Full disclosure: Jeffries Performance & EVO Powersports helped us out with deals on the products they offer. Before Andrew even bought his Can-Am, he was trying to figure out which model made the most sense, as he knew he’d be upgrading a lot. He reached out to Jeffries Performance with some questions: Can I buy the 120hp Base model and give it 200hp?

Jeffries tuned our friend Adam Castenada’s BITD race X3 and it’s been reliable and fast, so after helping Andrew with his questions, he picked up the base model and then decided Jeffries would be the tuner for the vehicle. This is a VERY important decision! If you’ve watched our “So You Want To Go Racing” series, our race RZR has had a ton of issues, many of which stemmed from sending it to the wrong tuner. Now, we are installing a new motor, and found the right tuner, but we could have saved so much time and drama had we chose the right team for the job.

We picked RJ’s brain about all things performance, he’s fun to talk to and really knows what he is doing. The team at Jeffries Performance work very closely with EVO performance, the biggest name in the SxS game for horsepower. So if you are like Andrew and own/ considering a new unit, we talk through the potential of the X3 platform, which belt they prefer, what they’ve got for RZR owners, the future with beltless transmissions, and more.