Chupacabra Offroad took flight with Optic Helicopters over New Years 2021 weekend to grab some killer content of the Chupacabra cars racing down sand highway and into the dunes. Have you watched our banger New Years 2021 video? Click the link below to watch!


We’re about to go in a helicopter it’s right over there and it’s gonna be a good time this is like this is my second, second or third time riding in the helicopter is this your first my first time very first time very first time hopefully no one throws up he didn’t eat his burrito because he’s afraid of throwing up so we’ll see if he throws up anyway so gear wise we are setting it up with the 1dx mark ii on the ronin s2 that’s being a little weird right now but and then we have the komodo the red komodo fully specked out stormtrooper edition with a 12 millimeter no distortion lava lens for that wide cinematic action shots of us both filming and then I have little little pocket lens right over here 100 mil pocket lens and yeah he’s using his keys to screw on I just have one question brad what’s with your pants bootylicious