We’d officially like you to meet the newest member to the Chupacabra Team, Aaron. He’s our content manager upping our YouTube and social media game. Oh, and he knows nothing about the offroad Industry. While we were out shooting and riding in Plaster City, we had to introduce him to the offroad lifestyle through the classic Kawasaki 110.

We thought this was the perfect first step before taking the inevitable plunge into driving SxS. I mean, someone on the team has to buy a Can am X3… He did pretty good for his first ride, although he couldn’t seem to figure out how to work the two wheel drive…. We’re glad to have him on our team and are excited about Chupacabra Offroad’s content in the future! What do you think? How did he do for his first ride?

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All right day two of two turbo twins out here in a plaster city and can have some more fun on the razors but before we get going you guys got to meet the guy behind the camera give me the camera yeah this is Aaron he is the newest Chupacabra so Aaron you’re pretty new to the desert lifestyle in general right yeah very much and you know we got to break him in right man I mean a lot of us we grew up way before razors you know inevitably Aaron’s gonna be driving these things but I think you start with a little bit less horsepower II think so like a lot of us we start off with a little bit less horse with a standard little two wheeler so we brought our little hog you guessed it one of the best mini bikes of all time the Cowie 110 let’s give a quick run-through so you probably notice the things that’s extra crispy because I got our newbie BR and take it but it’s gonna make it easy for you we got tow handlebars we got the big boy shocks on little tall seats so you ever ridden a dirt bike before no ever ridden a dirt bike in the dirt before well as you can tell the tires are pretty much smoked and there’s no traction anywhere but we got some cones we’re gonna set up a little beginner course Andrews gonna walk you through pretty easy he’ll touch right give him some of the basics of this house the basics front brake – I’m turning on your shifter it’s pretty weak front brake so if I’m not gonna throw them all in front but we got a little course you know a breakdown of the course going nice and easy all right did you hurt on the job okay okay oh no luckily we got no clutch to worry about okay kind of yeah I think you missed the track Oh No here’s the cold see me easier to teach my four-year-old out of all we’re trying to get him to Palin laughs right hey car Ford oh don’t for sure everybody knows that all right I think he’s doing better than I thought I mean I think pretty good you want to try third here yeah you know when you’re going around those tight turns you want to stay in second but if you go on a longer straighter and smooth blood off the gas pick up the thirds you know just watch out for the rocks you going too fast all right you go there everybody comment in his first whoop section easy. Pretty good man how’s it feel terrible all these youngsters man they just want to learn how to do stunts for Instagram put it into wheel drive put it into will drive two wheel drive is broken right now don’t you feel like this probably more dangerous than a real dirtbike cuz everyone’s got their moto muscles on the little bike you. You blow your knees I don’t know a lot of people have been hurt on mini bikes yeah well you’ve been riding it for two minutes already feels like he’s invincible doing pretty good I think that was a good first date and go down and all right let’s start hit Search good job rookie the holders can we show you how it’s done.