It’s been a long time since we’ve updated you guys on the race RZR… Lots has been happening behind the scenes. This downtime is tough, but we are using it to get more prepared once racing resumes. After 2 races, we learned we needed to make some changes, to be as competitive as possible.

After our last race, we took the RZR to American Engineering to relocate the radiator, and build a new intake scoop for the belt. Shortly after, I was able to find a deal on a used Pro XP transmission, which, word on the street, is a significant improvement with belt temperatures! We didn’t stop there. Andrew rewired the accessories, using a Switch Pros SP9100, and we upgraded the lights to Baja Designs all the way around. Andrew also installed a Lone Star chromoly motor mount, along with their lower trans frame brace. Finally, we had our shocks completely rebuilt by the team at All Tech Motorsports, and, in the process, added some high and low speed compression adjusters.

The RZR ran good, we still need to sort out our belt temp gauges, and install our new Queen racing tune, and then do some clutch testing. We think all of these changes are going to give us the ability to be a lot more competitive once we show up on the starting line.