With the Covid-19 Coronavirus epidemic really starting to set in and feel real, the sand dunes was a great place to be last weekend. This was the first time I’d taken my kids to the dunes in 2 years, and now they are just big enough to go on dune rides. We had lots of rain the night before, and when it’s storming in Southern California and Phoenix, chances are that it’s bad in Glamis.
Not the case! The dunes were soaked, a light breeze and mid 60’s temperatures made for an awesome weekend. So awesome, I decided not to throw on my paddle tires, and run all weekend with my Tensor 33” hard pack tires. It was fun! I lost a lot of acceleration, but the huge tires flattened out those ruts, and it was fun to slide the RZR around and drift into turns.Here’s a quick recap of the weekend, lots of people were out riding, and the my family and friends had a great weekend. Special thanks to the Gumm family for the hospitality and drone footage!