This past weekend Chupacabra Offroad had the opportunity to catch the very first Speed UTV hit the dirt at UTV World Championship. Watch as the newest addition to the SXS world is revealed to the public!


Well friends you saw it here at utv world how’s it going nice to meet you i want to say thanks for everything thank you you’re doing a great job seriously thank you, thank you now i really really appreciate it and um i appreciate your comments cool she grabbed some video of you guys pulling it out so you’re going to get a shock right there if you want to look at what a shock looks like oh cool you want to grab somebody over there yeah pick it up and hold it, hold it like a baby i had a couple babies but you know wow pretty meaty yeah there you go hold my back andrew wow nice i appreciate it so thank you. thank you it’s a pleasure to meet you todd or anybody else but if not please no no we’re gonna park right here so stop by okay we’ll do it all right let us know cool thank you.