We had a lot of great footage of race cars from last year’s UTV world championship race. And since there hasn’t been much racing, and we love watching the SxS’s of all types in motion, we wanted to show you some clips of our race car, and what we’ve learned, and we have footage of our race car when the spring rate was too soft and the valving was off, as well as it now, which is set up properly for our specific RZR and driving speed and style.

We’ve learned a lot and hope that this video explains in detail, what good looks like, and what very good looks like. Speaking of very good, the top race teams have dialed in setups, as you can see from the video footage. The “Fox Proving Grounds” was a great place to watch and pay attention to the lines the racers use, speed, and what their vehicles looked like in a 3.5 hour, 10 lap race, one of the biggest races of the year.