys know if you had a little kids sometimes they fight and argue and they won’t wear it they’ll rip their goggles off that’s kind of where we’re at so the half face helmet the little Protex work really well though we’re on bike rides especially when it’s hot get those little boogers out riding bikes all summer even here in Arizona so that’s a nice little helmet that works for everything and also when combined with the seat that I’ll get in to show you got to help the head support and the next support so he’s safe he’s not jiggling around too much his head’s protected it’s lightweight and adjustable enough that he can wear it and like I said it works low on more applications more than just being here in the razor and he could also put some goggles on with that helmet if you wanted to or like I said if we could get him to not rip them off on a ride so let’s talk about it do T option and I picked this up on another cyber Monday special from spoilery designs it’s a kid’s motocross bo t it’s their SC 4 this is a youth medium this is pretty heavy it’s a two point nine pounds so this is a really solid option like I said it’s on the heavier side but Troy Lee is an amazing company that a lot of high quality products I’ve always been a fan of almost everything which rarely does and so far this has worked really well yeah not a little bit of discomfort on his ears by the same thing the cheek pads are removable washable and replaceable so once it gets bigger we can throw in the you size large and find it a couple years out of it provided he doesn’t have any ashes and that require a replacement all right so let’s talk about seating this is a little booster seats made by a company called twist and stitch to make nice high quality aftermarket seats and I think I pick up one of these from my bunny I think I got it use for about 80 bucks so yesterday attention you can usually find something used ones that come up I think brand-new they’re all over 250 bucks and this fits in my PRP seats and this is for my four-year-old so what we do on the front seat is we will move forward we’ll pull a little grab handle back you can almost see out of the windshield and kind of see everywhere and it’s worked really well sometimes I kind of feel like I wish we had a little bit of neck support but like I said with the lighter 100% helmet he’s been great we did a couple faster rides out of Glamis with him and then we also did a nine-hour ride sabaki bumpy train out here in northern Phoenix area so keep it really well you know he’s been going in this at low speed rides ever since he was about to but now we’re getting the point where you know we’re not to Gladys and and we’re with a group of other families and they wanted me to lead all weekend so it was funny that it’s the first weekend really with the family and I was thinking I want to go off of myself I just want to farm around maybe we’ll do into the swing we’ll just take it easy so I put some rides together that we’re a fun pace you know I want I don’t want to have a good time I don’t want to go too hard because you know some people like going fast like me some people just like who’s in and getting outside and and I want to have a lot of good experiences with my family so you know I’m just trying to get this blend and I think with the seating and the helmets we can something that worked well we were able to go for good pace rides try and drive as smooth as I could wasn’t boring to be behind and we had a really good weekend so just picked up with this for my two-year-old this is from a company called pre-tax it was about 160 bucks on Amazon I’ll put the link in the description below and we’re that weekend we tried one of these boosters from my – all didn’t have a lot of support so what we ended up doing is taking the car seat out in my truck and ratchet strapping it in and that worked obviously he was safe which was the most important but it really took away a lot of legroom once we strapped him here in the back of the racer so I picked up this booster we’re gonna use the harnesses I’ll show you guys in a second one that looks like when they’re all in and locked down tight and my buddy had one of these for his kids in the back of his Santa car we loved the the bolstering around the neck area my little two-year-old he falls asleep on all the rides anyway so it’s good that he’s got a comfortable ride that he can just kind of pass out and do his thing thank you guys for watching hope this I give you some tips and pointers to think about so you guys gonna have safe family rides and a lot more of them.


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