Offroad DELUXE Side By Side Rear View UTV Mirror 1.75″


Hi, it’s Nick from chupacabra off-road and I wanted to tell you about our deluxe centromere now this mirror has done really well since we launched it at Scott a four-point rating on Amazon with over 90 real-world reviews you can go ahead and check out for yourself and this is just a phenomenal value for a centromere people seem to really love this thing because it’s big and wide and when it’s set up correctly for you you’ve got a huge field of vision behind you and you can almost doesn’t require the need of side mirrors because it is so why don’t want the convex shape you can see a lot that’s going on behind you even if you’ve got accessories mounted on the back of your side-by-side now this mirror comes stock with 1.75 inch clamps which fit most side-by-sides it does not fit all so you can check the Amazon listing or check us out on chupacabra offroad comm just to make sure that this mirror will fit your side by side when you open the box you’re going to get instructions to low profile brackets as well as a center mirror so nice removable cover faceplate big field of vision great value 4.8 rating lifetime warranty if you want to learn more check us out on or follow us on Facebook Instagram or YouTube.