Our first race was a whirlwind weekend, and now that the dust has settled, we learned of the weak points that need to be addressed, hard testing that needs to be done, and figured out which races make the most sense to shoot for in 2020.

Starting off with weak points, the RZR needs to be running cooler than it does now, and for that to happen, we might be removing the current CBR radiator/ intercooler combo, and installing two separate units, that can be remounted in positions that will provide better airflow, which will also allow for more custom air ducting. This will also allow us to watch each system independently, so we can figure out if the intercooler temperatures are an issue, which I think is the best solution. This will require some fabrication time, and one additional benefit, is the clearance that will be created for the fuel filler hose, which is currently not very good, for fast fuel stops.

Another big benefit of this upgrade, will be the inclusion of more air ducting to the belt, which can never have too much fresh air. The Turbo S cover was a nice upgrade, but we will need more airflow for peace of mind, the Turbo UTV class is a fast and very competitive field, so we need as much as we can get. Our steering rack had some play in it, and it might be a good time to upgrade to the Shock Therapy unit. We have custom Tie Rods from American Engineering, so they will work with this premium steering rack, which, from what we’ve seen, looks to be an amazing unit that can handle thousands of race miles.

The wiring of electrical accessories needs to be addressed, and upgrading to a Switch Pros puts all the accessories into a clean, waterproof unit that will work better than our cheap switches we are currently using. This will also help us trouble shoot issues more quickly. Our suspension was too soft, and we have a suspension tuning day planned soon, to learn, from a race specific tuner, where we need to be to be able to push harder over rough terrain, without having to check up on big G outs and nasty whoops.

Most importantly, we need to run the RZR really hard, and get 40+ hard test miles at race pace, to figure out what other issues might arise, before we line up again. Speaking of racing, the plan is to try a few District 38 races in Plaster City, California. These races are 80-100 miles, are cheap entry fees, and on some fun and rough terrain. These races will help us learn to drive the RZR at a harder pace, so we can be more competitive. Just when you think the car is ready to race, we learned it’s just the beginning!

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