Yes, Glamis is awesome, but did you know that right behind Gecko Rd, there’s some really fun trails and washes? The group at Coyne Powersports led us on a fun 65 mile loop ride from Holtville to Duner’s Diner, and back. When we first arrived, it looked pretty flat and kind of boring, but it was one of the most fun places I’ve ridden in a while. No rocks, twisty trails, whoops, ruts and a few berms, along with a super fun sand wash, made this a great day trip ride.
If you’re ever near Glamis and want to do some exploring, bring your hard pack tires and head west, trust me, it’s worth it. Thanks to Coyne Powersports for organizing the ride, it’s cool to see a dealership help link people up and show them some rides if they are new to the sport. I love riding new places with locals, who know where all the fun riding is, it’s the best way to experience new terrain. We were close enough to see Roadrunner Estates, and with a maze of trails in the area, I want to come back and get lost, and put together another fun loop.

What’s happening Nicholson Chupacabra off-road back in the desert in today back in Glamis but different taking on Glamis we came from holt bill so linked up with the guys that call Youm Powersports had a big group ride guys guiding us on a fun little trip really fun training out here I’ve always wondered what’s the Train like outside around Glamis and doing the fun little trip to dune resigner for lunch and we’re gonna do another loop section back probably a 60 mile round trip chill day but having a good time riding these trails I hear outskirts of Glamis towards halt villain El Centro so something I’ve always wanted to do one of these days I want to figure out a CI here for a week or two on end and then just go explore bring the hardpack tires and and deunan and then hit the hard pack stuff so love the terrain out here it’s really fun no issues anyone’s vehicle got a big group 20-ish cars or so here at the palapas gonna go grab some lunch we’ll check in later man we first pulled up to this riding area it looked really flat and boring but museums either get going there’s all kinds of trails everywhere they’ve got some little ruts in them some bumps some chatter and you’re going back and forth of bushes and probably the most fun part is you and your buddy can be kind of off on different trails but kind of racing each other some are smoother than others but really keeps it interesting you know there are some kind of little undulations some ups and downs I want to call them Hills but for an area that looks really really flat I really liked it you can see we still have a little bit of moisture from all that rain that we had in November in December which made it cool not too dusty considering and still digging the windshield I ran sweep I ran at the very end here I’m passing some of the guys just to try to get some cool clips of them and then slowing down but really blown away with how much I like the windshield doesn’t really cake up that bad from what I’ve seen so far other than when I was a big GL keep that pretty hot but other than being in the snow when I was up in Santa hollow it’s the only time it’s really caked on me and I’m a fan you know obviously I bring a rag to wipe it down but if it does get too bad dust buildup but loving it now that we’ve been driving with these tensor 33 so we’re going to do a review here soon you know just we’ve had them in multiple environments rocky stuff a stuff San holo here Glamis so we’ve had multiple environments several months I think between Andrew and I’ve got collectively about eight hundred or a thousand miles on them so we can kind of give you some honest feedback on how he liked them compared to the like the tires on a race car that hate to be ultra cross or some other tires that we’ve owned in the past couple XP pros on this ride you can see right there on the left family with an XP Pro four seater pretty cool and then a guy who was leading this ride when the guys from coin had an XP Pro two-seater so it’s hoping to get a chance to drive his but got busy had one ran out of time didn’t get the opportunity hopefully soon it’s so fun now these trails come and go together you can like I said dice back and forth it’s it’s cool train so all you sand Queens I have nice side-by-sides and you’re afraid to go put a little scratch on them this is a perfect hardback ride from you look at this you’ll see this whole ride I don’t think we ran over one Rock so good for you guys you might lack a couple bushes but those little scuffs to come out of your mirrors but I know I spent all this money out of these cool cars we don’t want to beat them up but that’s what they’re made for right so sand guys come come join the fun you guys don’t have to avoid the hardback this is all the good off-roading is and kind of point in this whole video you know like lambs is amazing everyone loves it but look at this this is literally right behind Glamis you’re gonna come up to some spots where you can see Road Runner and we jump onto the dunes are on our way to dinners and always wondered you know I’m that guy I’m always going down the freeway like that looks like so much fun I want to unload and go go check it out and check all the terrain and have some buddies in Yuma that also off-road straight from Yuma to to do nurs as well so I’d love to go do that ride maybe we can get that in before we lose them the riding season here before summer time so I’m see how it goes if you look to the bottom right you can see I’ve got the indecent Motorsports turning break or ebrake it had it installed we’re gonna be shooting a video on it really soon I got to goof off with it a little bit I’ll talk about it here in a little bit when it comes up but pretty cool pretty fun I made me drive in four-wheel drive so I don’t think I have the driving skill to use that wound handle I think you only supposed to use it in two wheel drive so I definitely can’t drive near as fast around these turns and two wheel drive but it’ll work on using an integrating mat to set the car up and I think it’s me more for fun I don’t know if I can drive fast with it and I don’t watch a lot of ken Block videos which is cool to see what he does it looks like he’s really just using the ebrake to break the car loose to initiate his turn and then obviously he’s good enough to use the throttle to steer around his turn or where he’s trying to do that part was fun Andrews coming on over we don’t know when the trails come together this is what’s nice about the windshield I’m pretty close to him I closer then go the GoPro makes it look and just not even dust get some good footage so it’s cool after you did our test session with weighing Israel’s sin you can check the video on our channel my car was up about an inch higher than Andrews and after Wayne Road and Andrews car he told me I should drop mine down so I’m about sixteen and a half in the front with the 33 ‘s and I always just thought that I need to be a little bit higher on ride height but Wayne was telling us that you know ride height isn’t a way to come back having the improper setup so blew that turn so I dropped back down and definitely felt supple I’m running my rear crossovers about three and a half inches up from the coupler in the rear and once we got onto the dunes it definitely felt good you can see how it blows you to stroke a lot more in the sand just like it always does when you’re doing but probably still a little on the harsh side in the rear after lane wrote in Andrews car he felt like maybe the rear compression dampening might be a little stiff like we might go through and revolvers but basically this turbo s with Wayne suspension with 33 s I’m like literally looking for the roughest lines to hit on purpose just to see how hard we can hit stuff and super happy with it and we’re in the soft mode most of the time now and this type of stuff on all the hard pack but going to the dunes that run in the sport mode more and if I had like some heavier people in the back you just.