Chupacabra Offroad headed back to Southern Utah, Hurricane to be exact, to do some riding. This area is amazing, there is literally every type of terrain in one area! From the dunes and rocks of Sand Hollow, to the fast washes, whoops, and mud hills of Warner Valley. It’s been fun spending time exploring more of this area. My family moved here, so I’ll be spending lots of time riding here in the future. Speaking of Southern Utah Riding, last year we did a video riding some other dunes nearby, called Coral Pink. Here’s the link:…

I Highly recommend you get out to Southern Utah, and we will be exploring more on our future trips. While in Utah, I got so take my first ride on an E Bike, a 2019 Specialized Aluminum Turbo Levo to be exact. So fun! I will own one someday… it’s so fun to try and climb obstacles that are almost impossible on a regular bike, and it felt really planted on the downhills.

Thanks to my good buddy John and All Mountain Cyclery for making it happen! Utah has amazing terrain, no matter what you are doing. I plan on exploring all the singletrack on my dirt bike in Warner Valley on the next trip.


What’s happening chupacabra. Off road back in the desert and today as you can see. We’re back in southern Utah. Sand hollows here not too long ago thanks to Honda had us out here to drive the new town. I’m back. Luckily our family lives here now. So we’re gonna be here visiting all the time and love being back here. Got to do a little bit of exploring and write a little bit beyond the dunes and the rock areas I’ve ridden several times and kind of head into the backside. We did a bunch of stuff out in Warner Valley which is a big valley. If some of you guys are familiar with sand hollow if you ride up to the top of the dune there’s top of the world if you’re looking down into a big valley that’s essentially where it is we’re able to cruise right over there and put some miles on the race car at a good time. A lot of different diverse terrain within this whole area. Just the more I write here the more I can’t believe how fun it is and how much different terrain there is from really legit rock crawling sand dunes big sand woops stuff down the valley kind of remind me a little bit about Kitty Wells a little bit of mud hills. There is a bunch of motorcycle trails I’m excited to explore so I know what everyone talks out there in Utah. Everyone talks sand hollow sand dunes a little bit of the rocks. But getting down in the valley behind and Warner Valley is a spot where the locals ride from what I’ve been told. And another area to check out an Explorer you can do it all right from the same parking lot here right by the lake. Tons of trails the terrain out there was more mud hills we had some fast washed off saw a bunch of deep loops you got into saw a bunch of trails for two wheelers and ATV is just a great opportunity you can really put together an amazing loop with essentially almost all types of terrain and one ride. So. Southern Utah so underrated I love coming here I’m already excited to come back. This is our last night here we’re just kind of enjoying the weather here in the sunset on the lake. All right. Morning. I’m here on my longtime bro ski John with my mount biking 94 95 95 Kabul old school washed up mountain bikers and today we’re. Trying. He bikes. John hooked me up all mountain cycling he thanks those guys those good guys over there and Ryan Some specialize my first time ride any bike I’ve been learning out on the YouTube channels checking some stuff out and not riding e bikes because we’re old but just because it’s rad. Looks like a fun new experience. Women ride all different types of bikes or in Whistler last summer riding downhill. We started off on 500 pieces of crap back in the day and coming full circle so I haven’t seen George John’s a local. Fun little trailer. What’s this area called Green Valley area Green Valley area is what we’re gonna ride we’re gonna go jump on these things and see how it goes a little bit extra horsepower. Well I did. Make up three speeds. My first by running by. All right. So first impression. Campbell you were up here this fast sweating power not about ready to pass out. I can’t believe some of things we climbed up in the fast setting. John’s on Carnival which is 180 mil travel more of a free ride ish kind of mini downhill Owen’s coil. Myth. It’s so cool because the bikes so heavy it feels planted just any time you’re in anything like heavier like you have your off road car like a real piranha runner just feels like it sticks. So cushy. So fun makes a trail feel like a new trail. Yeah you can believe how smooth the motor is to it just kind of picks up when you need it on a little technical stuff. I’m I’m really impressed like how quickly it reacts and kind of expect your lecture on the back end. So awesome man gives me life for a couple of old dogs like Arthur. Are going to cruise down the downloads. Gee. My Zune GM might be.Here. My Zune GM might be yours or. In their sock. They’re high Ball right now.