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by Nick Olson

Building a strong business takes a team! Thanks to the team for these 27 hours, we achieved a ton, all for the sake of growing the business. Follow along as we swap the motor in the race RZR at American Engineering, meet up with Jeffries Performance, add the #chupturbotriplet to the family with a new wrap from Wolf Designs, and cap the day off with a photoshoot with the team at Lake Pleasant, Arizona.


Yes what’s happening chupacabra off-road nick and andrew andrews back in the days here in arizona you guys saw some footage last night from us working on the motor andrew and wes will help her put the new motor in the race car I got a big weekend it’s kind of like a day in the life we’ll take you through like what we got going on we’re trying to get a lot of content for social and video we’re gonna go meet the guys at jeffrey’s performance andre’s got some new parts he ordered for his can-am race car so gonna educate us about all things horsepower with x3 talk about what they got going on for the razer game and then we’re gonna be headed to wolf we’ve got a new turbo triplet getting wrapped so and then photo shoot so a long day we’re gonna take you guys along with us all right guys we’ll catch him but we’re headed jeffries will be there in a second testing testing one two three ready you wanna do like a quick little testing testing testing task one two I got nothing on so I’ll just speak I don’t got you guys might pick up on here and this is just back up in case that works speaking to his chest we’re just trying to look we’re going to try to be pro we’re not going to try to take time out of your day and hopefully not show up with any audio guys appreciate it I appreciate you guys it’s gonna be a fun year all right part two of the day we’re here in chandler’s only at wolf wraps I want to introduce everybody to haley hi newest member of chupacabra west west you may have seen wes on the glamis video a couple couple videos everyone knows wes who’s into off road what’s his new car so tell us where we’re going so we are we went to desert tortoise campground trying to find a place to go shoot but um campground was pretty busy for being 111 degrees so thanks kovid um to the spot we shot last year my race car after we got it all steal it line and got it all looking pretty we went a little bit up castle hot springs road like where a lot of us go take off for the crown king ride so now we’re exiting out of the park where people normally go and check out the lake and we’re going to hang it right up here and hopefully it’s not closed due to forest closures and arizona would have had a ton of forest closures due to fires otherwise we would have shot on the east valley we’re over there earlier but 78
00:03:33,280 –> 00:03:34,000 we’re gonna go up here and hopefully it’s not blocked off we got a fire road but I know exactly where this place is it might have just enough room for all four vehicles and um beautiful beautiful lake view and it’s gonna look really really good right when the sun goes down so luckily we still got some time um photo shoots always take longer than what you anticipate them to go because of stuff like this I probably could have done a better job pre-running but checking it out but we saw some photos online I thought that could have been ideal so we will see we’re gonna go up here and 98
00:04:07,840 –> 00:04:09,040 get some cloud coverage could end up working out really good we have plenty of time to get the car set up and get some photos before we lose our daylight hmm yeah oh can I sit on the roof rack yeah you can go for it can you open this freaking thing no then wes’s junk will be right in the middle of the shot oh all right let’s get the logo in right here are we rolling are we red all right so we’re out here somewhere in the middle arizona desert we’re actually here at the trailhead of the crown king ride we try to get some pretty shots for the last part of our long day um been a fun day a lot for growing the business thank you guys so much coming from el centro coming from vegas getting the car wrapped going all over the place but all over phoenix now whip in the northwest corner we’re still not done working thanks to our camera crew haley we’re crushing it I’m so excited how much content we’re gonna be able to get just to use for social future for some of our images we’ve got some new stuff we’re working on we’re really excited to show you here pretty soon but that’s a day in the life thanks for watching guys it’s small business we don’t talk a whole lot about the business and I like comment below if you guys would like to know more about that I think we’re going to do some more stuff I think it’s it’s cool we’re lucky enough to be involved in a business around something that we’re all head over heels passionate about so hopefully you guys can feel the passion because you know we live it we love it we want to add to the culture we want to make off-road better we want to have products with amazing value we want to have the best content we just want to be out there you know so thanks to jeffrey’s performance amazing guys hooked up andrew with a fresh tune on the on the turbo twin this thing’s got an extra what 20. 20 horsepower for the wheels sitting about 184 horsepower at the crank so about you know 20 22 more horsepower than stock yeah the thing rips now before it wouldn’t even break the tires loose on the asphalt now it’s breaking them loose going around corners as soon as we pulled it out of shop the first thing I did was punch it and it lit them up like a christmas tree so yeah I’m excited to see how you like it when you take out off-roading the guy alex the team at jeffrey said that’s not really gonna inhibit your your fuel mileage too much which is cool to hear when we’re doing you know azp’s trail we get to do that trail that ride finally baja etc so yeah only reason why I’m wearing these sunglasses because bless his baja design is blinding me but it makes daylight at night so it’s bright enough to wear your glasses but thanks all you guys for watching thanks to all you guys that purchase our products it really helps us do what we’re able to do so I can’t thank you guys enough I mean without you guys we wouldn’t exist so we love it man so thank you guys again um please like and subscribe and we’ll see on the next one.


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