Thanks for checking out our first podcast! I felt it was only right to start from the beginning, so you listeners get a good idea of where we are from, and where the idea and origin of Chupacabra Offroad started. I think it was important to tell, as many of you grew up just like us, playing in the dirt and having a tremendous passion for it. For me, my passion lead to racing, and then pursuing a career in Powersports, and then starting a business. I have had this crazy idea, to create a business around a passion, and make a living. I’m lucky enough to say that it has come true, and I truly love creating Chupacabra Offroad from an idea, or lots of ideas, into what it is today.

In August of 2020, I’m really focused on taking the business to a much higher level, which requires building a team, developing more products, and of course, creating content. It’s funny, the origin of the business was to create content and a community, and hopefully, you can see the ethos of that in what we do. I want to thanks my team, and people I’ve worked with to make great content, website, help handle customer service and product design. The silver lining of the COVID pandemic has been the focus on what is going to elevate Chupacabra Offroad in the future. Thanks for listening, we know the audio can be improved, but we will get it right! Thanks to everyone that is a customer of our products, watches our videos and follows us on social. We plan on getting better at all of it, and we can only do that, because of you. I think there are some product categories that can be improved, and we can offer great products with great value, and innovation. Thanks for joining us on this ride, and we plan on taking this to the next level later this year and in 2021.