I’ve been getting the itch to switch it up a little and do some rock crawling, especially since I didn’t get to make it to Moab this year. Luckily for me, Sand Hollow has the MOST diverse trail system, period, including some super technical rock crawling trails, which I hadn’t even attempted. My goal was to drive up Double Sammy and the Chute, but we also found “John’s Trail” on the map, which is a 7 our of 10 also, on the difficulty scale.

I didn’t see any videos on YouTube that give you first-hand perspective of the terrain, so if you wanted to try these trails, you know what you are in for. Any SxS with some 32″ tires will get you through Double Sammy with minimal scraping, and the 4 seat RZR did great as always. I removed the sway bars and lowered the tires to 6psi that the RZR was super plush and easier to crawl, it was definitely squirrely gong faster, but a click of the button on the Dynamix suspension and it stiffened up for some stable mid speed duning, gotta love the ability for this RZR to do it all!