I can’t believe it, what incredible luck. I was filming for our Vlog on the channel, and one of the stories was how good the raffle is at this event. A few years ago my parents won a lift kit for their Jeep, so I decided to throw in $50 bucks for the grand prize – a 2019 RZR Turbo S Velocity. Huge thanks to my buddy Jim!! #rzr #rzrturbo #tierradelsol #jeep #poalrisrzr

Another Chupacabra Sighting. Here’s my tickets, hopefully gonna win the rally. The giveaway here is awesome because you’ve got a lot of grand prizes you can win. So, you can stack the deck for the, what you want to win, which in my opinion gives you a higher chance. I’m putting all of mine, I got a 100 for the RZR. It’s pretty full, shake it up. All right, here’s the winning ticket, it’s a windy night. I got a 100 entries for the RZR giveaway, I hope I get lucky. The crowd is real hardcore, we’re just sticking it out here, seeing if we can win something. There’s over a $100,000 in giveaways, so. We’re just going to kinda brave this storm. The giveaway takes a long time, but, a lot of good stuff. I put all my eggs in the RZR basket so, fingers crossed. I don’t believe this, I got called. This is crazy. I was the 672, Nick Olson. Nine nine nine. Good luck! Thank you, I’m so excited, I want one so bad. 25,000, free 99. Okay so, I’ve been riding quads for a long time and I crash every year, and I’m so tired of concussions and being in the hospital from crashing my quads. With age comes the cage. I’m 60. Awesome. Look, we braved the storm. You know, we did. Unbelievable. My grandson is right there. All right so, five keys. He’s either going to fire it up – you’re number one? So, if you get fired, we know you’re done. I’m three. Four. Oh, the other people didn’t show up. I think people missed out. I think they’re trying to make sure there’s five people up here. I’m number three. So it looks like they’re still waiting for the fifth ticket. How’re you feeling? Who’s feeling lucky? You’re recording it? Oh yeah, yeah, I’m making a vlog for the whole weekend. Alright, so do any of you guys have a RZR now? I have a RZR. Oh – you, he’s got a RZR. You have a RZR already? Yeah. I have a RZR Turbo. What do you think about it? I love it, it’s fun. Are you ready to win? Oh yeah, for sure. It’d be a dream come true to win this thing right here. Amazing gift, and thanks to you guys for making this happen, all these amazing gifts. I love this event. Excited to be here! Okay, what’s your name and where are you from? Gary! Look at all those tickets he bought. Right? I bought 250. Gary: This is actually my second time, though I didn’t win the first time. So, you were out here last year? No, in 2011. Okay, that’s awesome! You have good luck. Thanks! What are you doing later? Haha! If Gary’s got the key, we’ll push him off! Out of all of these keys, only one of these is going to work. Only one will actually turn it. Okay here’s the plan. So, they all get keys, they all get numbers. So, number one, right, in one second, he’s gonna try your key. If we see lights on the dash, and it starts, it’s yours. If not, we go to number two. So, are you ready for this? Okay, she’s ready. Oh my gosh, are you guys ready for this? All right, here’s number one. It’s a sure. Are we taking bets on who wants to buy this key before she turns it? Let’s go, we got to get this going. Oh there it is, there’s the kiss! There goes number one. Sorry! All of your odds just increased from 20% to 25%. Oh, man. How’re you feeling number two? Here we go! All right, here comes David. Now we have a 25% chance. How are you guys feeling? It’s fucking nerve-wracking, bro. Contestant number two. Kiss the key bro! Don’t kiss it, that was bad luck. Ohhh, no! I’m feeling good, it’s a 33% chance! All right, he’s coming down, here comes Nick! Give me the magic high five! All right, here’s key three. If he wins this he might be selling his old one at a discounted price. Ahhh! Nick won, congratulations! So Nick, how are you feeling? I don’t believe this is happening right now, it’s unbelievable. I can’t even, I don’t even know what to say. Thank you guys so much for making this happen, seriously. This is unbelievable. This is complimented to Polaris, RZR, and Tierra del Sol. The 57th Annual Tierra del Sol, what do you guys think? Yeah! Congratulations, Nick, you have yourself a Polaris RZR. Oh my God, yeah, yeah. And a fast one he says, awesome, love it. Hey, Charlie, I’m gonna call a couple more do you guys still got your tickets? I got two more. An $850 and a $930 value.