Chupacabra Offroad headed to Glamis for Presidents Day weekend 2019. Our new race RZR didn’t last long, it broke down 45 minutes into the first day, but we rented a CanAm X3 Max to go out and get enough footage for a great video. Our new videographer Nathan McBride was new to the desert scene, but did a fantastic job. Comment below and let us know what you think of the video! #Glamis #glamissanddunes #glamisdunes


Headed to land as Presidents Day when a brave potential wind. Finally got the car set up and running and then some. Mean. What’s happened in chupacabra off-road headed to Glamis last minute things head up the fries Of course. Perhaps they. Like filling up before the border well get those California gas prices set for 1 0 0 0. Alaska. She places get opinion you down there. That sounds good. Thank you Harvey. P.S. iPad 1 on gecko. Thanks to all my friends who are out there all the time and save us a spot I definitely owe them some T-shirts and hats. So take care. We arrive. All right. We’re on it now. You can see everyone’s ready to spray the stores might have a W. I’m not going to say the word. We’re. The biggest holiday weekend is Thanksgiving. The ranger told me about 125 or 150 thousand will come out for that presidents. One of the top five biggest weekends for sure. And the last big hurrah. Need to Succeed. Get warm. Oh. Shit. Turn around. I love the cover-up. Thanks for letting us camp of this is all she’s got. People don’t realize but I’ve known reporters feel safe and talked about a party. The part had Roald Dahl’s. Role. Came off. John Karr is working just fine and trying to make a run up the hill and there’s nothing there. Now call him the tutor. He gets a full joining to go do some writing you know enjoy the weekend here. So you’ll see if we can get into a car grassfire trials and tribulations of trying to build a race car and we try to make a run up old hill and went into LA mode and lost our flash codes. Yes. My heart goes out Gladys everyone wants more power and with that comes. More headaches. So we got fries. You got the rear all right. Boy James J. We’ll get some photos of what’s going on man. All right you guys all over the place. What’s your name. Real quick Lincoln. Do you have an Instagram or any social media? No he doesn’t. He’s not allowed to. Yeah yeah. It’s Priceline. I got to stop. He said he was topping out there titan like. This guy. Next. Time. I. Get. To. See. Oh. No. There’s no stopping me. The. Traffic. That. Made. About. Doesn’t make sense girl 13 hours one. What was this even Canada the. Power sports as a whole and was less than 7 percent of general Americans. Ball razor motorcycle 80 people who were in a park in. About. Probably grandmas yeah man about 71. All right. Thanks for watching this episode. Unfortunately, the car ended up getting pushed into the trailer but we all know your chase and performance things happen. Hopefully guys like this video. I thought my videographer Nate McBride killed it. Let me know what you think. Comment below likes and subscribe. If you love the content here and give us some feedback let us know what you liked about the video what you’d like to see in the future. We’ll try to put together what we think is the best plan is video from the holiday weekend and look for the guys on the next episode. Thanks.