Looking for a high end $250 Aluminum mirror, for $99.99? Order them on our website or through Amazon Prime. Consumer Direct Pricing, the future is here now. Engineered and designed by passionate enthusiasts, the Cuero features a 1200R convex glass, to maximize the field of vision, in a sleek package. The Cuero’s also feature a LIFETIME warranty, and the design has been created to allow the mirror to move in a natural motion, so “real world” contact with branches or brush does not result in damage.

We have created specific mounts for traditional 1.75″ roll cages like the Polaris RZR, Textron Wildcat XX and most aftermarket roll cages, and also offer a mount for Can Am X3’s utilizing their OEM roll cage.


Hi my name is Nichols and I’m the founder of chupacabra half road and the vision of the brand is provide the best value on the market for side-by-side enthusiasts the goal with the Clairol is to provide a higher-end aluminium option that’s 100% aluminium completely rebuildable and compatible with a lot of different vehicles one of the design goals was to make the design rugged easily adjustable to accommodate as many of those different types of windshields and roll cages as possible so if you believe in the chupacabra you can go ahead and check us out online at our website amazon store YouTube Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for our future releases.