Pretty crazy that there were two fires this Presidents’ Day weekend at Glamis. Luckily we were out riding when they both happened.


Bad news or somebody raised or caught on fire we were leaving wash six and we saw the smoke we thought was that Rolly slider I think we’re really close but I think burned for a while, of course, it attracted a huge audience sheriff and the guy looked like you owned the car looked her up with this buddy so crappy deal man hopefully everyone’s safe and get this thing out of here and help them get a new car from the insurance company it makes you think you’re lucky that we’ve never had these situations or what we would do get some fire extinguishers fire I was just looking at all these cars we thought it was Brawley like I said and it’s amazing how many people were out tuning and saw the smoke we saw it clear from the bathroom awash 6 that all came over here I mean 200 people are already so.