We wouldn’t be a real Off Road channel if we didn’t go to Baja, right? Chupacabra Offroad headed to Ensenada for the 51st running of the Baja 1000. We weren’t racing, but went to do some prerunning (first 110 miles), and watch the race from Ojos Negros and San Matias wash. My RZR: 2018 Polaris RZR 4 Turbo Walker Evans Edition Chupacabra Offroad CUERO Side Mirrors Chupacabra Offroad Door Bags Shock Therapy Stage 4 Dual Rate Spring Kit w/ silent crossover rings 32″ BF Goodrich Baja KR2 Tires 15×7″ KMC XS128 Machete Wheels SDR Motorsports Super Shorty Cage Rigid D- Series Headlight Mount Lights Rigid D-Series Driving A Pillar lights Mictuning 30″ LED Light Bar PRP 3″ 5 point harnesses DragonFire Pass throughs Ogio/ Polaris Storage bag U TV Giant lower doors Rugged Radios RH-5R handheld radio #Baja1000 #scorebaja1000 #2018baja1000 #trophytruck #utvracing #RZRTurbo #MaverickX3 #offroadracing #Mexico #baja #1000 #desertracing

What’s happening YouTube, Chupacabra Off-Road, in Baja. Baja 1000, we just got the down here with my buddy, Dominic. You remember Dominic from our MX of Nations video we filmed a couple weeks ago, with this amazing moto analysis. Right, had a lot of beers after that race, that was a tough one. Not gonna say too many beers, I think we’re still recovering. We got we got hassled by some guys from Great Britain, it was a rough night. Great Britain, Ireland, everybody. Anyway, biggest off-road race of the year. We just got out here, Ojos Negros. We’re gonna do some pre-running, we’re at race mile 38. We’re gonna make it to 105 hopefully, Valle de Trinidad, have some tacos. Absolutely. So, I’ve got to do a couple RZR rides down here this last summer, and the summer before, I got to run this first section at Ojos which is amazing. Dom hasn’t ran it yet, no, first-time ever. So, that’s the first time for me for the whole experience, really. I’ve been in San Felipe before, which is an amazing time also, but this is bucket list for me. You know, to see the 1000, come experience tech in the contingency party tomorrow. Yes, our plan for the trip is to pre-run to Valley T, tonight. Tomorrow I’ll go pre-run the first 40 miles because it’s not open right now. Check out contingency, have some good food and enjoy all the festivities. I’m most excited, we’re gonna come out here race day. Right here at Ojos over the big jumps, and watch the trophies come through. My opinion, and I’ve been here many times but it’s the best place I’ve ever viewed a race at. So, it’s gonna be extra special going over right now in the RZR and then watching the trophies fully pin, the thousands of locals, helicopters. Yeah as soon as that first chopper comes, it’s going to be electric, like covering the roads as they come through. It’s gonna be wild to see it in person, versus on video all these years. All right, we’re gonna get going before it gets dark, go get those tacos on. Let’s get it! Alright so we just got done pre-running race mile 38 to about 110. Valle de Trinidad, just enjoyed the real famous tacos there, did not disappoint. Oh, perfect within the ride, but really fun section. After we left Ojos, it was really fun over the jumps that got really rutted. Yeah, really technical, deep, silty a little, bit but rocky, yeah, the silt was kind of like, kind of misleading because from a distance you think you’re gonna sink quick but ended up pulling up underneath decently. But the ruts were still to you, so I can only imagine if your 150th car on the line what it’s gonna be like on Friday morning when about everything is already going on. So, yeah after all the big trophies, all the race trucks go through. What was that class 11? B dubs? But, after mile marker race mile 55 it was super fun and flowy. It’s 55 to 70, I drilled that section. It was super fun in that, Dom jumped in. Yeah, drove 72 to 100 and some big gotchas. Yeah, I mean well even the first section you did after the famous jumps in Ojos Negros through some of that silt, we got into some pretty nasty rocks. I mean, we were only able to go so fast because it was so technical, so rocky but then after that 55-mile marker-ish it was like, shit-eating grin the entire time. So much fun. Fun sandy washes, super flowy. Some of the best miles I’ve ever driven in Baja. Yeah. And a side-by-side as always. Yeah, and then we crossed the highway to come closer to where we’re at now, and kind of same thing. We were kind of getting in the groove. It was my first time behind the wheel of his car, his 1000 Turbo, so I was still kind of learning the ropes a little bit. 925 Turbo! Internet hates when you call it a Turbo 1000. But, yeah we started thinking it was gonna be similar in the section we just came from, but the gotcha moments were a little sketchy sometimes. I mean, there were some big rain ruts, a giant hole and this super-fast off camera sweeper. Big enough to swallow a choker truck, too easily. Yeah, and we just stopped on the nickel and dime, I mean on the dime, we just made it, luckily. But you know that’s why we’re here, this is what it’s all about. Big props to all the racers, I mean we just did 65, there’s 70. You guys are doing over a 100 plus so, we’re gonna jump back in the RZR. Cruise back to Ensenada and get ready for the festivities tomorrow. Contingency, it’s gonna be rad, and then we’re gonna go pre-run the first section. So, we’ll at least get the first 105, 110 under our belt. Absolutely, it’s part of the real Baja experience. So much fun, if you guys get a chance to do it, I recommend it. Yeah, RZR, loving how the RZR worked, just with the spring kit and the BFG tires essentially, is awesome. I mean, it could be better for sure. Long shot, a little bit nice, just being wider the ruts are really wide. Especially for mile marker 40 to 55 but, it’ll handle it, it got us here no problem. On fumes at least! Haha, yeah almost ran out of gas. Cruising down a goat trail, we weren’t looking at the gauge. We made it. You know, if you can make it in a Turbo from uh, Ensenada to Valle T to the racecourse. Proven. All right, it’s race day! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Out here at Ojos Negros over the big jump. The Chupacabra first annual Taco Taster 100 is over. Taco Taster, man, we had some good tacos on this trip. 100 miles, tacos, have fun, checked out the monster party last night but, this is why we’re here. I got to be down here a while ago, many moons ago, and the energy was electric. So, first trophies coming around the corner hopefully the next 10 to 20 minutes. Gonna get the drone up in the air, get some footage. And she’s gonna go biggest, I’m gonna say, I’m gonna say Robby Gordon. All the locals expect Robby to go big, yeah. We’ll see, man. You know, the top five guys are gonna be super close, hopefully all day. And this section is almost like their first time to start really to open the trucks up. So, maybe we get more than just a couple of sending it off this jump. That’s why we’re here, we’ll find out. I’d like to see some four-wheel drive truck win. I think it’d be pretty cool, there’s a lot of chatter about them obviously being fast. Rick Johnson, I’m just gonna go on the record and say RJ is gonna win it. He’s gonna lead from start to finish. Oh, what? Yeah, well but people don’t know we mentioned that earlier. Right where we pre-ran is like right when you leave the host right here, within the next like five to ten miles, it gets into some nasty stuff, and people are saying that the four-wheel drives aren’t going to be able to handle how rough this course is. So, I guess we’ll find out tonight when it’s all said and done. All the heavy hitters and two-wheel drives so, yeah, I shouldn’t be on the record. If I’m right I’ll brag, if not. I thought he said – we’ll delete this clip. I thought he wanted McMillan last night – I think McMillan’s going to win. I think I’m just feeling an ani-vibe. We’ll see, all right. Let’s do it. Chupacabra’s number one! Good work, thank you!