This RZR was running as good as it ever ran until it wasn’t. Unfortunately, we are going to have to go with a new motor and start over. There is no finger-pointing guys, in all honesty, many things have happened to cause this. And I think this is pretty uncommon in RZR motors, lots of racers run 2500-3500 race miles in them no problem. This is another example of why I preach too much about the beauty of leaving your SxS stock and keeping the warranty, but with racing that really isn’t an option.

If I could have gone back in time I would have taken this RZR to Queen as soon as it was finished, and I think we would have had a lot fewer issues. On the bright side, I’ve learned so much about the mechanical aspect of these cars, and these lessons will last a lifetime. Some are just more painful than others. We have a new motor on the way, and I’m feeling really optimistic that when we get the RZR running again and back to Queen racing in Havasu, it will be running strong. Luckily with the downtime, we haven’t missed any races and we have time to get the RZR running strong and get in a real shakedown before our next race, which I’m not exactly sure will be.

I’m open to BITD, SNORE, DP4, and AMA D38, but we aren’t showing up to any start line until we get this car running right, otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense. We will keep you posted!