The top 3 high-performance SxS brands have announced their 2021 model offerings, so we decided to compare each of the “top model offerings” from each company and see how they stack up against each other. For CanAm, we could have chosen the X3 RC edition, with its bigger MSRP, 32” tires and skid plates, but the Smart Shox is the latest performance update from X3, so we chose that model for the comparison For RZR, the leaked photos of the new Pro R are VERY interesting, but, until it’s revealed by Polaris, it’s pure speculation, so we went with a Pro Xp Ultimate.

We could also have used the Turbo S, which is a fantastic SxS, but again, the Pro XP is the “top of the line” and future of the RZR lineup. I’d call the Speed the “new kid on the block” but the bun is still in the oven. Those of us on the Speed Facebook group are waiting patiently for some prototype vehicle testing, motor testing, and something more tangible than renderings.

Still, we have no doubt this SxS will see the light of day this desert season, and the stats and info are too overwhelmingly awesome to leave it out of this conversation. I think this season will be a “wait and see”, comment below and let us know what you think of these new model releases.